Everything you need to know about replay review of pass interference, from Al Riveron

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Starting next Thursday, the NFL will enter a new frontier of replay review, with the process for the first time applicable to subjective determinations made via the real-time judgment of game officials. Fans need to be ready for this new reality.

To help our audience get ready for this new reality, the NFL made senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron available for a 15-minute conversation that focuses exclusively on the new replay procedures. The interview was included in the latest episode of #PFTPM, and it also appears in the video accompanying this post.

I tried to ask questions aimed at eliciting information that will help us all understand how the new procedure will work, and how it could affect the manner in which games unfold. Listen to it carefully. If you have any lingering questions or confusion, post it in the comments. I’ll give the question a look, and I’ll try to answer them or, if I can’t, to get the information necessary to provide the answers you need.

10 responses to “Everything you need to know about replay review of pass interference, from Al Riveron

  1. I actually took the time to listen to the entire 17-minute interview and know even less than I did before I heard Al speak. The bottom line is that the new rules are so vague that it simply boils down to Al deciding all replays. “I’ll know it when I see it” seems like a very dangerous interpretation of the NFL rulebook.

  2. Well, that was clear as mud.

    We all know a Hail Mary when we see it? Really? Can’t wait until BB has Brady throw a 60 yard pass into the end zone on 4th down in the middle of the 3rd quarter, an obvious offensive PI is called, and he throws a challenge flag claiming that the throw was a Hail Mary.

    How about this to even out the PI penalty? Offensive PI is penalized the same as defensive PI. If the penalty occurs 35 yards down field, then the offense is backed up 35 yards, or to its own 2 yard line if the 35 yards are not available. Seems fair.

  3. Al Riveron was the worst referee when he was on the field. So let’s make him the Grand Pubah of officials and have him decide the calls that coaches challenge! Yeah, that was a great move.

  4. I worry that this brings the outcome of games further under the control of league central which I trust less than the officials on the field.

  5. This sounds like a homework assignment. I’ll pass on listening to this and instead opt to make (possibly uninformed) comments once the season starts.

  6. This started because Manning’s Colts couldn’t beat the Pats’ physical secondary. And made worse when they decided to allow balls to touch the ground, and be bobbled to beat the Pats. Same with changes to rules on substitution and hurdling the line on XP attempts. Same with allowing 2 point attempts (Pats have elite kickers but a crappy D at the time). I could go on, but most changes have been knee-jerking by sore losers because one team has dominated for almost twenty years in the parity era when rules are specifically designed to stop dynasties.

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