Geno Smith, Paxton Lynch battle for Seahawks backup QB job coming down to wire

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The battle over who will serve as Russell Wilson‘s backup in Seattle this season will continue throughout Thursday night’s preseason finale against the Oakland Raiders.

Both Geno Smith and Paxton Lynch have missed a game due to injury over the first three weeks of preseason games. Smith had a cyst surgically removed from his knee and missed the second game against the Minnesota Vikings. Lynch was concussed from a shot to the head by Vikings cornerback Holton Hill and missed the third game against the Los Angeles Chargers on Saturday. Each will have a final impression to make against the Raiders before roster cuts this weekend.

“They’ve both had their moments. Certainly,” head coach Pete Carroll said Wednesday. “They’ve basically taken care of the ball really well. It’s just an important factor. They can both run the offense. I’m really anxious to get another assessment here, especially on Paxton. He’s going to play in this game. Those two guys, he and Geno will split it and see how they do.”

Smith has completed 14 of 27 passes for 175 yards while being sacked three times. He’s also rushed for 45 yards and a touchdown on nine carries.

Lynch’s numbers are marginally better. He’s completed 17 of 30 passes for 176 yards and a touchdown while being sacked once. He’s also rushed for a touchdown, gaining 37 yards and on six carries.

Smith has been the steadier option throughout training camp while Lynch has had the greater variance with more highlight plays but more mistakes as well.

The Seahawks have rarely had three quarterbacks on their active roster during Carroll’s tenure as head coach. B.J. Daniels spent time on the active roster, primarily as a receiver, after initially playing quarterback for the team. But carrying three quarterbacks on the 53-man roster has not been a regular occurrence.

With that in mind, Smith and Lynch will have one final audition to make their case they deserve the job against the Raiders Thursday night.

11 responses to “Geno Smith, Paxton Lynch battle for Seahawks backup QB job coming down to wire

  1. Let’s see. Russell Wilson his missed only a couple of plays and no games in his career… who’s going to carry his clipboard should be the question. What a dream job for one of them. Collect a couple million to watch a lot of Russell.

  2. Geno Smith has no business being in a NFL training camp, much less on a 53 man roster. Paxton Lynch is a much better athlete and has the better arm. This should be an easy decision

  3. Paxton Lynch has 3 more completions on 3 fewer pass attempts. that is similar to being 3 for 3 vs. 0 for 6. That is not a marginal difference. I bet Lynch will be the backup and Geno Smith will be sent packing.

  4. They are both garbage. Geno is terrible. Maybe Paxton can still improve? Nah, I don’t really believe that either.

  5. So the bottom line is: Wilson BETTER stay healthy.

    SEA can sign whichever backup the Raiders cut. Both Peterman and Glennon have been doing a great job this preseason.

  6. I think we should take all the Smith-Lynch footage, set it to Benny Hill music and upload it to YouTube.

  7. Seattle will miss the playoffs whether the 35 million dollar man can stay healthy or not. They simply have too little talent to succeed. They are missing their best receiver, their best pass rusher, their second best pass rusher (for 6 games), and their best safety from a year ago. They are hoping that the players they drafted in the last rounds and signed off the waiver list can replace what they had, but hope is not a strategy.

  8. Lynch has more upside etc., and if anything has durability of youth to take more hits (lotsa blitzes if Russ goes down).

    But man has Geno Smith gotten a raw deal from his NFL time, he deserves a shot. Career-changing injuries are one thing, but getting one from locker-room cheap-shot from his own team-mate is a different category of bad luck.

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