Jadeveon Clowney willing to miss regular-season games

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Jadeveon Clowney planned to report to work this week . . . until he learned the Texans planned to trade him. Now, the Texans pass rusher is ready to take his holdout into the regular season.

Mike Garafolo of the NFL reports that Clowney is willing to miss regular-season games as he seeks a resolution to his contract situation.

The Texans can’t trade Clowney until he signs the franchise tender, so Clowney will retain a say over his future by not reporting.

“I know a lot of people are looking at this, saying is Jadeveon Clowney really going to punt on $1 million per week and sit out a game, two, three or whatever? Yeah, at least according to what he has told other people,” Garafolo said Wednesday.

Clowney has met with the Dolphins already but reportedly would prefer the Seahawks or the Eagles.

If the Texans intended to trade him, they should have done it during the offseason. They likely would have had more suitors and found better compensation.

Because the July 15 deadline for a long-term deal has passed, Clowney cannot sign a long-term deal this season.

If that weren’t complication enough, the Texans need Clowney’s blessing to complete a trade.

19 responses to “Jadeveon Clowney willing to miss regular-season games

  1. It’s too hot down here for him … and there are the “hurry!”canes to deal with.

    Hey Jadeveon! You will want to be part of this team within five years. Might not need you then. Why not become part of the foundation … it’s gonna be a fun ride! Regards, Josh Rosen

    Oh … and when you live here … you can live like most … in a/c 99% of the time.

  2. Let him sit and collect your 3rd round compensation pick…you’re not going to do all that much better in a trade for a one year rental anyhow.

  3. So to voice his displeasure at Houston for not trading him he’s hamstringing the Texans so they can’t trade him. Smart cookie that one.

  4. There’s no telling what will happen once the CBA gets rolling, but these players sitting out and missing games is ridiculous, and the only person to blame is DeMaurice Smith for screwing the pooch several years back. It also speaks volumes about the players that they’re letting that idiot do the bargaining again. Maybe put a 3 yr max on contract extensions to protect teams and fully guarantee contracts plus insensitives to protect the players $$$.

  5. If a guy sits out all of Training Camp and the pre season and games. How is that not conduct detrimental to the team? The Texans should fine him every penny they can and when he finally gets around to showing up for work. Suspend him and not pay him for that time also.

  6. Are they really going to get much more than the 3rd round comp pick they’d get if they keep him and let him walk after the season?

  7. The Eagles should trade Halapoulivaati Vaitai, a guy who could start at LT for half the teams in the NFL and Nelson Agholor, a productive slot receiver – both are positions of need for the Texans. The team drafted well this season with Andre Dillard and JJ Whiteside both looking like capable if not excellent starters if pressed into playing. Also all three players that would be involved in the trade are in the final season of their contracts: Clowney – Franchise Tag, Agholor – 5th year option from his rookie contract and vaitai is in the fourth and final year of his rookie contract. Finally Agholor is scheduled to make $9.4 million and Vaitai is signed at $2 million, so their salaries would offset all but about $4.5 million of Clowney’s Franchise Tag salary.

    Both teams would get to see how the players perform for them and if everything worked out great they would have the team’s exclusive negotiating period at the end of this season to work out a longer term deal. If not then they can walk away with a clean break. The best part is that all three players would be put in a situation where they could help both themselves and their teams by stepping up for the 2019/20 season.

  8. How did that work out for Leveon Bell?
    Clowney is not elite and is being paid well, though a tad less than he’d like.
    If he misses games then the Texans should ask for an exemption so they can avoid paying him until he gets in shape.

  9. 8&8parade says:
    August 28, 2019 at 10:50 pm
    Let him sit and collect your 3rd round compensation pick…you’re not going to do all that much better in a trade for a one year rental anyhow.

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    Pretty much. That’s all he is worth at his price anyway. Outside of Clay Matthews, one of the most overrated DLinemen I’ve seen in the last decade.

  10. The fact that everyone here is piling on Clowney, and not Bill O’Brien who totally mishandled this situation, is astounding. Clowney wanted a new deal, and O’Brien did not want to pay, after their GM was fired. Clowney was then about to sign his franchise tender, and as it turns out, O’Brien wants him gone so quickly that he wants to trad him. How any of this is Clowney’s fault I had trouble working out. This is one of the few times that I think the player is actually right-why would you play for a coach/organization that obviously does not want you around?

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