Jon Gruden wants Derek Carr to air it out

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Raiders coach Jon Gruden has raved during Hard Knocks about quarterbacks like Nathan Peterman and Kyler Murray. Gruden hasn’t said much about his current starting quarterback, Derek Carr.

On Tuesday, Gruden said plenty about his expectations for Carr in 2019. Specifically, Gruden wants Carr to throw the ball deep.

“We got to throw the ball down the field and if it’s incomplete or we get the catch, we can always challenge [NFL senior V.P. of officiating Al] Riveron in New York and see what he thinks,” Gruden said, via Vic Tafur of “It’s going to be a very, very subjective call this year, but we are trying to be more aggressive.”

Gruden’s reasoning is simple. Willingness to throw deep arises from the ability to send targets who can catch the ball deep.

“The better your receivers are, the more aggressive you are,” Gruden said. “And the better your line is, the more vertical shots you can call. We think we are better on the line. We think we are better outside. With that being said, we are going to take more shots, I hope.”

Gruden also offered somewhat limited praise of the guy who will be responsible to throw the ball accurately to the receivers, wherever they may be.

“He looks comfortable to me,” Gruden said regarding Carr, via Tafur. “I think he’s had a great OTA period, he’s had a great camp. He’s only had one [preseason] drive, but he’s got great rapport, I think, with his receivers. He showed a lot of leadership and command and I think the better our defense plays, the better our offensive line and receivers are, I think the better he’ll be. . . . And I just hope I don’t screw it up.”

The more accurate assessment may be that Gruden hopes Carr doesn’t screw it up. But Gruden continues to tiptoe around Carr, who still may not be able to handle the full, unfiltered, F-bomb-rich Gruden experience.

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  1. We got to throw the ball down the field and if it’s incomplete or we get the catch, we can always challenge [NFL senior V.P. of officiating Al] Riveron in New York and see what he thinks,”

    Relying on pass interference to move that ball? Should have signed Flacco.

  2. There are only two QBs in the history of the NFL to begin their careers with over 300 completions and over 3,000 yards passing in each of their first 5 seasons: Peyton Manning and Derek Carr. Establish a running game, protect Carr in the pocket, give the receivers time get off the LOS, and he can throw it down field.

  3. “It’s going to be a very, very subjective call this year…”

    Mr. Riveron agrees and asks, you got a problem with that?

  4. starts with the o-line, last season he had about 1 second of pass protection per play so the offense turned into dink and dunk check downs all game.

  5. Gruden knows that Carr isn’t going to respond to abusive coaching, as most QB’s don’t. He learned that personally with Simms. That, and I just don’t think Gruden is that type of coach anymore. He seems far more compassionate now.

    That said, there comment about going to go deep seems more directed at the OL to me, as they couldn’t hold a block to save their lives last season. When they did DC lit up whichever defense he was facing.

    Tbh, I think Tyrrell will be more of the deep threat (Amari), while AB will be the clutch playmaker (Crabtree). If Waller can step up and be a Cook like Target, the passing game will really take off.

  6. It takes time to throw the ball deep. The QB can get sacked before he can even release the ball. The ball can also be intercepted. Deep throws also have a low completion percentage, and that means you have one fewer down to get a first down if he misses.

  7. What’s the big deal about him praising other QBs and not his own? Belichick has done it for 20 years and hasn’t made too many changes at QB from what I remember

  8. Nathan Peterman has completed a pass to someone other than opposing DBs.

    That alone is enough to redeem Gruden’s reputation as an offensive guru/qb whisperer.

    He’s accomplished something once thought impossible.

  9. as long as he is upright , Carr has shown he has the abilty to complete passes at a high percentage…I mean last year he threw for over 4,000 yards, and who did he have to throw to…I still like Ateman, but WR is stacked with talent, just like the interior D-line is. Ateman or Ryan Grant just like Westbrook or Rush….probably cant go wrong either one, and once cut they both will sign with other teams.

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