More knee trouble for Jerick McKinnon after return to practice

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49ers running back Jerick McKinnon‘s first return to the practice field after last year’s torn ACL was followed by a long layoff and a platelet rich plasma injection intended to help him make a lasting return to action.

McKinnon was out for over two weeks after that and was back on the field Tuesday. Unfortunately, being back at practice did not go well for him.

General Manager John Lynch said on KNBR Wednesday that McKinnon suffered a setback during Tuesday’s practice. Lynch said it was “not encouraging” and that the team would have a fuller picture of McKinnon’s outlook in a short time.

We’ll see what that picture looks like, but it seems likely that McKinnon is going to be headed to injured reserve as he continues to try to get his knee back to health. The question is whether it will be a season-ending move or if he’ll be given a chance to return to action later this year.

18 responses to “More knee trouble for Jerick McKinnon after return to practice

  1. Give the guy some credit he’s tried multiple times to come back from this he could have simply pulled a luck and quit because rehab is to hard

  2. I know it’s random and happens everywhere but can’t help but feel that this franchise has been plagued by injuries for well over 5 years now. So frustrating because you don’t even know what you have when key guys aren’t able to stay on the field. Hope he can recover and for god’s sake everyone else – on ALL teams – stays healthy.

  3. Signing him to such a rich contract was a mistake. They overrated the guy. Breida has shown that he is the best running back Frisco has, and it may be time to part ways with McKinnon and save a roster spot for someone who can contribute.

  4. Despite his lack of gaudy numbers in Minnesota, I liked the kid and always rooted for him. Wish we could have kept him, but hopefully he can get his knee working proper and still get some good years in!

  5. It’s funny how people think this is actually some kind of big deal. As if the 9ers’ season hangs on the health of Jerrick McKinnon. An average RB. They’ll be fine w whoever replaces him. Again.

  6. norrismen17 says:
    August 28, 2019 at 1:16 pm
    I guess the Vikings dodged a major bullet there.

    Who knows if he gets injured if he stays with the vikings. this is all just very unfortunate because he is an extremely talented player.

  7. Vikings fan. I also agree that the 49’ers overpaid but even so he was a good player with explosive acceleration. He’s not too big, but very strong and broke tackles as well. This is too bad because it sounds like it could impact him for the rest of his life. He was a good teammate with us and a good player. I wish him luck with this one.

  8. Just cut him and move on. Breida has proven himself a starter RB and the others fill in nicely.

  9. They need to give these guys more time to rehab these injuries. I know it’s tough but take at least a full year and a half to recover and resume your career.

  10. While the 49ers overpaid, Jet is a good person and if healthy, would have been a great addition to the 49ers offense. Maybe 6 games on the IR will be the remedy.

  11. Lynch is a brutal g.m., Shanahan is a brutal coach and Jed York is the worst owner in the NFL, that’s a bad trifecta to have running your team, the Niners are a tire fire, they are the new Browns of the NFL.

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