Cowboys preparing for Tony Pollard to start

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The Cowboys don’t know whether they will have Ezekiel Elliott for the season opener. So with the Giants coming to town in 10 days, the Cowboys are preparing to play without him.

The Cowboys drafted Tony Pollard and Mike Weber. They signed veteran Alfred Morris when Elliott’s holdout began at training camp.

“Yeah, I mean, we’ve been preparing for that,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said of Elliott’s holdout continuing into the season. “That’s why we brought Alfred in. As we’ve said, we’ve been so pleasantly surprised, Pollard has been even better than we expected. We’re very comfortable with what we have there.

“. . .We’re comfortable with that group if that’s what it is. Obviously, we’re still going to be doing everything we can to do something with Zeke.”

The Cowboys’ tone has changed in recent days. Earlier in the offseason, they expressed optimism at getting a deal done before Sept. 8. Now, they seem to be steeling themselves for Elliott’s absence to continue into the regular season.

Although the Cowboys list Darius Jackson as the starter on their depth chart, the job belongs to Pollard until Elliott returns. Pollard had a career-high 117 touches last season at Memphis, which is only 8.3 per game. So the Cowboys likely go with a running back by committee.

“[Elliott’s holdout] is why we brought Alfred in. We felt good about that,” Jones said. “Obviously, Pollard is even better than we even expected him being. We’ll be prepared to go to work if that’s what we have to do.”

The Cowboys open with the Giants, Washington and Miami, three games they likely will be favored to win, with or without Elliott.

13 responses to “Cowboys preparing for Tony Pollard to start

  1. Cowboys offense is going to be ugly. People can talk about how replaceable RB’s are in the NFL all they like. It’s delusional to think you can take a guy like Elliot out of the offense and not see a serious decline in production.

  2. “So the Cowboys likely go with a running back by committee” that didn’t work out so well last for the receiver position.

  3. Zeke is looking pretty foolish here and has to be getting nervous.

    I hope Pollard excels against the Giants, and Morris drives a legacy Mazda sedan into the endzone as well.

  4. Maybe don’t go telling the world that contract negotiations start at Gurley’s contract and then publicly refuse to give him as much as Gurley.

  5. Im a die hard Dallas fan. But I think Zeke is being unreasonable and id bench him for the season. He is the best running back in the league, but if he wants a good contract he needs to learn how to be an adult off season and quit fighting. We have no room for players who vet suspended every other season cause they cant grow up

  6. This is how this is going to end…. If the Giant who we know defense isn’t as good as before some how shut down the Cowboys running game then I can see the Jones biting their fingers hard and Zeke getting whatever he asking for. Now if Pollard or the combination of the RB committee end up having a monster game then I can see Zeke panicking. If by week 6 things go right then the Cowboys will get comfortable and view this as the recent Steelers Bell and Connor exchange. They will not only keep those fines but also go after Zeke’s bonuses. Hold his right for next year, tag him and then trade him. This is all contingent to Pollard or whoever excelling great behind that line.

  7. Oh by the time the Cowboys give him his first tag, he is going to be 28 or 29. Thats if the Jones wanna play this game with him. Like who wants to give a 29 year old RB who haven’t played for 3 years a big contract? The Cowboys can keep him for 4 more years without pay if they want.

  8. A good run game sets up the passing game for Prescott. With no Zeke, The Redskins monster defensive front 7 will feast on the Cowboys all game long in week two. Look for Kerrigan and Sweat to have huge games coming off the edge, and Allen and Payne to be a force up the middle. Can’t wait to see the cowboys fall apart this year

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