Report: Dolphins locker room would “revolt” if Laremy Tunsil traded

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The Dolphins have met with Texans pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney. The Texans need a starting offensive tackle.

Thus, even though the Dolphins have told left tackle Laremy Tunsil they aren’t actively shopping him, his name naturally comes up in speculation of who the Texans would seek in a trade of Clowney.

But Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reported Thursday that Dolphins players “would revolt” if the team trades Tunsil. Beasley calls Tunsil “one of their best and most-liked players.”

The Dolphins are expected to be among the worst in the NFL. They had high turnover in the offseason, including hiring a new coach, and they have Josh Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick competing for the starting quarterback job.

While it appears a rebuilding year in Miami, the locker room wants to compete and wants to see the team take care of its own financially, according to Beasley. The Dolphins drafted Tunsil 13th overall in 2016 and has him under contract the next two seasons, having picked up his fifth-year option for 2020.

“The backlash would be amazing,” Beasley quotes one source as saying. “Guys would legit revolt.”

The Texans cannot trade Clowney until he signs his franchise tender, so the pass rusher essentially controls where Houston trades him. Houston reportedly also has talked to the Eagles, Seahawks, Jets and Washington about the Pro Bowler.

29 responses to “Report: Dolphins locker room would “revolt” if Laremy Tunsil traded

  1. Tunsil is not going anywhere. Hes a Top 3 Left Tackle in the NFL. Whoever brought up his name as a possible trade target was/is a moron. Clowney is good player but Tunsil is entering his prime and we’ll have a rookie QB next year that’s going to need protecting

  2. Lol…revolt. Give us a break. This ain’t the Revolutionary War with America revolting against the impression of the British.

    This is men getting payed to play sport ball in sunny Dade County, Florida.

  3. I’d like to join that revolt, even though I’m not on the team. I nervously recall when Brent Mussberger reported that the Saints were going to trade George Rogers, one of the best RBs in the league at the time. They interviewed Bum Phillips live and Phillips said that he convinced the team that Mussberger was mistaken. Then, they actually did trade Rogers.

  4. You forget where Flores comes from. He came from a world where Seymour, Mankins, Wolfork, Vrabel, were all traded, great locker room guys, great team players but all traded just the same. Ask the question; how many mice are needed to bell a cat?

  5. Trading Tunsil would cause an intense revolt amongst the fans. Things like this happen when you miss on a draft pick(Harris)…you spend your good draft picks trying to chase the bad ones. Drafting Charles Harris instead of TJ Watt was a defining bone headed move for this franchise and now years later they are trying to find someone to play the edge. Getting Clowney would be a way of doubling down on a already poor defensive line. Clowney would only add problems schematically.

  6. Revolt is another word for Tank! Looks like Dolphins are in the front row for 1st Pickings!!

  7. It would have to be a Hershal Walker style boat load of picks with Clowney for this even to start the conversation.

  8. The Dolphins don’t have a lot going for them, and the players want to keep the status quo intact, which makes no sense. Having said that you probably should not trade a good LT for a guy that may only be with you for one bad season.

  9. Got one old QB – Got one young QB. What they both need is a good left tackle. This team does not need a pass rusher.

  10. It’s a QB league and the Dolphins finally have an elite franchise, and a HOF type left tackle to protect him. They lack a lot of pieces, but they have two key ingredients. Acquiring a defensive end that hasn’t endeared himself to his current employer, or to anyone else around the league, is just not necessary.

  11. finzfan49 says:
    August 29, 2019 at 4:47 pm
    So would the true fans. Best player on the team. No way they trade him

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    Isn’t that THE reason to deal him for a 1st rd pick?

    You people don’t seem to get it. If they think a current back up is close to Tunsil’s quality with some coaching, you absolutely DO sell high.

    Miami is rebuilding. Some of you don’t get it.

  12. Tunsil a top 3 LT in the league? Bwahahaha ok, if you think so. Better LT’s just off the top of my head include Taylor Lewan, Terron Armstead, Trent Williams, Tyron Smith, Joe Staley, the LT from Green Bay who’s name I would butcher if I tried to spell it. Top 10? Sure, but I wouldn’t even include him in the top 5 much less top 3.

  13. Just curious, when the Dolphins rebuild are they playing some fancy new offense that doesn’t require a LT? Are they putting in a back-u linebacker or punter just to mind meld the rest of the league? Why consider dumping a top LT who is under contract for 2 years for an often injured LB on a one year max deal?
    Good OL especially LT’s are really scarce and edge LB’s are far easier to find.

  14. My take is Houston has a deal on the table to ship Clowney and their 1st round pick in the draft for Tunsil. I don’t know if that’s a bad deal…considering some in the Dolphins front office think Tunsil is “lackadaisical” at times.

  15. The players revolting need to realize they are no bodies. I was against trading him before but now I’d do it to make a point. The culture Ross has allowed has been the Dolphins issue.

  16. My guess the one talking to the media is Jones.

    As for Tunsil, you DO NOT SHIP OFF FRANCHISE LTs on their ROOKIE DEAL. That’s just nuts. Even the vaunted PATRIOTS understand the value of LT by using a 1st rd draft pick on Nate Solder and extending him past his rookie deal.

    Just complete and utter …….

  17. Relax. They aren’t going to trade him. He’s the guy the Texans asked for, not the one the Dolphins offered up. Why would they trade a guy on a very affordable rookie contract and pay a bunch of money to Clowneycakes? Miami probably wanted them to take on one of their big contract guys like Stills. Nobody is going to give the Texans anything of value for him AND give Clowney a ton of money. However, Miami does have the cap space (~$26M) to be able to sign Clowneycakes. I just don’t know why they (or any other team for that matter) would. His production doesn’t measure up to his current contract so why give him $20M per year? That’s the definition of insane.

  18. tylawspick6 says:
    August 29, 2019 at 5:09 pm

    “You people don’t seem to get it. If they think a current back up is close to Tunsil’s quality with some coaching, you absolutely DO sell high.”

    Apparently you have not seen this team in the preseason. There is no backup LT (or any other o-lineman) even remotely close to Tunsil on the roster. He’s young, cheap, and really good.

    “Miami is rebuilding. Some of you don’t get it.”

    Rebuilding can happen quickly in this league, especially with the addition of a stud QB who potentially should be selected in the next draft. Tunsil will have plenty of good years left when that happens. I’m thinking you’re the one who doesn’t get it.

  19. cheesefrog, you are correct in that rebuilds can happen quickly-especially with the addition of a stud QB-BUT the teams that are consistently competitive season after season are not afraid to move on from a quality player or trade him for draft picks. The Patriots, Steelers, Seahawks, Chiefs and Colts (when Bill Polian was GM) know how to do this. Lets see if the Dolphins can do it under Chris Grier.

  20. Tunsil at LT is better than Clowney at whatever. The players revolt? I’d say the fans would as well. Tunsil is their only good OL. Dieter? Who knows. Kilgore is okay. Calhoun may be okay but he’s a rookie, and thank God they got rid of Jordan Mills. Jesse Davis is meh but could be half-way decent. Who cares if they go 5-11 or whatever? This team needs a complete rebuild. Let the Jets and Bills screw around while the Pats still rule the roost. Miami needs to rebuild so as to take over when Brady retires (because honestly, I cannot see the Pats ever replacing Brady. Heck, Miami never replaced Marino!)

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