The challenge to the Broncos’ trustees takes a giant leap toward failure

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The fight continues, but the parties who started it are down for the count.

PFT has confirmed, as first reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN, that the lawsuit seeking the removal of the Broncos’ trustees has been dismissed. The presiding judge found that Bill Bowlen, the brother of deceased Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, has no legal standing to make the challenge.

However, as a source with knowledge of the dynamics explained the matter to PFT, the issue has not been fully resolved. After Bill Bowlen filed the lawsuit, the Broncos initiated an arbitration proceeding, arguing that the litigation falls within the purview of the NFL’s procedures for handling disputes of this nature.

Bill Bowlen and the children of Pat Bowlen who support his effort have been trying to remove the trustees have resisted the concept of arbitration; now, it’s their last remaining hope.

There’s not much hope through the arbitration process, or they wouldn’t have resisted it so aggressively. Some close to the situation believe that Bill Bowlen was acting on behalf of Beth Bowlen Wallace and Amie Klemmer, two of Pat Bowlen’s daughters who apparently want to disrupt momentum pointing toward their sister, Brittany Bowlen, eventually being named the controlling owner of the team by the trustees.

Before Pat Bowlen relinquished control of the franchise during his battle against Alzheimer’s disease, he decided that three trustees would determine which of his seven children met the requirements for running the team, with no specific timetable for any of them meeting the qualifications. It’s believed that Brittany Bowlen, who is expected to resume working for the Broncos later this year, will eventually check all the right boxes and become the trustees’ choice to assume leadership of the Broncos.

9 responses to “The challenge to the Broncos’ trustees takes a giant leap toward failure

  1. I get that the kids who aren’t going to be selected don’t like it but that doesn’t mean they get to replace the trustees until they get a result they like.

  2. mogogo1 says:
    August 29, 2019 at 6:59 pm

    I get that the kids who aren’t going to be selected don’t like it but that doesn’t mean they get to replace the trustees until they get a result they like.
    Maybe, maybe not. They DO get to exhaust all legal means at their disposal to get the result they want.

  3. Here’s the deal…. he should have sold the team to someone else and all of this nonsense could have been avoided, but these money hungry, power blinded people never figure it out till it burns to the ground. By the time the lawsuits end 4 of them will be dead and the other 3 will have lost interest. The lawyers are laughing as they back up the brinks trucks

  4. billinva says:
    August 29, 2019 at 7:07 pm
    Sounds like Pat Bowlen couldn’t be bothered to do this himself

    Or perhaps he recognized that if a person isn’t ready and/or capable of handling the responsibility of running and owning an NFL franchise, it could have negative life consequences (Jim Irsay, Mark Davis, etc.) Better to sell the team and distribute the cash to his heirs than saddle one with a responsibility they can’t handle.

    Reading between the lines, it’s pretty obvious Bowlen intended the trustees to pick Brittany or sell the team. None of the other kids are even close in terms of experience and capability (Beth, the next closest, has experience running a small party planning business).

    This transition is less than ideal. Then again, so is dying of Alzheimer’s, so I’d cut the guy some slack.

  5. The trustees are expecting to remain in their roles after deciding who’s the new managing general partner. Brittany is in her mid-20s, has no real executive experience. Beth, she left the minor role she had with the team to go to law school. Trustees thought Beth was betraying the old man and the team. Amie, she likely had a minor role with a team too.

    No matter what the trustees decide and no matter what the NFL may say through their arbiter, this may end up in court. It may come down whether any of the kids has the money to pay the inheritance taxes to retain ownership of the team.

  6. The so-called “trustees” have all the power now. Like all power holders they will fight tooth and nail to hold on to that power for as long as possible, Bowlen’s original intent be damned.

  7. One important thing to note about the children and any future legal battles – I believe the estate explicitly mentions any child contesting the process through legal channels would be excluded from consideration to be the successor. Which is why Bill filed the suit on behalf of Beth (primarily). Unfortunately as the judge ruled, Bill has no legal standing or incurred damages. He sold off his interest many years ago…

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