Cowboys have dibs on Rolando McClain, at $5 million for one year

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The NFL has conditionally reinstated linebacker Rolando McClain, after three years out of the league due to a substance-abuse policy suspension. When he officially returns (per a league source, the effective date is Tuesday, September 3), the Cowboys will have dibs on the man who entered the league as the eighth overall pick in the 2010 draft.

Despite some initial confusion as to whether McClain is a Cowboy or a free agent, both the league and the NFL Players Association agree that McClain remains under contract with the Cowboys. The first order of business for the Cowboys will be to decide whether to keep McClain, whose contract carries a base salary of $5 million for the upcoming season.

Whatever they do, the Cowboys will need to do it fairly quickly. As of Tuesday, McClain will land on their roster (if he passes a physical), and they’ll have to make a move to keep the roster at 53. While it seems like a longshot that they’d welcome him back with open arms given the suddenness with which he was reinstated (and given the amount of his salary), the bottom line is that the Cowboys will have to decide whether to keep him. If they choose not to, he’ll become a free agent.

10 responses to “Cowboys have dibs on Rolando McClain, at $5 million for one year

  1. Stephen Jones already said this offseason that they have no interest in Rolondo McClain when advised of Rolondo’s intent to be reinstated.

    This, as you suggested, is a mere technicality. He won’t be on their 53, or any other teams 53, for that matter.

  2. They didn’t ask Jerry. If the cowboys don’t want him the redskins will pick up the $5M no problem.

  3. Three years is a long time in the not for long league. Maybe someone takes a chance at the league minimum..

  4. Slowlondo McCain is back in the league? He must have gotten fired from Orange Julius again

  5. It has been a quiet off-season/pre-season for the Cowboys, a little Rolando McClain drama might stir some excitement for Jerry.

  6. How many times was McClain suspended? I don’t think he has been suspended as many times as Josh Gordon. So how was McClain’s suspension three years and Josh Gordon’s fifth suspension only three games? Is it because Goodell didn’t want to hurt the Patriots’ fans feelings?

  7. Just NO. His work ethics rival JaMarcus Russell and Ricky Williams. The guy would rather veg out on the couch, but NFL with minimum effort each play pays the bills. One of the greatest hoax and sub-performing slackers in NFL history.

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