Raiders expected to keep Nathan Peterman and Mike Glennon

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The Raiders are expected to keep three quarterbacks, with Mike Glennon and Nathan Peterman both making the roster, Ian Rapoport of the NFL reports.

Jon Gruden hasn’t hidden his fondness for Peterman, saying repeatedly how much third-year player has grown on him.

Peterman finished the preseason 60-of-84 for 475 yards and three touchdowns. Glennon went 41-of-61 for 491 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

In the latest episode of Hard Knocks, Peterman and Gruden discussed Peterman’s confidence. He’s come a long way from Buffalo, where he threw 12 interceptions and three touchdowns in eight games. He was 1-3 as a starter with the Bills.

Derek Carr is the Raiders’ established starter, but Gruden still will have to make a decision on which quarterback will dress for the season opener as the No. 2.

18 responses to “Raiders expected to keep Nathan Peterman and Mike Glennon

  1. I know he’s getting paid good $, but I still find his intestinal fortitude impressive.

    His horrific performances and the way everyone ripped him afterwards…I think most men would quit.

  2. Raiders should waive Peterman, nobody else will claim Mr Pick 6 so it will let them store him on their practice squad and free up a roster spot

  3. Peterman is a better QB than his stats show with Buffalo. He obviously got off to a rough start, but he can develop into a solid backup.

  4. Say what you want about Peterman (and Gruden) but he’s been sharp all preseason. He’s has been almost flawless. Outplayed Glennon in against the Rams, 8/8 at Cardinals, and took over for Glennon against (again!) at Packers and Seahawks.

    I’d shipped Glennon ASAP!

  5. like its always been said. jon grudens favorite roster player is the backup qb. hes really reaching this time though. glennon has at least showed something positive b4. peterman not so much.

  6. No offense I am tired of hearing about what a QB guru this is. Pretty sure he said Manziel was a rare talent. Know he said Terrelle Pryor was. His list of QBs he couldn’t develop is long and undistinguished. I just think this guy is a bunch of mirrors and a whole lot of smoke. Yeah. Nathan Peterman.

  7. Maybe Gruden actually improved Peterman. Who knows, sometimes people just click in different systems. I love me some Peterman memes but maybe the guy is actually doing a lot better.

  8. Peterman another example of a “Gruden Grinder”. He’s a marginal player who earned a roster spot by saying all the right things to the “coaching genius”. Like how great a HC Gruden is, what a privilege it is to play for him, etc.

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