Report: Dolphins want Jadeveon Clowney, first-round pick for Laremy Tunsil

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If the Houston Texans really, really, really want left tackle Laremy Tunsil, they apparently need to be willing to give the Miami Dolphins an awful to get him.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Texans have discussed sending Clowney and a first-round pick to Miami in exchange for Tunsil. The Dolphins want another high draft pick as well in exchange for their left tackle.

Dolphins head coach Brian Flores didn’t exactly shoot down the possibility of a Tunsil trade following the team’s preseason finale against the New Orleans Saints.

“There’s no trade in place for him,” Flores said.

That doesn’t eliminate the possibility there could be a trade for him eventually. Flores could have said the team is not considering any trade proposals for Tunsil, but he didn’t. Instead, he says there’s no trade currently in place for him at this particular moment in time.

The Dolphins have been thought as the most likely destination for Clowney, who hasn’t signed his franchise tag tender as he holds out from the Texans. Houston has had discussions with multiple teams about Clowney with nothing really progressing. However, the Dolphins have been the most visible pursuer of the Texans’ defensive end.

The Dolphins locker room apparently wouldn’t take too kindly to Tunsil being dealt. Perhaps the report of such a price tag would send a message that he’s only being moved for a significant return. However, that still wouldn’t alleviate any hurt feelings over losing a starting left tackle right before the regular season begins.

22 responses to “Report: Dolphins want Jadeveon Clowney, first-round pick for Laremy Tunsil

  1. Why are the Dolphins even entertaining the idea of trading their best O-lineman?

    Tank for Tua?

    Tua isn’t an NFL caliber QB

    Even if he was, wouldn’t you need a solid LT?

  2. Might as well trade Howard while you’re at it. Nfl has to step in and get this team sold to an owner capable of hiring the right front office people

  3. Screw the hurt feelings, a package of Clowney, a 1st and another high pick is a MONSTER haul.

    These dudes are being paid and paid well. They can suck it up and play.

  4. I hope to all the football powers that Clowney does not decide playing one year for the Dolphins wouldn’t be that bad. If the Texans ( BoB and the gang ) really even consider Clowney, a first, and another high pick for Tunsil then they will be doomed for years to come. BoB just needs to convince Clowney that he isn’t gonna ship him off to a team like the Dolphins if he signs and let him play for the Texans this year. He still might not be playing for a contender but he will at least be playing with a potential one and done playoff team.

  5. I thought they had a meeting with Tunsil last week assuring him that he wasn’t going to be traded? Maybe it was reported wrong or I misread it, but if it’s true, what kind of “culture” is Chris Grier (GM) trying to build with the players if he’s lying to their faces? If you want to see if your young quarterback can play, trading away your best lineman who protects his backside isn’t the way to do it.

  6. This report was leaked by the Dolphins to show the players that they don’t get to call the shots. I knew something like this would happen as soon as the team threatened that Brian Flores would “lose the locker room” if Tunsil was traded. Players can’t be given that kind of power.

  7. Starting left tackles, in particular all-pro caliber left tackles, are as rare to find as hen’s teeth. Even trading Tunsil for Clowney straight up is a mismatch in Houston’s favor. Miami can surely find another pass rusher among the players who will be released for the final roster cutdowns. Tunsil is an anchor of an offensive line which will really need him. Clowney is an anchor of a different sort…the type that can potentially sink a franchise.

  8. That sounds like a lot to give up, but if Clowney wants out and we’re likely using a 1st rounder on an LT anyway, we may as well just pull the trigger. Essentially, we’d be letting a free agent walk and drafting an already established LT with our 1.

  9. Ooops…I misread the terms of the prospective trade backwards. I thought it was Houston asking for the first rounder in addition to Tunsil. Guess I need that extra cup of coffee to properly function after all. Still, I’d hold on to Tunsil if I were Miami.

  10. For a guy who will be a free agent at the end of the year and will cost a small fortune to keep and who doesn’t want to play for a loser. This is why Miami sucks!!!

  11. When he gets voted All-Pro, then he’s All-Pro caliber. So far, he hasn’t even made it to the Pro Bowl.
    He’s fairly good, but not great. Asking for 1 means they don’t think they can sign Clowney to a long term deal and don’t want to get stuck with nothing.

  12. The Dolphins would be better off with an above average LT than with an elite run defender.
    I would not make that trade.

    If I were Houston, and I could get a decent LT plus a 1st round pick I’d personally drive Clowney to the air port.

  13. The Dolphins would be better off with an above average LT than with an elite run defender, but getting a 1st round pick would be nice.

    The thing is, you need a LT, and unless you have a solid replacement, why let him go? Is there something they don’t like about Tunsil?
    Do you use the acquired 1st round pick to draft another LT?
    And have him be a bust?

    A rebuilding team needs a solid Oline for a new QB.

    (misread the headline)

  14. Ok, the only way this should happen from the Dolphins perspective is if we get a Hershel Walker type trade with the Dolphins on the receiving end.

  15. The Dolphins annually lead the league in unrequited love.

    They’re always chasing after guys that want nothing to do with them…..

  16. I don’t understand this. If Tunsil can be a long-term solution at LT then just take the money you would have had to pay Clowneycakes and sign Tunsil. I could see them considering the trade for two first-rounders but still, they have an option on Tunsil for 2020 for ~$10M. That’s pretty cheap for a LT. However, if they don’t feel like he’s the future at LT then I can understand them considering a trade. Still, I would prefer trading Tunsil for two first-rounders and letting the Texans keep Clowneycakes. I wouldn’t want him if they gave him away simply because of his salary…then of course he’s going to want some team to break the bank and overpay him what he wants. I’m sure some team will be dumb enough to do that.

  17. I’ve been watching Tunsil for the entire time he’s been in Miami and he’s good..real good. Elite? Not yet and maybe never. A #1 pick and another high pick gives Miami 14 picks. Not bad.

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