Bills didn’t ask LeSean McCoy to take a pay cut

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It’s not a surprise that the Bills cut running back LeSean McCoy. It is a surprise that they did so without trying to get him to take a pay cut.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the release of McCoy came “out of left field,” with no attempt by the team to get him to take less money.

McCoy was due to earn $6.175 million in 2019, the final year of his contract with the Bills. And the possibility of McCoy being released has been on the radar screen, especially once rookie Devin Singletary began getting first-team reps in practice.

Indeed, something changed since July. That’s when Bills G.M. Brandon Beane said, “I think LeSean still can play. If not, we would have made the decision to move on.”

It’s known whether the Bills tried to trade McCoy. However, it’s unlikely that anyone would have taken on his salary, necessitating a reduction. It’s possible the Bills simply decided based on their knowledge of McCoy that he wouldn’t accept any type of a pay cut.

McCoy will still count for $2.875 million in cap space, due to bonus proration and his offseason workout bonus. But the Bills have created in one fell swoop $6.175 million that can be used elsewhere.

In 14 games last year, McCoy gained only 514 yards, and he averaged only 3.2 yards per carry.

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  1. I like this move. Shady wasn’t going to play for Buffalo next year so give the rookie the load. They need to assemble players in the same age group so they hit their prime around the same time.

  2. “In 14 games last year, McCoy gained only 514 yards, and he averaged only 3.2 yards per carry.”….behind, arguably, one of the worst O lines in the NFL….

  3. Gave the Bills some great years. Buffalo definitely won the trade that sent Kiko Alonso to Philly for him. Good luck to him

  4. I’m inclined to believe that this move wasn’t based on anything financial or his productivity. It’s about the activity with his ex girlfriend this past off season!!! Shady, red pill going forward bro..!!

  5. I am thinking Bills management already had their minds made up start of training camp or close to it. They played the media to pump up his value hoping for a trade.

  6. Seems to me Beane is drinking a lot of his own kool aid. Shady is old and on the down turn but what is Frank Gore? he isn’t 49ers Frank Gore he’s a situational player at this point. If Singletary goes down the full time back is Yeldon. Apparently the OL is an excuse for Allen but nobody else on the team. Trading Teller who played well while surrounded by some of the worst OL in the NFL because you have faith in Spencer Long and Ryan Bates after 3 preseason games where he’s lining up across from defenses who are treating it like the pro bowl is odd too. The Bills have depth but not a lot of “talent” and they’re getting rid of players like they have a luxury.

  7. jchemengr says:
    August 31, 2019 at 10:11 am

    Only cost the Bills $1.25 million to keep Gore.
    There is about a 3 mil cap hit for cutting McCoy. So they could have McCoy for 6.2, or just Gore for 1.25 + 3 = 4.25.

    Probably could have had McCoy for that same 4.2 figure had they asked, so the process in this case seems to be to get older.

  8. realfootballfan says:
    August 31, 2019 at 10:30 am
    Why would they have? He hasn’t played well in two years. It happens. He also never fit that system.
    McCoy had 1138 yds rushing in 2017, 4.0 per carry….

  9. unclebluck,

    Largely on the back of a few good games, while he was ineffective most of the rest. One that comes to mind was that game against Oakland that he torched them. I agree he’s not washed up, but he didn’t ever fit that system to begin with, and it just doesn’t make sense from a financial vantage point anymore at his age.

  10. Oh yeah, Shad would have totally taken a pay cut and been ok with splitting carries with 2 other backs. Yep, he sure would have. I think you think the wrong people are drinking the “kool-aid” here.

  11. realfootball fan

    In 2017 McCoy averaged at least 3.8 yds per carry in 10 out of 16 games….as for the system other than maybe 2 years the O line he has had to play behind has been a shambles …evident last year by the amount of yds gained by a rookie QB. He has now been replaced by a 36 yr old RB, albeit an all time great. McCoy was never the problem. The problem is, and always has been management…The O line has depth this year but its still among the NFL’s most lacking in talent…

  12. carloslasswater……so the Bills replaced a 31 yr old with a 36 year old. part of the process? Yep. The 36 yr old had the highest per run average in the AFCE last season and is a great blocker in the backfield and outside of it. Some guys just don’t know football.

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