Dolphins fire sale sends Laremy Tunsil, Kenny Stills to Texans

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The Dolphins may have a revolt on their hands.

According to NFL Network, the Dolphins are trading left tackle Laremy Tunsil and wide receiver Kenny Stills to the Texans, for a package of picks which includes a first-rounder.

It solves an immediate need for the Texans, as upgrading the protection for quarterback Deshaun Watson, and doing it with a young player under contractual control for two years.

Stills could be considered a salary dump for the Dolphins (among other things), but he’s a productive veteran the Texans can use.

The moves might be prudent for the Dolphins for the long term, but it sends a terrible message to a locker room. Naming Ryan Fitzpatrick their starting quarterback suggests they’re trying to win, after they traded a second-round pick to see if former first-rounder Josh Rosen can play. Now, Rosen might be fortunate if he doesn’t have to.

58 responses to “Dolphins fire sale sends Laremy Tunsil, Kenny Stills to Texans

  1. Holy crap! Flores trying to clean house.

    I like the Texans receivers, but besides Hopkins, they don’t stay healthy. Tunsil is a great pickup for them.

  2. For the two people who didn’t think the Fins were going to tank this year, are you convinced yet?

  3. I did not see this coming after Clowney went to Seattle, the remaining dolphins players may decide to call in sick next Sunday.

    Rosen, be happy that Fitz is the one getting pounded into paste next week.

  4. Wow is this the NFL version of “Hold My Beer”? Ive never seen so many horrible trades in one day lol!!!!!!

  5. hummer53 says:
    August 31, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Tua , here we come.

    And then you woke up.


  6. Stills and Fuller on the field is some serious speed, and Tunsil will help buy Deshaun W some time while those two go deep. Of course Deandre Hopkins needs no introduction. And if all else fails then Watson can tuck it and run for a first down.

  7. Maybe Flores is a Patriots plant to go in and ruin the Dolphins for a couple years and then come back home to New England. Brilliant!

  8. Miami is going all in for that 1st overall pick. Plus they’ll have the Texans 1st and another pick or two. I’m sure the trade window for Alonso is wide open too.

    Not a bad strategy IF THEY DRAFT WELL. If not, they’re going to be awful for a long time.

  9. Having a fire sale 5 days before the season starts is not the best way to make your season ticket holders happy. Trading your best offensive lineman is not the best way to welcome your new QB. Might as well punt on first down all year. It’s going to be a long season in Miami.

  10. Houston’s had a good day despite not getting stronger value than they received in the Clowney deal. Dealing away a player who had become a major headache was worth the smallish return in the long run. But after, they swung two more deals to get Carlos Hyde from KC and Tunsil and Stills from fin-land, with the acquisition of Tunsil being the coup de gras. Given the questionable qualities amid the competition in the AFC South, Houston looks to have distanced themselves from the pack with these moves (and with a healthy Deshaun Watson returning).

  11. Hurricane Dorian must be a lot worse than I thought. Get them out now for picks next year while you still can. Don’t forget your flashlight batteries, and see you next season – hopefully.

  12. I’m wondering if one of the reasons the Texans traded Clowney to the Seahawks on the cheap was because they were in talks with the Dolphins for Tunsil and Stills and they needed to free up money and space on the roster.Plus since Houston may know they have a good defense even without Clowney they’re now focusing on the offensive side of the team and trying to protect Watson who’s their franchise QB.

  13. It’s a fantastic deal for Miami. Tunsil is only under contract for two years, maybe three and isn’t even a top ten NFL tackle (although he comes close). And it’s not like they had any chance this year.

    You’d have to be crazy not to take this deal. The Texans are so desperate to make things happen now, that they are happy to make a VERY one sided deal.

  14. Rosen is probably sitting somewhere right now with his head in his hands mumbling “God must really hate me”!

  15. tylawspick6 says:
    August 31, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    Miami just fleeced Houston. Wow!

    I wouldn’t be so hasty on that call, I’ve seen many times where a change of scenery is all a player/person needs to change their whole outlook, its worked for me many, many times!

  16. the remaining dolphins players may decide to call in sick next Sunday

    They’ve been calling in sick for twenty years, except for one game a year against the Patriots.

  17. No one cares that Stills is gone. He is a distraction and has very low productivity for the price tag. I am sad to see Tunsil go and this was a shock, but c’mon… getting 2 1st rounders, a 2nd rounder and 2 decent players for him is beyond great. What difference does going 6-10 vs 2-14 or 3-13 even mean? This was a total rebuild and it makes sense. The 2020 Draft is loaded with talent and Miami has 12 picks with almost half of them early. They will also be Cap healthy with over $130M. “Next Year is a great time to be a Dolphins Fan”. Now I have to work on selling my Tickets and Cancel my NFL Sunday Ticket {sarcasm}.

  18. This Tua crap is ludicrous…. he is not an NFL QB, and if he does make it, it will be on a bench.
    There are at least 10 better qb’s in college as we speak.
    Herbert, Eason, Fromm, ect.

  19. And then Texans fans wake up to the reality that Watson was a flash in the pan who had a great half year only to show that he’s not an nfl qb.

  20. I am a phins fan and I hate this trade. The Miami Dolphins are now a farm team. You tank by cutting overpriced vets not your future. They arent going to find another Tunsil with the Texans 20-something pick next year. Why even sign Howard if all you want to do is suck and pile draft picks? Its idiotic, it pisses everyone off and now the team womt play for the coach and the fans dont want to watch. I have seen alot, ALOT of stupid BS go down in Miami in 20 years, but this is the 2nd dumbest thing I have seen. Other than hiring Joe Philbin.

  21. Im about 99.9999999999% CERTAIN that Bill O Brien is TRYING to get fired and he’s just lighting the house on fire like Joker setting the mobs money on fire in the Dark Knight just to watch it burn.

    Texans send TWO 1st Rd picks and a 2nd to Dolphins for Laremy Tunsil the bong head and Kenny Soules. That Bill O’Brien must be on somebody else’s payroll to make TWO BLOCKBUSTER DEALS IN ONE DAY….neither of which make his team better. WOW.

  22. I like this trade , had to do it. Texans are in a win now mode, need to protect Watson….

  23. Fire sale? Wait until they trade Reshad Jones and Kiko Alonso…and if Fins fans are pissed now, wait until the trade Xavien Howard…. Bwahahahahahahahahahahah! And I wonder why all those trades etc. to AFC South teams? That is Texans and Titans?

  24. I’m glad that we’re rid of Stills and his politics. I’ve been hoping to see news that he had been traded, but I didn’t want to give up Tunsil.

  25. And for a package including a high draft pick, Trent Williams comes over from the Redskins and everyone is happy.

  26. An extremely poorly managed franchise over the last 10 years or so.
    Owner Ross knows how to generate funds, yet his Fins have been going the wrong way on a treadmill for years. A once proud franchise pretty much in flames.

  27. Both Stills and Tunsil should ecstatic. They just left the eventual 2-14 in Miami for 11-5 and the playoffs in Houston. Stills goes from Fitzmagic and Rosen to Deshaun Watson. That’s a huge upgrade. Stills will get a lot of looks opposite Deandre Hopkins. Now Tunsil doesn’t have to waste his career playing for a perpetually rebuilding franchise. The Texans desperately needed a LT and got one. It’s good to see a team go all-in for their superstar player, especially after watching Ryan Grigson destroy Andrew Luck’s career by never building him an offensive line or giving him many weapons.

  28. Miami is currently digging out of a hole, they dug. A completely different scheme and culture is being implemented. Davie has been derelict in there vision of the out years for far to long.

    I have zero issues with today’s reality because after a decade plus of mediocrity, I expect more.

  29. yipes, Stills’ shenanigans are not going to play well to a Texas crowd.

    Bad move on the Texans’ part.

  30. So with $126M in cap space next year, the Dolphins plan to sign every Patriots free agent in continued display of extreme envy. Sprinkle in a few draft picks, and who would one still bet on to win the AFC East? 🍿

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