Dolphins should have 13 picks in next year’s draft

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The Dolphins might not have very many good players, but mock draft season should be a real hoot.

Via Field Yates of ESPN, the Dolphins have amassed 13 picks in next year’s draft, along with more in the future after a flurry of trades.

In addition to their own picks in every round except the fifth, the Dolphins should get third- and fifth-round compensatory picks for losing right tackle Ja'Wuan James and Cameron Wake in free agency.

They’ll also own the Texans’ first-rounder from the deal that sent left tackle Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills to Houston.

They’ll also own the Saints’ second-rounder from a draft day deal which allowed New Orleans to move up to take center Erik McCoy.

They’ll also own the Titans’ fourth-rounder from the deal that sent quarterback Ryan Tannehill to Tennessee.

They’ll also own the Cowboys’ sixth-rounder from the deal that sent defensive end Robert Quinn to Dallas.

They’ll also own the Chiefs’ seventh-rounder from the deal that sent safety Jordan Lucas to Kansas City.

Oh by the way, they’ll also have the Texans’ first- and second-rounders in 2021 from today’s deal.

Also, it’s early yet. Though they don’t have that many players of value remaining, it’s probably worth putting in a call. If they can parlay all those picks successfully, they could be pertinent for years to come. But that’s small comfort to fans who have already paid their hard-earned for season tickets to watch a bunch of lottery tickets.

22 responses to “Dolphins should have 13 picks in next year’s draft

  1. Shame though..they will draft some nobodies with all those picks and still be right where they are today. Lucky to score a single touchdown this season. I feel sorry for some players on this team that want to win. Shameful move Miami.

  2. Looks like Ross is all in with Flores’s “Takes No Talent” approach for now. However, if the TNT approach explodes in their faces, well at least they’ll have a boatload of premium picks and $150M in cap space. Oh and Brady will be another year closer in qualifying for Medicare.

  3. The Pats have 12, but 6 of those are 6 and 7 round picks. Miami will have the ability to move up pretty much wherever they want to go or move down(or out) again to have a monster stash for 2021 and future years.

    Losing Tunsil is not what I wanted, but the future haul could vastly trump what he brought to the table, if Grier drafts well…

  4. If you were interested in selling your football franchise for as much money as possible, your best move, other than winning the Superbowl or being named the Dallas Cowboys, would be to clear as much cap space as possible and obtaining a bounty of future premium draft picks. My guess is that Mr. Ross is thinking of selling the Fins.

    Jay-Z on line 1?

  5. You do understand that if Ross has all his players making the minimum (rookie contracts)he will make a ton of money. Would not be surprised if the Dullphins are 100 million under the cap next year.

  6. And now you know why the Pats have been on top the division for 20 years. The rest of the AFC has been rebuilding since…..and continues…

  7. I like the move. Dolphins clearly aren’t going to win this year and everyone knew that. Why not just trade everyone and stock pile picks and more picks. They have a ton of dead money this year thanks to Tannenbaum. Stock pile enough picks to be able to get whatever QB they want in next year’s draft.

  8. Did they change GMs recently? Cause if not I’m not sure what good it’ll do them… like when the Browns would always have 2 1st rounders and blow them on Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden, Manziel and Justin Gilbert etc…

  9. The Dolphins took out the trash today. And they found fools to over pay for each piece of garbage.

  10. finzfan49 says:
    August 31, 2019 at 6:51 pm

    Shameful move Miami.
    What Miami did today was absolutely brilliant and will be the cornerstone of a championship team down the road. No one would pass on that draft pick haul (well, maybe the Texans would have).

  11. All them picks and no one to lead them. Hiring a coach from the pats organization is the dumbest move I’ve ever heard. They either stink or secretly stay on Krafts payroll which they sabotage the team. Ross is an idiot.

  12. All these draft picks and cap space is great but the recovery will depend on getting the right quarterback and the right players to protect him. It’s not that easy. Tannehill,Bortles,Rosen,Gabbard,Leinert,Sanchez,RG3,Manziel,Vince Young,David Carr,Jamrcus Russell,Ryan Leaf were all thought to be the guy but were not. Countless high pick left tackles have also bitten the dust.Even if the team drafts well it takes time for young players to develop and then in a few short years they need to get paid (all at the same time–see Dallas Cowboys). Can ownership be patient with a coaching staff that is likely to be on the losing end for quite a while? Time will tell I guess.

  13. Reshad jones is the lone piece left i’d part with, I’m so happy the fins are finally using analytics.. Too many years we keep players after their best sell by date (Taylor,Porter,Wake) this front office understands the idea of selling high finally..

    150 million in cap space 13 picks i’d say we should compete for a SB by 2022, the key is keeping the analytical approach ala the pats to prolong your success.

    My only hope for the season is to showcase Rosen, if he looks decent get more draft picks and take tua or Fromm.. Not Justin Herbert though uggh.

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