Duane Brown tweet sparks speculation of Jadeveon Clowney to the Seahawks

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The always-risky practice of interpreting tweets doesn’t stop people from interpreting tweets.

Seahawks tackle Duane Brown has posted a tweet consisting of six sets of wide, surprised eyes. Given that he played for the Texans before joining the Seahawks and given that one of his former Houston teammates currently has been linked to the Seahawks in a possible trade, it’s worth at least wondering whether defensive end Jadeveon Clowney could be headed for the Pacific Northwest.

The Texans clearly want to trade Clowney, and Clowney has resisted signing his franchise tender, which prevents the Texans from trading him. Since he reportedly wants to be traded to the Seahawks or the Eagles, he’d presumably be inclined to accept the one-year offer if it’s a precursor to being shipped to Seattle.

As cryptic tweets go, Seahawks offensive lineman Germain Ifedi retweeted the Brown tweet by tweeting a pair of eyes, which could mean that Brown has shared whatever caused him to tweet what he tweeted with Ifedi, prompting him to tweet what he tweeted. Or that Ifedi was simply having some fun in response to Brown’s tweet.

The Texans reportedly had been talking to the Dolphins about a Clowney trade, with Houston willing to send Clowney plus a first-round pick to Miami for tackle Laremy Tunsil, and with the Dolphins reportedly wanting more.

The fact that the team trading for Clowney can’t sign him to a multi-year contract makes Clowney less valuable than he otherwise would be. Whichever team acquires his rights has Clowney for one season at a franchise tender in the range of $16 million, with a 20-percent raise looming for 2020.

Whatever the case may be with Brown’s tweet, it’s fun to read tea leaves or interpret tweets, especially on the one day of the year when, from a transactional standpoint, plenty of unexpected things can and will happen.