Jerick McKinnon will land on season-ending injured reserve, again

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Fifty-two weeks to the day since 49ers running back Jerick McKinnon suffered a knee injury that ended his first season with the team, a report has emerged that he’ll land on season-ending injured reserve for the second straight year, due to that same injury.

Matt Maiocco of reports that the 49ers will place McKinnon on injured reserve again, and that he won’t be back later this year.

McKinnon signed a four-year, $30 million deal as a free agent in 2018, after a solid initial four years in Minnesota. He has earned $15.4 million without ever taking a snap in a regular-season game, and he has another $2.6 million guaranteed for injury.

21 responses to “Jerick McKinnon will land on season-ending injured reserve, again

  1. So disappointed for McKinnon. He was money in Minnesota, and will now go three seasons between seeing playing time, if he ever gets back on the field.

  2. This guy is the textbook definition of free agency Bust!!!! Losing him yet again for a prolonged amount of time is a huge loss to the SF backfield not just in the run game but in the passing game.

  3. So you’re saying keeping McKinnon and dropping Austin Ekeler in my deep keeper fantasy league was a bad move?

  4. What dulls the hit is they can’t let him go after this season with minimal cap hit. Tough break yes, but smart contract structuring by SF

  5. McKinnon has been one of my favorite Vikings in the last 5 years. Hope he gets his rehab in gear and comes back home to Minnesota!

  6. vicnocal says:
    August 31, 2019 at 5:30 pm
    Good luck, McKinnon. Youve got some dark, lonely, frustrating days ahead of you that will test your mental strength and resolve


    “ You’ve got some dark, lonely, frustrating days ahead of you” And 20 million

  7. I really thought for a minute the Niner Brain-trust a while back had a better view up close than mine to this situation. Apparently I was wrong because they obviously felt “wishing would make it so.”

    I feel for this kid, although he’s got a few bucks to fall back on and tide him over.

  8. Not to be overly critical but the PFT comma (insert here, again, unless it isn’t etc.) is trite. This is a kid trying to play and to earn. He has been solid and has shown talent. Season ending IR is not a good thing for him.

    Can we not be trite? Maybe find a new shtick?

  9. He said he did not feel right, but they still rushed him back. SF and LAC always do this to their players.

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