Jets cut 68th overall pick Jachai Polite

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In a sign of just how much Jets coach Adam Gase and now-fired General Manager Mike Maccagnan disagreed in this year’s draft, the Jets have just cut a player they took with the 68th overall pick.

Jachai Polite, a linebacker from Florida whom the Jets used a high third-round pick on in April, has been released, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

Maccagnan was fired less than a month later amid reports that he and Gase had strongly disagreed about the draft. Joe Douglas was hired to replace Maccagnan and it’s safe to say Douglas and Gase both think Maccagnan erred in using such a high pick on Polite.

As a first-team All-SEC linebacker last year, Polite was viewed as a potential first-round draft pick. But he turned in an ugly performance at the Scouting Combine (not unlike his former Florida teammate Teez Tabor), and that sent him plummeting down draft boards. The Jets were the team that ended his fall on the second day of the draft, but he didn’t last long there. Now he’ll go on waivers and perhaps some team will be willing to give him a longer look than the Jets did.

23 responses to “Jets cut 68th overall pick Jachai Polite

  1. How terrible do you have to be to get cut 4 months after being drafted in the 3rd round. Jeez

  2. For a 3rd round pick to be cut he must be atrocious.
    Usually you can trade your bust for someone elses bust.
    To be so bad as a 3rd round pick mean you really screwed up as a GM.
    Thats one of the reasons why Mike Maccagnan was fired. Terrible talent evaluation.

  3. @tashan watch him land on the Pats and be a star. Nothing shocks me anymore…..

  4. OR… it was a guy trying to make a point… this was an “ego” cut so to speak. You just don’t cut a guy who was drafted in the 3rd round a couple months before.

  5. Same guy who took Hackenburg in the second round, maybe Gase had a legitimate gripe with him?

  6. I watched the highlights of some of the Jets games, Polite looked like a guy pulled off the street thrown in there, disuised as an NFL player, he looked totally lost and uninvolved on any play

  7. The best players Mike Maccagnan drafted pretty much fell into his lap.

    The rest? He didn’t value the OL very much, and he loved to draft and sign interior DL despite having too many to play together. He gave a big contract to Muhammud Wilkerson despite a lot of red flags behind the scenes, and Wilkerson became a bum after getting big money.

    Other big free agent signings? Johnson the DB that will probably get cut after this year as he has been mostly a bust, a ILB that can’t cover well in space, and then gave huge money to a RB that had no leverage and no other teams interested. And Anthony Barr…sigh.

    Its frustating to cut a 3rd round pick…but…just as soon not keep him and give up a roster spot to someone more deserving, regardless of draft history. Remember when Jets kept an extra safety on the roster because of Rex Ryan, and then cut Danny Woodhead….who became a good offensive player with the Patriots…while the Jets were without any playmakers for a long while.

  8. All that being said, at time of pick us Jets fans were livid about picking another Gator moron

  9. Polite also made some dumb comments at the combine and had to backtrack. My guess is he may have been a good football player in the SEC but the NFL ain’t the SEC–just ask Leonard Fournette.

  10. Tweener with an attitude. To small to use his speed at pro level at 237lbs, beefed up to 250lbs. and speed is gone with not enough power.

  11. I never understood the high praise for this guy before the draft. He was absolutely one of the worst run defenders I’ve ever seen. Had no interest in giving an effort.

  12. lemonphosphate says:
    September 1, 2019 at 4:39 am
    I never understood the high praise for this guy before the draft. He was absolutely one of the worst run defenders I’ve ever seen. Had no interest in giving an effort.

    High praise? if anything he was ripped by all the scouts and evaluators and dropped from a supposed possible first rounder to the third round which was still too high. The Jets and everybody else that gave him consideration where pretty clear on his defects. Jets (MAC – now fired) decided to take a chance. Dumb, but typical decision by the old regime.

  13. murphyjr1031 says:
    August 31, 2019 at 4:09 pm
    I didn’t want him so he can’t play. Typical Gase..not a good coach.

    Gase doesn’t want him because he stinks and can’t play. That was pretty much a universal opinion until Mac (fired GM) drafted him anyway in the hopes everybody was wrong. Guess what? They weren’t.

    Are you claiming he could play well and Gase is the only reason he got cut because that is exactly what I am reading.

    I get the not liking Gase especially for Miami devotees like you, but blaming the guy for doing the right thinkg and trying to cast it as the wrong thing ofr personal reasons sure seems like fantasy land.

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