Keelan Doss, Keith Smith out in Oakland

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The Raiders cut a couple of well-known players on their offense, with wide receiver Keelan Doss and fullback Keith Smith getting the axe.

An undrafted rookie, Doss played very well in the preseason, well enough that some thought he had earned a roster spot. But the Raiders appear to want a more veteran receiving corps, and so he got cut. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him back on the practice squad, if he clears waivers.

Doss got plenty of play on Hard Knocks this season, and he’ll surely be featured in next week’s season finale as well.

Smith played in all 16 games last year, but this year the Raiders have apparently decided there’s not room for him on the 53-man roster.

12 responses to “Keelan Doss, Keith Smith out in Oakland

  1. That’s a head scratcher with the way gruden was talking about him. Come too the jets

  2. Doss really is a surprise and you have to figure he’ll be gone because Hard Knocks.

  3. Eh, not as much of a head scratcher as people think. His rep was he can make the routine catch but biffs the routine too often. He’d be a good PS player for development.

    Also, with Renfrow on the roster, no way they run 2 rookie WR’s.

  4. wouldn’t it make sense for the raiders to try to trade one of the more expensive receivers and keep Doss. They do need draft picks next year –no 2, 3 or 5

  5. How good do they think the receiver corps is if Doss was worth putting on the practice squad?

  6. Can’t believe they cut Doss in hopes that he will clear waivers?!?!?! Good luck with that. SMH

  7. I think Marcel Ateman ate Doss’ roster spot. I liked both of them. I couldn’t figure out why the Raiders were bringing in so many WRs for camp. The WR position was the least of their worries.
    There were a few OL UDFAs who were worth a look. You can never have too many competent OL.

  8. could see the broncos looking at both these players, they need a returner and fullback with janovich injured

  9. It will be interesting to see if Doss is picked up someplace else. It’s fun to cheer for the UDFAs. They good ones are putting their heart and soul into every play, just trying to prove themselves.

    The most recent episode of Hard Knocks was pretty lame – way more rah-rah-stuff & soap opera stuff than football stuff. I have a feeling the finale will be similar.

    The real Hard Knock is having your heart torn out when you’re cut from the team. And it looks like most teams make zero effort to help unsigned players transition to civilian life – not even offering help to write a resume.

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