Vikings cut Laqoun Treadwell as they get to 53

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The Vikings couldn’t find a taker for wide receiver Laquon Treadwell, so they just cut him.

The former first-rounder was among their moves this afternoon to get to the 53-man roster limit.

The Vikings waived the following players: Defensive end Ade Aruna (Injured), wide receiver Jeff Badet, fullback Khari Blasingame, quarterback Jake Browning, linebacker Reshard Cliett, tackle Aviante Collins, defensive tackle Curtis Cothran, wide receiver Davion Davis, linebacker Devante Downs, center Cornelius Edison, running back De’Angelo Henderson, tight end Cole Hikutini, wide receiver Alexander Hollins, cornerback Craig James, defensive end Stacy Keely, center John Keenoy, linebacker Greer Martini, cornerback Nate Meadors, wide receiver Dillon Mitchell ,tackle Storm Norton, defensive tackle Tito Odenigbo, defensive end Anree Saint-Amour, defensive end Karter Schult, quarterback Kyle Sloter, linebacker Cameron Smith, safety Derron Smith, cornerback Duke Thomas, punter/kicker Kaare Vedvik, tackle Nate Wozniak, safety Isaiah Wharton (Injured), and wide receiver Brandon Zylstra.

Cornerback Holton Hill was placed on reserve/suspended, tight end David Morgan on reserve/physically unable to perform, and defensive end Tashawn Bower was placed on reserve/non-football injury.

29 responses to “Vikings cut Laqoun Treadwell as they get to 53

  1. He will ball out on the Raiders (the team this entitled turd wanted to be drafted to from the start)

  2. To me, the surprises here are Aviante Collins, Cameron Smith, and Brandon Zylstra. Collins was injured a lot and I guess they didn’t think Oli Udoh would make it through waivers. Cameron Smith was a 5th-round pick this year so that was a miss, at least at this point. Zylstra was on the team last year but they only kept four WRs. That indicates they’re planning to sign someone who got cut by another team. Aldrick Robinson?

  3. among the cuts-linebacker Cameron Smith: 2019 5th round pick

    That is now FOUR 5th round picks this team has burned in the span of 18 months.
    1. daniel carlson, 2. the trade for Simian, 3. trade for Vedvik, 4. Cameron Smith.

    Bravo, vikings. Bravo.

  4. Not a surprise. Sometimes a change of scenery is all it takes like Cordarrelle Patterson. I beleive he signed a $10 million guaranteed contract, so he is still getting paid this year.

  5. Finally. Ever see Master and commander? Well because of an old wives tale the ship becomes stuck in a calm and believes it is cursed due to an officer and that officer jumps into the ocean eventually after years of torture to the others with his incompetence. Suddenly a Gail force wind arrives & the ship is off again in full glory. That’s the Vikes now that Treadwell is gone. He never wanted to be a Viking. Remember him sulking when the Vikings drafted him with him and his daughter and their heads down. He wanted to be a Raider. Good Riddance finally the Vikings are cleaning up their own back yard. He’ll probably sign on with New England and become TE and be the next Gronk. Because that’s what happens to the purple. Don’t care Kubiak’s here and the ships being righted. Kubiak will bring a SB win. This Vikings team is a mirror of the Broncos team that won the SB.

  6. Here’s what bugs me about the Cameron Smith thing. I looked at the draft tracker during the fifth round last April and saw the Vikings’ pick was coming up. I thought maybe they would draft former Minnesota linebacker Blake Cashman, who was projected to go as high as the third round. Then Spielman traded the pick and Cashman went to the Jets on the very next pick. He traded back into the fifth round and took Smith. Now we’re hearing nothing but great things about Cashman out of Jets camp and Smith gets cut. I’m just a rube who watched my local college football team, but I could see that Cashman was going to be a good contributor to an NFL team. If Spielman wanted a fifth-round linebacker, he was staring him in the face and he decided he wanted the other guy.

    I guess if they’re going to mess up their fifth-round pick every year, they may as well trade it.

  7. I paid attention to the team the whole offseason and watched every snap of the fourth preseason game, and there are still players who were cut that I never heard of.

  8. Fire Spielman, why? So what, we don’t value 5th round picks a lot. So, what does any of this matter, ALL THAT MATTERS IS THE END RESULT. So, get a grip & stop whining about nothing.

  9. Cutting Zylstra was a major league doofus move. All he does is catch the damn ball. If it’s thrown anywhere near him he’s like a Hoover vacuum. He’s going to catch on with some other team, hopefully not in the NFC North, and he’ll be the next Adam Thielen. Dumbass Vikings!

  10. They cut Sloter because Vikings fans would be calling for him instead of Cousins soon. With Mannion at back up they won’t say a word. I think the Vikings made a huge mistake cutting Sloter.

  11. True, Treadwell is a bust, but Spielman and Zimmer are major busts.Nothing like cutting a fifth round draft pick. There are a couple of other surprises which proves Spielman is a failure as a GM. This team looks like a lost cause.

  12. But, But……. all I kept hearing was how good Sloter was…… classic purples. Who gets the blame when you miss the playoffs this year ?

  13. Treadwell doesn’t care. He still gets paid. His comments in the last preseason game about how well he thought he was playing pretty much tells you all you need to know–he’s clueless. I bet he finds some motivation next year when he’s broke.

    Meanwhile, second round pick Michael Thomas…..

  14. Not surprised by any of these cuts. This is a mature roster which is difficult for anyone below a 4th round pick to make. Did it get messy with the kicker and a couple depth players drafted in late round, yes, but sometimes you take a flyer on a guy and he doens’t pan out.

    I’m just ready for some real football now.

  15. Someone call Bus Cook so he can head down to Mississippi and get Brett Favre off his lawn mower and back to Minnesota. Looks like we could have another big QB controversy up the land of 10k ponds!

  16. cheek2vegas says:
    August 31, 2019 at 10:33 pm
    But, But……. all I kept hearing was how good Sloter was…… classic purples. Who gets the blame when you miss the playoffs this year ?
    The entire organization will get the blame. Trust me.

    Most of us won’t come up with an injury excuse like packer fans every year.
    If Cousins gets hurt, it might actually make the team better.
    Sloter will likely be signed to the practice squad.

  17. Sloter. How is it year after year some rubes see a guy play well against other players that will be cut, and they think; “he’s starter material”! First, if you’re still watching the game by the time Sloter plays, you have a problem. It was August. Get outside. Spend time with your family and friends. And stop watching 4th quarters of preseason games and being fooled into thinking third and fourth stringers should be starters.

  18. fmc651 says:
    September 1, 2019 at 12:37 am
    I think cutting Sloter is a huge mistake. Why keep Ameer Abdullah and cut Sloter?

    Because Spielman was a former Detroit Lions personnel guy and also loves Nebraska guys his kid is at Nebraska playing WR. I can live with the sloter decision but the Blasingame cut was the wrong one. KB should have beat out ham but maybe they prefer the home grown guys. Ham etc.

  19. I have been a football and a Vikings fan for decades. I hate to say it, but while this is a good roster. It doesn’t look like a Super Bowl roster to me. The defense is pretty much the same as last year and while they were statistically very good, they couldn’t hold when the game was on the left be. Cousins in the Buffalo game looked like “bad Cousins” from last year and I see no big improvements on a roster that was 8-7-1. Kubiak better be a magician. Because we look strong but not strong enough. I hope I am wrong.

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