Vikings planning to part ways with Kyle Sloter

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There simply wasn’t a slot for Kyle Sloter in Minnesota.

According to Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Vikings will release their third quarterback today if they are unable to trade him.

(Also, attention NFL, if you want Kyle Sloter, call now.)

Sloter played well in the preseason, but the Vikings appear content with just Sean Mannion behind starter Kirk Cousins. They’re also going to cut rookie Jake Browning, with an eye toward bringing him back to the practice squad.

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  1. This makes no sense unless they are trying to avoid a quarterback controversy with him and Cousins. If Cousins struggles, no one will be clamoring for Mannion. I fear this casts some insight into why the Vikings can’t find a franchise quarterback. This kid looked like a winner. Why trade for him if he isn’t good enough to beat out Mannion and will be available for nothing tomorrow?

  2. Sloter’s play on the field was impressive enough to earn the backup job. This just doesn’t look like a smart move. If the Vikings miss the postseason this year, it will be Zimmer and Spielman’s last in Minnesota. The last few weeks this team’s personnel moves look like a circus; a bad one.

  3. @vikingsnorth…..If Kyle Sloter was the best of the 4 QBs, he’d be the starter. People who watch the 3rd and 4th quarters of preseason games and believe that they are seeing professional football haven’t a clue.

  4. Sure, yeah, let’s cut the BEST QUARTERBACK on this team. Great strategy, Zim! We wouldn’t want the fanbase chanting for Sloter to replace Cousins when Cousins INEVITABLY FAILS now would we?

    If you are a vikings fan and cannot identify the REAL problem with this team right now, you’re delusional.

    Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman MUST BE FIRED!

  5. That’s too bad, he had another good pre season! I guess the Vikings must see something that the actual fan doesn’t see!

  6. As a fan, it is extremely disappointing to me to see that there was never really a QB competition. Mannion was the designated back-up from the moment he signed his deal back in March. Sloter outplayed Mannion this preseason, but he gets the axe. Sigh.

  7. This is nothing more than a spite cut !!! Zimmer simply does not want we fans to have an opportunity to Chant ” We want Sloter ” He has never really been given a chance to succeed in Minny. As much as I love my Vikes I hope this kid finds a Home and when he plays against Zimmer I hope he crush’s him !!! Tough Break kid !!!!!

  8. “Playing well against 3rd and 4th stringers isn’t anything.”

    Actually it is when you are playing behind a 3rd and 4th string offensive line and tossing passes to 3rd and 4th string receivers. Those receivers have issues with catching or route running and the line is made up of primarily turnstiles and he was still successful. Making the most out of what you have to work with and being successful IS something.

  9. C’mon man. Sloter looks like he has some promise. All he does is make plays. But they’re probably going to keep 2 kickers…

  10. Denver fan who almost cried when we tried to sneak Sloter onto the practice squad and MN outbid us. I’ve been an NFL fan since 1955 & seen all of QB’s. Sloter was never given a chance by Elway & that idiot VJ while here. All he did was ball out while in a game and I also saw a ton of practice sessions both years he was here. Every preseaon he was a top 10 QB period.

  11. Zimmer tried to prepare fans for this move when he rattled off the laundry list of things that Sloter doesn’t do well. From all accounts by media members who attend practice, Sloter just isn’t good. Sure, he looks great in the games when he’s playing with and against scrubs, but when he gets a chance in practice to play with and against the starters, he can’t get it done. Sean Mannion is clearly more prepared to be the backup quarterback. Why would the Vikings not give Sloter a fair shot at replacing him? Sloter is in his third year here and Mannion just got here. They don’t owe Mannion anything and there’s no reason for them to dislike Sloter. Face the fact that Mannion is just better. And if you’re one of the people saying Sloter is better than Cousins, just stop commenting here because you add nothing to the discussion. The people who are upset about Sloter being cut probably still think Gino Torretta would have led them to a Super Bowl.

  12. Are you Barneys insane?!?
    No GM, or Head Coach for that matter, is going to cut a player they know has the ability to help a team win, no matter what kind of controversy or fan chants they want to avoid.
    It’s a silly argument in the first place, and it’s quite counterproductive to the very thing that may help them keep their jobs.

    And with this team facing just two more seasons with Cousins as the starter, it’s imperative of them to begin collecting as much Quarterback talent as they can find. Today.

    The fact of the matter is, the GM and coaching staff has a large body of work, countless practices and drills to evaluate a player’s overall talent, which is far more conclusive than a handful of game time snaps against 3rd and 4th stringers. Who a majority of which, won’t even be around much longer than today.

    But, then again, I’ve seen this GM and Head Coach make quite a few boneheaded decisions over the last 5 years or so.
    Maybe you guys are right after all. Maybe.

  13. All he did was move the team when he was in. Spielman has lost it, or he must have spoke up against Zimmer, this team is headed for an internal rupture. This makes NO sense.

  14. Seriously people, how many times have we seen a third stringer look good and amount to nothing in the long run. Remember how much everyone loved Taylor Heinicke a couple of years ago? Yeah, he didn’t even make it as a third stringer for the Panthers.

  15. This team has a history of letting good QBs go—going all the way back to Joe Kapp. Brad Johnson moved on to Tampa Bay and won a Super Bowl. Rich Gannon moved on to Oakland and lead them to the Super Bowl. I believe Wade Wilson won a Super Bowl albeit as a back up with the Cowboys.

    I’ve read the opposing posts on this forum that Sloter is playing against 3rd and 4th string competition. Well, he’s done pretty darn good against them. Plus, he’s playing with 3rd and 4th string on his side of the ball as well. And, all he’s done is look super every opportunity given him. I wish him well and look forward to watching him in the Super Bowl while my Vikings will be sitting on their butts at home watching as well.

    To the negative posts about evaluating all aspects of his game—-the only thing that matters is how you play during the game. If you look wonderful in practice but stink it up on Sunday you’re not going to be playing for long in this league. What all of us have seen is a guy that gets the job done every time he steps on the field. He has got the “it” factor that Cousins and Mannion only wish they had.

  16. And another thing. The teams Sloter is playing against during the preseason aren’t exactly throwing the kitchen sink at him. These are vanilla defenses being run by players who only get their names on PFT today, because they got cut. I understand the Vikings haven’t had a lot of luck at quarterback the last 40 years or so, but the answer isn’t a former wide receiver who failed to impress the coaching staff over the course of two years.

  17. He was in fairly early a couple times and there were 1st and 2nd stringer in there, and other thimes he looked good remember he was facing and playing other reserves too. Mannion just didn’t impress me when he was in. I think Sloter is the best prospect they have had vor development but we all know Zimmer thinks defense first, and that is why this team will never win deep into the playoffs.

  18. I can’t for the life of me understand why Kyle Slater was cut. The Vikings must know something the public does not. He is the only QB who put a spark in the Viking offense. He is mobile and has performed brilliantly in the pre season. In any event I hope some other team picks him up and gives him a chance to start.

  19. Anybody thinking this is a good move is just trying to fool themselves to try to feel better or tow the company line. This is epic stupidity. We kept 5 RB’s instead of Sloter. Clueless.

  20. I am sorry I just don’t get the vikings, if a player has a bad day or two they close the door on him. Instead of investing one on one time they just cut them. All you need to do is look back and you will see.. Last year they waste a draft pick on a kicker and he has a horrible game.. so instead f working with him they cut him, now he has settled down with another team and is doing very well. Patterson was used wrong for his talent so instead of using him to his strengths they cut him.. Now he has a Super Bowl ring! Minnesota either needs to improve their player evaluations OR replace the scouts!! OR COACHES! You cannot go on wasting resources and expect to win.

  21. Sloter reminds me of Case Keenum who took us to a game short of the Superbowl. Zimmer didn’t like, or support Case either.
    I am quite angry. Sloter was the best of all other pre-season QB’s and for us fans, the most exciting player…
    Viks ignor what us fans, who pay the bills in the end, gets shafted again…

    I guess they don’t want us to win this year as you all know, these games are all FIX anyway…..

  22. If you even allow yourself to get excited for a preseason game you’re really not much of a fan.

    SamaritanElad says:

    September 1, 2019 at 3:16 am

    Sloter reminds me of Case Keenum who took us to a game short of the Superbowl. Zimmer didn’t like, or support Case either.
    I am quite angry. Sloter was the best of all other pre-season QB’s and for us fans, the most exciting player…
    Viks ignor what us fans, who pay the bills in the end, gets shafted again…

    I guess they don’t want us to win this year as you all know, these games are all FIX anyway…..

  23. I am deeply disappointed in this move. I have read everyone’s comments, and I agree wholeheartedly with many of them. Cutting Kyle Sloter is the second biggest mistake this team made in years- the first was giving an unproven Kirk Cousins a boatload of money for marginal play. Sloter is a winner when he is in the game. He doesn’t bitch about poor blocking, or act like it is other people’s fault if he doesn’t score. I also think this move is more of a precaution– when Kirk Cousins stinks it up for another year, Zimmer didn’t want the fan base chanting for Sloter to go into the game. Why? I have no freaking clue. The kid has earned the right to be the backup QB, and has outplayed Mannion. There is absolutely no logic to this move. It is because of these kinds of bonehead moves the past few years that I am actually rather apathetic about the Vikings. This is after being a diehard fan for over 40 years. I think Zimmer enjoys running this team into the ground. I expect another 8-8 season, and that is only if the Vikings defense plays up to their abilities.

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