Vikings waive Kaare Vedvik

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The Vikings sent a fifth-round pick to the Ravens a few weeks ago to acquire kicker/punter Kaare Vedvik.

That is not looking like a very bright decision on Saturday. Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports that the Vikings have waived Vedvik.

Kicker Dan Bailey and punter Matt Wile were both on the roster when the Vikings traded for Vedvik and remain on the 53-man roster on Saturday.

Vedvik missed three field goals in his two preseason appearances for the Vikings and one of his punts was returned for a touchdown during the team’s final preseason outing.

Pelissero adds that a return to the practice squad could be in the cards for Vedvik, who performed well for the Ravens last year and prior to the trade this year. He’s subject to waivers, although his work for the Vikings may not leave many teams clamoring to see if the last few weeks were just a blip.

34 responses to “Vikings waive Kaare Vedvik

  1. Bills have a pretty good backup, Chase Mclaughlin, trade for him or wait for his release Vikes

  2. Spielman the GM should be slapped up-side the head. And Zimmer should not be allowed anywhere near a kicker, AND be banned from ever speaking about one as well.

  3. That’s the decision the Vikings have to make. At least they didn’t compound their misfortune by stubbornly refusing to admit it went horribly wrong. I feel for Vedvik, he’s clearly shown he has the ability and Baltimore certainly thought highly enough of him to get a 5th rounder for him, but those bad performances came at the worst time for him and the Vikings. I really hope he can pick himself up from this, or whether that trade turned him into another Roberto Aguayo.

  4. Could he have sucked this bad on purpose because he didn’t want to live in Minnesota? I’m not throwing shade on the state, I live here. Just maybe he didn’t like the climate or something.

  5. That’s the risk you take…..unfortunately this one was big and didn’t pan out. Hopefully this doesn’t bite the Vikings in the butt!

  6. You can’t fault Spielman for this. If you’re not at least trying to get better, you’re getting worse- no matter what position group we’re talking about.

    I’d imagine Ficken will end up in Chicago. He showed well in Green Bay, going pretty much kick-for-kick with Crosby.

  7. I was in favor of the trade for Vedvik when it was made because Bailey at the time was having trouble making his kicks. Vedvik shows up and suddenly Bailey finds his groove, and Vedvik looses his.

    Cutting him is, unfortunately, the right move. He just didn’t prove himself reliable enough to keep around.

  8. This isn’t a game-changer for me, because he wasn’t a game-changer. You win some, you lose some. His mechanics are off, or something. You can’t teach strong leg. Somebody will fix him, maybe Vikings practice squad (?)

  9. Has YOUR team ever drafted someone in the Top 5 Rounds and then subsequently cut them? Idiotic people mock this chain of events, but they are just that. A few thousand times, teams draft players or trade for them, only to discover those players either lacked the skills or the mental toughness, or were a bad organizational fit. Vedvik suddenly got the yips. That is no one’s fault but his. Spielman at least makes some gambles. I guess yor favorite team’s GM is batting 1000% for his career. God for you, and him. Not everyone is perfect. Pansies gloat. Look in the mirror and check yourself.

  10. Hate to tell all you critics and so called “former vikings fans”… But EVERYONE was raving about this guy and 5 teams were after him.
    So let’s walk back the “this was a moronic move” drivel. Give it a rest. The guy had not missed for Baltimore and has a tremendous leg.

    This looked like a good trade. They had NO WAY of knowing he would turn into a choke.

  11. > EVERYONE was raving about this guy and 5 teams were after him.
    > So let’s walk back the “this was a moronic move” drivel. Give it a rest. The guy had not
    > missed for Baltimore and has a tremendous leg.
    > This looked like a good trade. They had NO WAY of knowing he would turn into a choke.

    It’s practically the team motto.

  12. 2 notorious Packer fans on here are the voice of reason. Good lord. The apocalypse is coming. Serious though, why are so many of you going off the deep end on this one?

  13. O my….what waste of a draft pick to acquire a guy who gets cut weeks later. So careless….so Vikings

  14. If a team picks him up off waivers they need to give up a roster spot for him. Doubt any team will do that. Watch the Bears get him and he nails everything.

    This is a blessing in disguise because before the Vikings traded a 5th for Vedvek Bailey was missing everything and didn’t have a care in the world like a stroll through the park, we’ll get it right. After Vedvek suddenly Bailey starts drilling em right down the middle from 50 plus half way up the goalpost. Same with Wylie. Now his punts are being booted and also with some touch inside the 10.

    I’m glad the Vikes bit the bullet and pulled the pin but his arrival made the current 2 kickers realize perform well or you’re gone. Based on how they played the last 2 weeks it worked. So it was worth the pick in my opinion.

  15. Not too many teams have ever cut this year’s fifth-round pick and next year’s fifth-round pick on the same day. Hopefully, they both get to the practice squad and make the team next year.

  16. Big deal.
    So the Vikings deal away a future draft pick that they end up cutting today.
    It’s not like they were going to get that pick to the podium on time anyway.

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