What’s next for LeSean McCoy?

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Cut by the Bills, running back LeSean McCoy becomes a free agent for the first time in his career. So what happens now?

The Texans presumably will call, quickly. Last Saturday, they lost Lamar Miller for the year to a torn ACL.

But there could be interest elsewhere. Although the Eagles have a crowded house in the backfield, there’s been a sense that they’re trying to get the post-Chip Kelly band back together in Philly, with DeSean Jackson back in the fold.

Another team to watch could be the Chiefs, where the man who drafted McCoy is the head coach — and where the team may or may not be all in with Damien Williams, who took over after the release of Kareem Hunt.

The Andy Reid connection could get Jon Gruden interested in Oakland, where McCoy could complement rookie Josh Jacobs. Or maybe the Chargers, where Melvin Gordon is holding out.

Or maybe the Cowboys, who have put all eggs in the Tony Pollard basket. A few weeks back, Charean Williams mentioned McCoy as a possible trade target for the Cowboys. Now, they can get him with no compensation to any other team.

Another option for McCoy would be to wait. Eventually, someone else will be injured. And that player’s team will then want to land a guy like McCoy.

Bottom line? There will be some demand for McCoy, but there should be a caveat: 514 yards and 3.2 yards per carry in 14 games played last year.

35 responses to “What’s next for LeSean McCoy?

  1. Since Damien Williams was never a bell cow and Shady has plenty of experience in Andy Reid’s system, it seems like a no-brainer to bring him to KC and work him into the committee approach Reid was describing earlier this summer.

  2. Considering their QB was their primary runner last year and the focus of the offense, he should be in prime shape and ready to hook on with a good team.

  3. Many options for Shady in a supporting role & will be effective. If I were him Chiefs or Chargers although I am sure his Philly roots will be in the picture. Anywhere but the Pats please!

  4. The 514 yards in 14 games is troubling but you also have ti remember the way Buffalo absolutely sabotaged their passing game by decuding to start the seasin with 5 int in a half Nathan Peterman and when that obviously blew up in their face they had to stick a rookie QB out there who people admitted was somewhat of a project as a passer. And while Josh Allen did the best he could and flashed some talent in a few games I still remember him making more plays with his feet than arm. In shirt no ine respected Buffalo’s passing game and teed off on their running game.

  5. Houston makes the most sense to me if he wants to start, if he doesn’t then he really could go anywhere he wants.

  6. KC makes a lot of sense, but could they do that with the PR issues they’ve had and the fiasco McCoy had with his child’s mother? However, Reid uses his backs he drafts better than anyone, something I think Cleveland and others are going to find out about Hunt away from his system.

  7. Beane is drunk off his own and the Pegula kool aid. What makes 36 year old Frank Gore and TJ Yeldon better back ups to Singletary. I see a lot of Bills fans talking about the OL as an excuse for Allen but what about McCoy? looks like he still had his legs this preseason behind an improved OL. Trading Teller because you have faith in Spencer Long and Ryan Bates after 3 preseason games is questionable too.

  8. slimglynn says:
    August 31, 2019 at 11:12 am
    Cowboys + McCoy = Superbowl! ZEKE WHO?

    Let’s hope the Cowboys are in the Super Bowl. It will guarantee a 7th ring for New England

  9. He’ll get a 1 year prove it deal for 2-3 million most likely. Have to be nuts to give him more than that after the season he had last year.

  10. He would THRIVE behind dallas oline. He would play here for less money just so he could run behind this oline and be on a championship caliber team.
    Thus being said I dont see him here unless we cut Morris. Zeke & Shady would be scary for any team to face.

  11. Sure he could wait longer until another team loses someone to injury. He’d have leverage to get more $$ maybe. But he’ll have far few choices if he waits long or after week 1. Now he can choose from playoff contenders such as the Chiefs or Texans. After playing a few years in Buffalo he’s going to want some time to shine in the postseason. He’s not young & the clock is ticking on how much productivity he has left in his legs, etc. I wonder if the Rams are considering him as a nice backup to TG.

  12. Houston would be his best landing spot because Duke Johnson is NOT a 3 down back like the Texans claim he is. He likely would have a bigger role there than anywhere else. KC has Carlos Hyde backing up Williams. Eagles are not in the picture as they are loaded with Howard/Sanders/Clement/Sproles.

    Also it doesn’t look good when the team all offseason says you are their guy and then cut you…and keep 36 year old Frank Gore.

  13. he be better off in the xfl at this point in his career. the guy is a known loser so not alot he can bring to the table other than fumbles

  14. What’s next? Retirement. He is egotistical, declining athletically, and if things arent going well he plays intentionally awful out of protest. His yards per carry couldve been about .5 yerds greater last year if he’d just hit gaps and ran, his oline were awful but Marcus Murphy and Chris Ivory both figured out how to get better yardage than him.

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