DeShone Kizer to Raiders

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Yesterday the Raiders kept three quarterbacks on their active roster. Today they’ve added a fourth.

DeShone Kizer, waived by the Packers on Saturday, was claimed by the Raiders on Sunday.

Presumably that means one of the backups kept on the Raiders’ initial 53-man roster, Mike Glennon or Nathan Peterman, is on the way out.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden, then an ESPN analyst, interviewed Kizer for a pre-draft feature in 2017 and said at the time that he didn’t think Kizer was worth a first-round draft pick.

“I did like his obvious size and the strength of his arm is impressive,” Gruden said of Kizer. “Would I use a first round pick on him? Probably not. I don’t think the body of work is complete. There are some things that he’s got to resolve in terms of end-of-game situations, winning, there’s some things he’s still a little rough around the edges. From a talent standpoint he’s got a lot of ability. He’s athletic, he’s tough and he’s got a cannon for an arm. I do think I would probably have a hard time taking him in the first round this year.”

Now Gruden likes Kizer enough to think he’s worth a roster spot, as one of the backups behind Derek Carr.

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  1. Shades of times past in Tampa Bay with Gruden when he had more QB’s than two teams total.

  2. Gruden said he didn’t think he was a first round pick he didn’t say he wasn’t NFL material so I don’t understand the basis of this article. Oh that’s right it’s just another shot at Gruden right my bad

  3. Carr is on the way out. Chucky is not just looking for a backup, he is looking for Carr’s eventual replacement if he does not improve his sub-500 winning record. I heard many sports fans call in to talk show radio and they think that Carr is a better QB than Jimmy G, but then they start making all kinds of excuses for his poor winning record, like injuries, less talented offensive line, many different offensive coordinators and so forth. A quarterback’s job is to win. Period. Full Stop. No Excuses.

  4. Say huh? Gruden can’t you just collect trading cards instead of the actual players themselves?! Pretty sure I know what he’s doing, perpetually playing the game of chess and collecting as many QBs along the way.

  5. I watched every game Kizer played for the Packers. He might have the arm, but his accuracy and decision making are suspect. He can also run, but he does that a little too much. But for me, I just don’t enjoy watching the guy play. He’s not exciting somehow. Boyle kind of stands in the pocket too much, but, oh well. Hope we don’t need either one.

  6. As a Browns fan, i watched each of Kizer’s starts. He does have size, athletic ability, and a strong arm. The issues were Hue Jackson, Hue Jackson asking him to throw deep on too many times, no support from run game, and inadequate WRs. He has potential, just needs to throw with more accurately and not panic…forgot the goal line keeper from the 5 yard line. Ouch! I thought his time in GB would serve him well.

    Gruden like every QB…Johnny too. Or anyone not on his roster. He bailed on McCarron quickly and Hue was willing to give up 2 2nd round picks for McCarron.

  7. Chucky is always looking for QB’s. They don’t even had to be good QB. Gruden just likes kicking the tires on QB’s. He did just that at Tampa Bay. He’s never quite satisfied at the QB position. It’s Gruden being Gruden.

  8. Kizer will never be able to adapt to professional football. He is physically capable, but it seems he is not mentally capable. Dude looked to be able to start somewhere when he left college. He has proven he can’t even be a backup in the NFL. Good luck to the dude. He seems like a stand up cat.

  9. He tossed 22 interceptions in 15 games. He was oft pulled from nd games for interceptions and dumb decisions. Just how good do people think he can be.

  10. I’ll say this much, Kizer’s size and arm strength is what gets every OC excited about this kid.
    But when it comes to decision making and accuracy he can be downright terrible.
    And his consistency is critically frustrating, making a beautiful throw one snap, but completely missing an easy screen on the next.

    But, keep in mind, he’s very young and he did himself a disservice leaving school early.
    Getting drafted by Cleveland didn’t help matters any either, as they started an ill prepared QB with almost no resources to lean on.
    3 OCs in 3 years, what Kizer needs is a little stability and room to grow.

    I honestly believe the Packers would have liked to have worked with him a little more, but it became a numbers game.
    The Raiders are up next, maybe they can figure him out.
    Hopefully, they can afford the time.

  11. Didn’t Chucky have 5 or 6 QBs in training camp every year that he loved when he coached in Tampa? and he loved all of them?

    He collects QBs like no one else.

  12. you cant compare this to tampa, in tampa he was looking for a starter. so yeah he brought it tons of QBs hoping somebody would stand out and take the job. although i dont agree with the kizer signing, i think he is doing this to push glennon and peterman to force one of them to take the reigns and grab that backup job.

    dont forget last year before the season he cut both backups and brought in AJ McCaron out of know where because both backups failed.

  13. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    March 9, 2018 at 7:43 pm
    This was one of the moves we suggested to GMGutey. Kizer is the most exciting young QB in the league. We needed to re-do cornerback position. Stay tuned to see how we do it. It will be EXCITING

    Pay attention to the Packer fans. They know what they are talking about.

  14. californianewton says:
    September 1, 2019 at 1:32 pm
    Carr is on the way out. Chucky is not just looking for a backup, he is looking for Carr’s eventual replacement…

    A quarterback’s job is to win. Period. Full Stop. No Excuses.

    And so they brought in Kizer?

    Ha ha…..


  15. Personally, I think it was a blunder on the Raiders’ part to waive Keelan Doss. Four freaking quarterbacks??? What on earth would make them think Kizer has any potential?

  16. Keep picking up those losing qb’s off waivers is a great way to build a team. Raiders like many other teams out there better hope there starting qb does not go down!

  17. Are the Raiders really that good that they can use 4 roster spots on QBs , Mayock can’t be okay with this! And it’s not like this collection of QBs amounts to anything !

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