Jachai Polite was fined more than $100,000 during his time with the Jets

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So why did the Jets cut the cord on 2019 third-round draft pick Jachai Polite? While his on-field performance surely was a factor, disciplinary issues apparently came into play.

Per a league source, Polite was fined more than $100,000 for tardiness and other issues regarding doing things he shouldn’t have done or not doing things he should have been doing.

It’s not that Polite can’t afford to pay the fines. As the fourth pick in round three, he received a $1.122 million signing bonus from the Jets.

Unclaimed on waivers, Polite now will have a chance to prove himself as a member of the Seahawks’ practice squad.

15 responses to “Jachai Polite was fined more than $100,000 during his time with the Jets

  1. One of the reasons why Maccagnan was fired. Thank God we have Joe Douglas now. He was the most coveted NFL exec that was not a GM before we hired him

  2. The really sad part is this kid claims his motivation to succeed in the NFL is so his mom, who works three jobs, can retire. Beyond the $100,000 in fines he also went from making $750,000 a year to making maybe $100,000-$150,000. So this kid’s lack of effort and adherence to the rules has already cost him around $750,000, plenty of money for his mom to retire. That doesn’t even include the $10 million he lost slipping into the 3rd round.

  3. Can afford it? Polite was paid that money in the state of NJ. Figure he loses well over half to taxes, 10% to his agent. Gave 76% to his posse.

    Dude is already broke but doesn’t know it yet.

  4. So be sure to ask Geno about his locker room time with the Jets.
    But don’t loan any money to Geno.

  5. Sounds like a certified bird brain. I seem to remember in the draft the word was that the kid potentially could be a problem child. Hopefully Pete can straighten him out. Hate to see his opportunity completely squandered.

  6. Adam Gase has a policy that if your not 15 minutes early, then you’re late.
    He also has a tendency to try and bully some players. It may not all be on Polite!

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