Report: Texans, Seahawks agreed to split Jadeveon Clowney’s 2019 pay

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If you thought the Texans got fleeced yesterday, you haven’t heard the whole story.

Not only did Houston give Jadeveon Clowney to Seattle and receive only two backups and a third-round draft pick, but Houston is also giving Clowney $7 million.

As part of the Seahawks-Texans trade, Clowney’s pay this season won’t be the usual $15.967 million base salary that comes with the franchise tender. Instead, it will be a $7 million signing bonus paid by the Texans, followed by an $8 million base salary paid by the Seahawks. Schefter also reports that the Seahawks agreed not to franchise Clowney next year.

That’s a bizarre concession from Texans coach Bill O’Brien, who now makes the personnel decisions. It would be one thing to move on from Clowney because you want to save the cap space for other players. It’s quite another thing to move on from Clowney and take a $7 million cap hit in the process.

O’Brien’s pair of highly unorthodox moves yesterday — trading Clowney and giving up two first-round picks and a second-round pick to acquire Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills — put his job on the line. O’Brien has to win, and win now.

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  1. At what point does the NFL step in and save the Texans from themselves?

    You see someone drowning, you throw them a life jacket.

    Bill O’Brian will never get another job in the NFL that allows him to made decisions.

  2. Now you know why the Texans wanted Nick Casserio so bad, and why they totally screwed up their tampering efforts – for two consecutive years.

  3. This is on the owner as much as HC. The owner has the power to stop all of Bill’s madness and the power to hire a GM. But he is sitting back letting a guy destroy our team

  4. Look at it this way, given they have no draft picks no coach would want the job if they fire O’Brien

  5. If I didn’t know any better (and I don’t), it looks like sabotage.

    Or O’Brien is angling to be the next OC of the Seahawks.
    Or both..

  6. Thank you Bill O’Brien from a Seahawks fan. Hawks get a all pro defender for $8 million and a low round pick. What am I missing here? Since Seahawks have no backup QB maybe O’Brien can fire sale Watson? Perhaps a third round pick?

  7. I can see trading Clowney rather then paying him like a Khalil Mack. As talented as I think he is and I do think he plays at a probowl level….I view him as an underachiever without the same relentless motor as a Mack. What I don’t understand is giving away $8 million to trade Clowney. You mean to tell me there were no other team willing to trade for Clowney straight up without the Texans giving away $8 million?

    Some coaches should never be given GM powers. In fact MOST coaches should never be given this power.

  8. Wouldn’t the Texans have been better off cutting him? They basically got nothing in trade and then paid the guy 7 million. It tells a tale about Clowney. A team willing to pay 7 million to get rid of a guy? Clowney must be a huge problem in the locker room

  9. Happiest coach and GM are Gruden/Mayock right now. For a minute the spotlight is off of them and their incompetence in personnel decisions. If they don’t win at least one playoff game he is gone and the next coach will be out those picks. This screams of desperation.

  10. I don’t usually hop on the fleeced train but John Schneider pulled of something amazing in this one. I don’t even know how you get another team to pay half the salary.

    Its crazy he has never won GM of the year before. Even when he drafted Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson all in the same draft he lost those honours to Grigson who is now his coffee boy here in Seattle.

  11. By looking at how Flores is working rebuilding the Dolphins compared with O’Brian’s destruction of the Texans we can see which branch of the Belichick’s coaching tree is the strongest…

  12. Hawks have one of the better Olines and special teams in the NFL. Best rushing game. Top 5 QB. Best linebackers, and now possibly one of the best Dlines.

    Receivers are a concern – didn’t understand Brown release – and secondary still growing.

    Hawks are in contention this year.

  13. Typically over-reaction. Clowney was likely going to hold out until game 10 and be what the media asked every player about every week. Texans had no leverage. Yesterday they dumped a distraction got a 3rd and few players. Maybe Mingo develops maybe he doesn’t Bottom line is Texans upgraded their offensive line with a top 5 LT and grabbed a few role players with some upside as well as getting a veteran RB. They are better today then they were yesterday. Keeping Watson healthy with a good o-line is more vital to their future then most anything else. Remember David Carr…Good Day for the Texans for 2019.
    If you are more worried about the 2020 season maybe you aren’t a real fan.

  14. carloswlassiter says:
    September 1, 2019 at 10:19 am
    The moment Clowney announced that he only wanted to play for Seattle or Philadelphia, or he would hold out instead, the Texans had no leverage and lousy options.


    Keep in mind they still had the option to pay him to play for them for one more year and get a comp 3rd pick when he leaves.

    Now they are paying him 7 mill to play for another team for a 3rd round pick which the other team will recoup at a minimum next year. Odds are Seattle franchises him and get’s a 1st + for him. This is an O’Brien getting fleeced special.

    All of this happened because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut for 2 more days and let Clowney report before working out a trade. If Clowney had signed first, what Clowney wanted would not have been as much of an issue.

    Self-inflicted. Overmatched as a coach but his GMing skills make his coaching look competent.

  15. This reminds me of the year Josh McDaniels traded Jay Cutler for Kyle Orton and Brandon Marshall for a 2nd round pick while he was still in the prime.

    There’s no way Billy survives this… 2 first rounders and 2nd for a left tackle..🥴🤦🏾‍♂️

  16. I don’t understand, couldn’t Houston have just rescinded the Franchise Tag and allowed Clowney to sign with another team . . . thereby accruing a third round compensatory pick in the 2020 draft? Wouldn’t that have been better than paying $7 million for the Seahawk’s 3rd round pick, a player most likely that could have been signed after the Seahawks final cut and a backup player that might or might not have fit their defensive scheme?

    I am shocked by all of these moves . . . two first round picks and a second round pick for a LT who is good but by far not the best LT in the NFL . . . and with that bounty they are surely going to have to give him a contract that is probably the highest paid O-Lineman in the league!!!

  17. O’Brien worked for Belichick in NE and closely observed him. I closely watched a Phil Mikelson short game video, then played golf. I got mad when my flop shot went into the trap and my friend said, “Well, you may have watched the video but you’re not Phil Mikelson.”

  18. Nick Casserio first job as new GM for the Texans next year will be to Fire Bill O’Brien. Not just as GM, but as coach also.

    I remember when the Texans had a slim lead vs the patriots late in the 4th quarter and opted to kick a field goal rather than go for it on 4th and short. The points did not push the lead past 7 pts, so the patriots would still win with a TD. Sure enough, Brady takes the ball and drives down the field for the winning TD.

    If the Texans had gotten the first down, they could have scored or possibly run out most of the clock. Basically the FG didn’t given them enough pts nor did it take much time off the clock–so it was dumb choice.

    I knew at that point O’Brien was a second rate coach, as his in game management is highly suspect.

  19. 1andDone says:
    If I didn’t know any better (and I don’t), it looks like sabotage.

    Or O’Brien is angling to be the next OC of the Seahawks.
    Or both..
    We led the NFL in rushing last season and averaged 30 points a game in the 2nd half. We’re good.

  20. Wow! This fleecing is getting better and better. The Hawks have stolen from the Texans now twice in three years. Texans owner called his no-GM approach “flatter management.” Well, they definitely flattered Hawks GM John Schneider by giving him a very nice gift that now includes $7 million.

  21. They couldn’t trade Clowney in May so they Franchised Tagged him at lower salary LB and made the best deal possible. All things considered they did what needed to be done for this very tough schedule starting with MNF in the Big Easy. Whether it is Westbrook with Rockets or Clowney with Texans dumping on Houston nothing new. This has the potential to be best team in their short history. If you don’t like it pick another team and dog them. Go Texans!!!

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