Brian Hoyer visiting Colts

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn’t rule out bringing back Brian Hoyer, but he’s going to have competition.

According to Jim Ayello of the Indianapolis Star, the Colts brought Hoyer in for a visit last night.

That would give the Colts an all-Patriots-discard depth chart at quarterback, as Jacoby Brissett is the only other passer on the active roster at the moment.

Hoyer, 34, was deemed expendable in New England after a solid preseason by rookie Jarrett Stidham. The Colts clearly have a need, and not just because you need two on the roster.

General Manager Chris Ballard pointed to the example of Nick Foles and the Eagles as all the evidence teams need to have a competent backup.

“Nick Foles comes in and the [Eagles] win the Super Bowl,” Ballard said. “That can be the difference, when you have a good backup when your starter goes down, between you getting in the playoffs, one, two, three, four wins that he might have to play and that could be the difference of 1.) You getting home field advantage or 2.) Just getting in the playoffs. So having a competent backup is critical, and that’s why Jacoby is where he’s at.”

And he might have some company soon.

2 responses to “Brian Hoyer visiting Colts

  1. Signing Brian Hoyer makes a ton of sense for the Colts. The Colts don’t know how durable Brissett is & if god forbid he gets hurt & has to miss a few games a guy like Hoyer could step right in and keep them competitive, even win some games for them. If i’m Chris Ballard i’d definitely bring Hoyer in as insurance behind Brissett.

  2. It’s no shame being Brady’s backup, and Hoyer was 10-6 (across to 2 seasons) as a starter in Cleveland. And 16-21 career, 83.4 rating, despite being pushed around and having to step up and cope in five other teams’ troubled/dumpster times. By comparison, Eli & Flacco are 84.1 despite (until now) having the benefit of a starter’s role and often decent teams around them.
    Pats D also credit Hoyer with scouting & deciphering Rams offense for that SB smothering.

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