Colts pay for Brian Hoyer’s brain as much as for his brawn

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The rivalry really is back on.

With the Patriots dumping quarterback Brian Hoyer and not closing the door on bringing him back, the Colts have pounced.

Indianapolis has added Hoyer via a three-year $12 million deal. Per a source with knowledge of the terms, $7 million is fully guaranteed at signing. The other $2 million reflects an injury guarantee in 2020. Hoyer also can earn $1 million in incentives.

The Patriots quickly re-acquired Hoyer in 2017, after trading Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers. He served as the backup for the balance of that season and all of 2018. And he drew praise for his role in helping prepare the Patriots to face various opponents by his running of the scout team.

Hoyer’s knowledge of the Kyle Shanahan offense (which is used by Rams coach Sean McVay) came in handy in Super Bowl LIII, which helped the Patriots realize that the Rams “don’t have an answer for all-out pressure.”

His experiences and recall will come in handy this season for the Colts, even though the rivalry with the Patriots won’t be renewed until the playoffs, if both teams make it there. Along the way, Hoyer will have a chance to help guide Chad Kelly on the right path when he returns from a two-game suspension.

And it’s now clear that, when Kelly returns, he’ll likely be No. 3 behind Jacoby Brissett and Hoyer.

23 responses to “Colts pay for Brian Hoyer’s brain as much as for his brawn

  1. “The rivalry really is back on.”

    Yeah no.

    Pats would never have paid Hoyer anywhere close to that much and are satisfied with Stidham as backup.

    Colts remain a lower tier team with virtually no chance to get to or win the Super Bowl. Pats would crush them as usual if by some miracle the Colts make the playoffs.

  2. TB is as durable as they come but Hoyer is the better choice to drive a championship team to the finish line if TB were to go down. BB was likely to bring him back for less but the Colts called his hand.

  3. Belichick insured that Hoyer will get a job by saying the door is open for Hoyer to come back to the Pats. After all Hoyer has been a good Patriot. BB did a good deed.

  4. “rivalry with the Patriots”

    Ha! “Rivalry” with the Colts is the Colts haven’t beaten the Pats in a looong time. getting slaughtered in playoff games, and so pathetic in games that they have to complain to the NFL, starting the “Deflategate” junk, even though the Pats killed them in the second half, after balls were proper. Thanks Colts, for making Brady mad at the attempt to ruin his reputation, and sparking a QB run which is unprecedented- and oh yeah, Pat’s are still winning, while you are going into the season with Jacoby Brisset.

    Any team would love to have a “rivalry” like that!

  5. As a Pats fan happy for Hoyer. With Luck’s retirement the Colts had enough cap space. Don’t think the Broncos or Packers would have given him that kind of money. Being in BB’s good books certainly helps.

  6. Yep, Pats D say Hoyer’s help was critical. Not just telling them but running Ram-style plays for them to practice against. It was Hoyer, not BB apparently, who first noticed McVay had copied Shanahan almost verbatim – as it was the same offense Shanahan had taught Hoyer!

  7. As a Yankees fan, I always considered the Red Sox a rival, well before 2004. And the Yankees owned that team.

    It’s more fun to have rivals. Pats fans always ridicule the idea that they have any, but I think most football fans see the Colts and Pats as a rivalry. It’s been one-sided recently, but that doesn’t mean it’s niot one.

    Colts put a great team together this year. Even with the Luck setback, they should still be contenders.

  8. As someone called out, there is a rivalry with the Colts. While the Jets or Dolphins inter-division rivalry is bigger, the Colts are still rivals.

    For the longest time the Sox rivalry with the Yankees was like the rivalry between the hammer and a nail. That has changed over the last two decades but it is still a big rivalry.

    The rivalry with the Colts was stoked by the Brady-Manning legendary battles but since has been fueled by memories by the Colts hand in Deflategate. The rivalry is much like the hammer and the nail right now. Unlike the Sox and Yankees rivalry, I hope it never changes. I hope the Pats continue to pound that nail into eternity!

  9. Perhaps the Colts called the bluff on themselves and all of the blind faith they put in Brissett. Hoyer is an insurance plan if/when Brissett gets exposed as being a low tier starter/high end back up QB.

  10. “… even though the rivalry with the Patriots won’t be renewed until the playoffs, if both teams make it there …”
    if BOTH teams make it? Well, we know one team is making it, not too sure about the other.

  11. Waste of money.
    Go with Brissett, if he’s not the guy, draft a QB and scrounge up a back up.
    Or is teh plan to have Hoyer start in 2020 while the new QB sits for half the year?

  12. The rivalry really is back on.
    a bit of hyperbole is expected in the sports blogosphere, but surely no one actually believes the clots constitute a rival to the patriots?! good for hoyer though, best of all worlds, a good gets jackpot for past services rendered to the Dynasty and not a cent comes out of patriots cap.

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