Delanie Walker hearing Browns’ hype: All “Cleveland this, Cleveland that”

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The Titans finished 9-7 last season, losing their season finale to finish short of the postseason. But all the Titans have heard all offseason is how good their first opponent is.

The Browns grace the cover of Sports Illustrated and have been featured prominently in GQ and ESPN the Magazine.

They are favored to beat the Titans on Sunday.

“The Tennessee Titans have always been under the radar. What’s new?’’ Walker said Monday, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “So I expect them to talk about the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland this, Cleveland that. We’re going to go in there and play football. As a group, we’ve just got to handle the noise and play our game.”

The Browns, who went 7-8-1 last season, have added receiver Odell Beckham, defensive end Olivier Vernon, defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, defensive back Morgan Burnett and running back Kareem Hunt in the offseason. (Hunt will miss the first eight games while serving a suspension.)

That has made the Browns the talk of the NFL and a favorite to contend in the AFC North.

“That’s the NFL,’’ Walker said. “They like to pick the team they assume is going to be Super Bowl champs because they’ve got guys on that team that I guess they can turn a whole organization around, just two or three guys. But, hey, that’s how it goes. I like that they get the hype. You’ve just got to go in there and play football, you know what I mean?’’

It’s bulletin board material, but NFL players shouldn’t need bulletin board material to get motivated for the season opener.

16 responses to “Delanie Walker hearing Browns’ hype: All “Cleveland this, Cleveland that”

  1. on one hand i get what he is saying on another hand dude just be concerned about your health, your tea, and most importantly your QB who seems to be on a short leash.

  2. Titans aren’t winning anything so Walker needs to shut up. I’ll tell him that to his face if I seen him

  3. objectivebfan- I’m not a Browns fan, but was genuinely happy for you guys when all that talent they have acquired the past couple of seasons started paying off last season. The Browns have a very dedicated fan base who deserve to see their team win….but….a lot of Browns fans (and some actual players) are starting to get a little bit over confident(arrogant some would say) as if they have already won. Sometimes if you remove the team name you’d swear it was a Pats fan!
    Now, there is nothing wrong with bragging after your guys have won. You do have reason to be excited, but some Browns fans need to calm down a little until something worth boasting about actually happens(not you, just a general statement).

  4. Walker needs to shut his pie hole and play football. His rant is as bad as the hype he decries. And his team should have been better last year than it was and has likely not improved with that fraud of a QB still festering there.

  5. Saying two or three players are turning the Browns around is disingenuous. They’ve drafted several good players over the last few years, sprinkled some in through trades and previous free agency. These 2019 added veterans are going to help them continue to improve. What’s wrong with saying the team looks poised to win some games? They’ve been in football hell for 25 years. Let Cleveland have some fun.

  6. Pick Titans over Browns in Cleveland. Watch Beckham implode and their mouth of a QB come back to reality.

  7. Let’s see them get over 8-8 before you start making Super Bowl reservations. If you think this team (or any other in the AFC) is getting past New England I’ve got a bridge to sell you. When Tom Brady retires it can be a competitive conference again.

  8. The Titans offensive line looked overwhelmed against the Steelers in the preseason. The Browns have a better pass rush plus they will be at home. The Titans should be the underdog.

  9. This Browns team could be good and as a Steelers fan I root for us to have a silver medalist of a rival. The Ravens will always be #1 to us and the real Cleveland franchise. Slightly kidding aside this team is way over hyped.

  10. I’m pulling for the Browns (unless they’re playing the Pats.) Cleveland fans have kinda suffered in vain since the “new” Browns arrived. Would love to see them get something to really excite Browns’ fandom this season.

  11. The Browns have replaced their entire front office, entire coaching staff, and 44 of the 53 players on the roster from their 2017 0-16 season. That’s not “2 or 3 guys”. That’s a year long colon cleanse.

  12. “Titans win on Sunday, by 7, at least.” You forgot to write “Book it” so everyone know you mean business.

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