Gunner Olszewski rode “a roller coaster” to Patriots roster spot

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A lot of undrafted rookies got bad news at some point on Saturday and almost all of them didn’t get reprieves a short time later.

Gunner Olszewski was the exception. Olszewski was told by the Patriots that he was being cut as the team moved to 53 players, but a trade sending defensive back Keion Crossen to the Texans opened up a spot and Olszewski got a happier phone call a few hours later.

“It was a roller coaster. That’s the best way to describe it,” Olszewski said, via “For one second you think, ‘I don’t know what’s going on.’ The next second, ‘I’m a Patriot.’ At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how it happened. What happened is I’m a Patriot now. I’m just proud to be here, and proud to go to work.”

Olszewski played cornerback at Division II Bemidji State, but moved to wide receiver with the Patriots and also saw time as a kick returner this summer. That versatility helped land a roster spot and he’ll need to keep finding ways to show his value to the team to keep the next phone call from being a permanent one.

10 responses to “Gunner Olszewski rode “a roller coaster” to Patriots roster spot

  1. I watched more preseason this year than I have in many years. He looked like a natural returning punts and you know Bill loves a guy who can play WR and DB.

  2. One of the great stories in the NFL of the offseason, wasn’t offered a contract until long after the draft. He was digging a ditch when he got the call, and told the Patriots he’d have to call back when he finished work. Can only hope his hard work turns out fruitful, it has so far.

  3. Yes! Don’t know if he’ll survive but dude’s a total gamer! Anyone who saw him play (in all 3 phases in the same game) in August can’t help but like him. Word is he’s listed as ST-returner

  4. I like this kid and hopefully he sticks around. He strikes me as a player that will never have alligator arms and will try to run through a brick wall if it will help the team win.

  5. Good for him, he deserves the chance. I saw a lot of potential in him, he has a high motor and is always hustling. Definitely reminds me of Edelman back in like 2009 or so, I remember Edelman looking similar, small quick shifty dude playing with a lot of heart and hustle. Here’s hoping Gunner turns out to be a star too.

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