Momentum between Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott stalls

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Just when it seemed likely that Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott‘s holdout would last into the regular season, the pendulum began to swing the other way on Saturday. By Sunday, the pendulum slowed down, considerably.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reports that, while talks continued on Sunday afternoon, “Dallas is frustrated with the last exchange.”

“After Saturday’s momentum, Cowboys expected more compromise to get a deal done today,” Robinson reports. “Didn’t happen, so it’s on to Monday and a hopeful reset.”

That update from Robinson came after he reported on Saturday that the two sides are “close to completing” a contract extension. That was a stronger version of the Adam Schefter tweet that indicated talks “are intensifying,” with the goal of getting a new deal done “this weekend.”

The Labor Day holiday means the weekend isn’t technically over, which gives the two sides one more day to wear white and/or to see if one side or the other will wave the white flag of the final capitulation that gets a deal done in time for Elliott to join the Cowboys for Week One against the Giants.

19 responses to “Momentum between Cowboys, Ezekiel Elliott stalls

  1. I get the feeling that all these leaks are coming from the Cowboys side. Jerry has been trying to put all the media pressure on Zeke the last 2 weeks and this is just another pressure point.

    Rumors of it being close but Zeke’s side won’t make the final push to complete it? Pure Jerry propaganda.

  2. Nobody cares. He didn’t even honor his contract that he already has. Personally I think he’s never going to live up to a big money deal long term.

  3. Here is how I would handle Ezekiel Elliott. Fine him for the days he missed in training camp which has totaled $500k so far. Let him loose $226k each game he misses. When he shows by week 10 keep him on the bench so he cant gain incentives. DO IT all next year because they picked up his 5th year. THEN Franchise him in his 6th year which he most likely wont sign missing another year. I would make sure that kid doesn’t see the field for 3 years. Then see whats he is worth on the open market having not played in 48 games. Make an example out of him. Its one player, a great player but only one player.

  4. Cowboys need to pull the offer and use the leverage they have with Zeke. Miss games, lose money and see how fast he comes running. Dont forget Dak and Cooper are watching to see who blinks first and if it’s the Cowboys they are kicking their chops.

  5. You can hardly yet refer to an exchange that merely put each side’s stance as a “momentum”.

  6. savagestarlight says:
    September 2, 2019 at 9:11 am

    Cowboys can’t be that spiteful and petty. Other players will take notice.

    Really? It’s now construed as “spiteful” to expect a player with TWO years remaining on a contract, to honor that contract? I couldn’t agree less. Nonetheless, I would trade Elliott. He’s now a major distraction. Even if he signs now, I think HIS motivation to give it his all is tarnished. The Cowboys could get some really good value by trading him away right now.

  7. @spencerhsite

    It would be spiteful to prevent Elliott from playing and try and drive down his worth on the open market, because the team took his holdout personally. That’s what the other guy was advocating.

    No one would want to play for an organization like that.

  8. Elliot needs to be told he’s not Tony or Emmitt and he never will be, either from a talent or longevity stand point. NFL has changed for RBs, plug and play with late rounders get the job done

  9. Wow. A lot of Zeke hate here. We all know an RBs career is about half as long as other positions. Can’t blame the guy for wanting to get paid before he is run into the ground by Dallas. Hard to get a good second contract as an RB after 5 years

  10. When did demanding a legally signed binding contract become wrong to enforce? If Zeke holdouts because he is a stupid spoiled homie, let him…there are about 100 backed to fill his spot

  11.’re exactly right and I agree, however, he’s still under contract for TWO more years. If he didn’t have a contract, or he’ll..he was playing with the franchise tag, I’d back him as this may be his only chance to get ‘his’, so to speak. Nevertheless, honor your contract. Your word is only good until the day that you go back on it. Now that he has, it will never be good again.

  12. starrcowboy says:
    September 2, 2019 at 10:28 am
    For God sake trade him, he is full of greed and cares nothing about his team !
    WOW – Ya think Jerry Jones hasn’t thought of that? Ya think Jerry Jones hasn’t received or offered a reasonable trade offer? Ya think the rest of the league thinks this is his problem? You are indeed right – but no one wants these prima donnas unless it’s at a significant discount.

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