Dan Quinn trying to keep Julio Jones business and football separate

Getty Images

The Falcons have been reportedly close to a deal for star wide receiver Julio Jones many times this offseason. And yet, he still doesn’t have a deal, as if moving from negotiation to gestation.

But on Monday, Jones was on the practice field as if everything was normal, and coach Dan Quinn is hoping that it stays that way.

“I have no new updates to provide you on that,” Quinn said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Sometimes the business sides do intersect. Sometimes they can creep in a little bit. If anybody has done some business or contract negotiations, you know there are two sides to it. If I chimed in, it would be a third side. . . .

“I’m not part of those conversations and calls. I’m confident that they’ll get together and get some stuff done. I’m definitely ready to move it from negotiations to celebrations. I just hope that takes place. He’s here and doing well in terms of practice for today.”

The clock’s ticking on meeting their oft-stated goal of extending Jones before the start of the regular season. And recent deals in Atlanta and otherwise aren’t making it easier, leaving Quinn to hope he can stay in his normal football lane, and that this baby finally gets delivered.