DeAngelo Hall suggests Trent Williams could return “sooner rather than later”

Getty Images

Former Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall said recently that there was “zero chance” that left tackle Trent Williams would report to the team in time for Week One after speaking to his former teammate, but Hall is sharing some more optimistic news about the tackle’s situation this week.

Hall hosts a podcast on and said on Tuesday’s episode that Williams could return to the team “sooner rather than later.” Hall said that could be next week and that Williams would not sit out the entire year because he doesn’t want to lose out on an accrued season or his entire salary for the 2019 season.

In that case, Hall said Williams would content to bet on himself and push his desire for a new contract or a move to another team into the offseason.

Contract issues weren’t the only issue between player and team. In regard to Williams’s dissatisfaction with the team’s medical staff, Hall said that team president Bruce Allen told him that he asked Williams who to fire in order to make things better. Williams allegedly responded that he didn’t want to cost anybody their job in response to that. There was talk of further accommodations that the team would make to make Williams more comfortable on that front, although Hall is the only person talking about such possibilities at this point.