Deshaun Watson calls Drew Brees’ longevity “crazy”

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Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is amazed by what Drew Brees has accomplished . . . and by what the Saints quarterback hasn’t accomplished.

In 18 seasons, Brees has done almost everything he possibly can.

He’s won a Super Bowl, won Super Bowl MVP, earned 12 Pro Bowls and owns several NFL all-time records. But Brees, entering his 19th season, has never earned league MVP.

“It’s amazing — 18, 19, 20 years. That’s crazy,” Watson told reporters Tuesday. “I’ve only been alive for 23 years, so it’s amazing to see what he’s done. Actually this summer I was looking at his stats and seeing the amount of years he’s had 5,000 yards, 5,000 yards, 5,000 yards, 4,000 yards and just constantly doing it repeatedly every year. It’s crazy to think – correct me if I’m wrong – that he’s never had an MVP, which is very mind blowing. I think he probably had a Super Bowl MVP but never a regular season MVP. I mean, it’s just mind-blowing to even think that, but also just the numbers and the stats and the things he’s doing. He’s a guy that I look up to. I know him. Every time I see him we communicate and talk. I’ve seen him a couple of times this summer. He’s a great guy, a great role model, great family guy, great father, always has his kids around and playing around with those guys. He’s a guy that for sure I look up to, and for anybody that’s younger trying to be a quarterback at this level, everyone should look up to.”

Watson will play against Brees on Monday. He hopes still to be playing 17 years from now when he’s 40, like Brees.

“That’s the goal, play until I’m 43 or 45, or however long,” Watson said. “Yeah, that’s the ultimate goal, try to take it one year at a time. It goes by fast as they always say. I’m already year three. I feel like I just got here, but yeah, those guys are setting the tone for especially all of the younger guys in the league that play until they’re 40 years old.”

7 responses to “Deshaun Watson calls Drew Brees’ longevity “crazy”

  1. Brees was 6 seasons into his career before throwing over 4000yds, and didn’t do it last year. He’s had many naff seasons, and gone to the playoffs in less than half (8 of 18), winning just once and overall mediocre results (8-7). All this despite much of his tenure being in a soft division. He doesn’t even hold the yardage record (Brady does), Brees just has the reg season mark. He’s enjoyed a long indoor football career, but ultimately slightly underperformed.

  2. “He doesn’t even hold the yardage record (Brady does), Brees just has the reg season mark.”

    It’s hilarious. Every time another QB gets any positive press, the fans of that team throw a tantrum.

  3. OMG another QB not named Brady is being given credit for his accomplishments. The fact that somebody really says the NFC South is a soft division solidifies their lack of knowledge about the NFL. The AFC East is not only the worst division in the NFL, but it’s probably the worst division in all of pro sports. Must be nice to get 6 easy wins almost every year. And getting home field advantage every year because of it. If Brees only had an average defense helping him out from 2010-2016, the Saints would have 3 or 4 Super Bowl victories. Probably 5 if not for the mockery last season by those incompetent refs……

  4. And oh Brees didn’t throw for all those yards last year because we were too busy running the ball all over everybody.

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