Ezekiel Elliott: I’ve been ready

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Ezekiel Elliott doesn’t have a deal with the Cowboys yet, but he’s ready to rejoin his team.

I’ve been ready,” Elliott said as he arrived at D/FW Airport on Tuesday evening.

Agent Rocky Arceneaux made the flight with the star running back from Cabo San Lucas. He said the sides are “very, very close” to a deal.

“They’re committed, and we’re committed,” Arceneaux said, via video from Mike Leslie of WFAA. “That’s why we’re here.”

Arceneaux was headed to continue negotiations with the Cowboys in hopes of getting a deal done in time for Elliott to practice Wednesday. The Cowboys open the season against the Giants on Sunday.

“I think Zeke showed his commitment by coming back to Dallas,” Arceneaux said. “We didn’t come here not to do a deal. So I think he’s committed, and both sides are.”

Dozens of reporters greeted Elliott outside customs. He signed autographs for fans but didn’t answer questions from the media, with his only comment coming in response to a question from a fan.

“It’s been tedious, but both sides kept it pretty civil, and he’s excited about being back in Dallas,” Arceneaux said. “It’s been a long journey, but he’s excited.”

34 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott: I’ve been ready

  1. What about how offended Zeke was over the “Zeke who?” joke? I mean that’s not civil. That’s downright evil. Surprised Zeke would stoop to coming back and working for such an organization.

  2. So, with the pie getting smaller who is the odd man out? My guess is Dak gets a deal and Amari is offered the leftovers…

  3. “I think Zeke showed his commitment by coming back to Dallas” HE SAYS…. lmao, HE WAS UNDER CONTRACT FOR 2 MORE YEARS BRO! Commitment my arse. Doesnt matter, whatevee glad he will be back Teams FEAR THIS GUY BAR NONE! Him and Pollard will be dangerous. This may be a passing league, but Dallas ALWAYS and ALWAYS will be a Pound It Down Your Throat Running Team! Super Bowl Champs Bar None! Young Talented Battle Ready Hungry Deep Team coming at you!
    Say what haters????? SHUT UP!

  4. mrbigass says:
    September 3, 2019 at 7:10 pm
    So, with the pie getting smaller who is the odd man out? My guess is Dak gets a deal and Amari is offered the leftovers…

    Pie goes up every year by 10 mil. We just saved $5 mil this year by resigning Collins to a long term deal. We are getting our young core signed long term and saving money. Whats in your wallet?

  5. He may have claimed to be “Ready”, but he hasn’t taken any hits while in Cabo, and that’s a major difference. Just glad it’s bout to be done though

  6. Honestly, baja california sur is amazing. Los cabos are a little too party for me, but i wonder if zeke got to see the turtles and whales. Thats a long flight from cabo. Lets see if hes ready to roll.

  7. Cram in three days of practice then throw him into a live game, great idea! No reason to think a guy who hasn’t been getting hit and may not be in football shape could get hurt.

  8. cowboy4life says:
    September 3, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    He may have claimed to be “Ready”, but he hasn’t taken any hits while in Cabo, and that’s a major difference. Just glad it’s bout to be done though
    Oh he took some “hits” in Cabo, just not the kind you’re talking about

  9. derp363 says:
    September 3, 2019 at 6:57 pm
    If there is a season for the cowboys to get back to the superbowl, this is it.
    The Cowboys couldn’t get to the Super Bowl even with a first round bye and then home field advantage. #Packers

  10. Get a Haircut man.

    I bet you, or the people who gave a thumbs up, have no idea just how racist that is
    Do you realize how many AfrAmer are getting fired, shunned, and passed over for having dreads and or cornrows as well as “out of control” fros? I am pretty sure you did not mean it that way, but it does have an effect, and a negative one at that. Please think about this kind of comment in the future, we have enough race issues already, no need to perpetuate them thx

  11. Once Zeke gets a new contract…McCaffrey and Kamara need to do the exact same thing next year…they’re complete schmucks if they don’t…

  12. Three years ago you signed a fully guaranteed $24.9 million dollar contract. Three years into this four year deal you pulled this stunt. I really hope you don’t come back expecting the fans to feel for you or to think you were underpaid with the deal you had. You are an example of what is wrong with sports.

  13. Zeke is a great player, runs, blocks and catches. No matter what
    some fans think, he was underpaid as far as his draft position and
    the fact that he played a position that is undervalued,
    The position is undervalued because it is high risk for injury
    and short term careers.
    The fact that Deforest Buckner was eligible for a higher 5th year
    salary tells all. In the owners mind they made a big mistake in the
    2006 CBA. The owners came back with vengeance and lowered the
    rookie bonus system by 50 percent. This hurt the running back position
    more than most. Now owners can draft a RB in the first round and control
    the player financially for 80 percent of his career.
    Zeke deserves the money.

  14. Give in to Zeke now and that tells the rest of the Cowboys waiting for a deal who came into camp and worked that instead they should hold out, and sets a tone for every one who comes up next to not show up. If Zeke gets a big deal maybe Dak and Coop should decide to sit out the first few games so their deal gets done?

  15. The greeedy are always ready (with their hand out). If the rumor is true, then Jerrah is about to take the first step toward regret.

  16. too many fans play fantasy and judge players based on that. zeke is the best rb in the gamd. punishing runner inside the tackles, and elusive outside them including the passing game. even an 80 yd rushing day, and 40 yd receiving game is huge because d’s open up other facets of the game to dallas’ offence in order to contain zeke. he’s the current adrian peterson where $4m extra per year is worth it to open your offense up. sure teams with expensive rbs dont win superbowls traditionally bit having him gives you a better chance. its idiotic to state teams with expensive rbs dont win. its an anomaly. emmit smith, terrell davos, roger craig, thurman thomas, shaun alexander, willie parker, marshall faulk, are all rbs that got to the superbowl. all werr at least top 3 in rb production when their team made superbowl. having the best rb is a good thing

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