Rams announce Jared Goff deal

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The Rams’ deal with Jared Goff is official.

The team announced a a four-year extension Tuesday night. It will keep the former No. 1 overall pick under contract through the 2024 season.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL said the four-year deal is worth $134 million, with a record $110 million guaranteed.

Goff has 9,581 passing yards and 65 touchdowns. His 94.7 passer rating ranks ninth among the league’s active passers.

He has proved the Rams right and now earned their long-term commitment.

Since Sean McVay took over as the Rams’ head coach in 2017, Goff has gone 24-8 with two trips to the postseason and a Super Bowl appearance. The Rams are among the favorites in the NFC for Super Bowl LIV this season, too.

74 responses to “Rams announce Jared Goff deal

  1. That sound you hear is Cowboys fans “clenching up” at how much they’re going to have to pay Dak Prescott, who is gonna want more.

    Thank you Howie Roseman for resigning Wentz early to a team friendly deal!

  2. Rams have given out bad contracts to QBs before. Marc Bulger went right off a cliff. All Sam Bradford did was get injured.

    Goff has won more and has better numbers than either of them. This is not a bad decision.

  3. he seems like a trustworthy guy. by that i mean i think he will try to continue to improve and win even though he got paid. sure the hoodie figured him out the first go round, with an assist from hoyer, but goff will work at it. pats fan here. no shame in being owned by the hoodie first time around. lets see what he n mcvay are gonna come back at our team with. should be fun. i would not be surprised to see a rams pats super bowl rematch this year. both teams are stacked!!

  4. Kirk cousins is still a better deal and a better QB. The Rams are going to have buyers remorse within 2 seasons. Mark my words.

  5. This deal for Goff is just an indication of where the market is for a franchise quarterback. In four years this contract will seem like a bargain.

  6. Wow. Goff seems like a good guy and a good fit and all — but how do you reward a guy for falling on his face on the biggest stage in sports?

  7. It’s the same ole song and dance. Good QB on a rookie deal had success because cap can be allocated elsewhere. Then okay QB signs mega deal, no more cap to spread around, no more success.

    If it were me, absent a Brady, Rodgers, Brees type talent, I’d roll with a rookie QB every 4 years and build a team around him.

  8. So many people have formed their opinion on Goff based on one of his few bad performances. He’s just a kid, and he’s only getting better. Two 10-win seasons before his 25th birthday. Four playoff games and a Super Bowl appearance. 60 TDs and 19 Ints over the last two seasons. See how many QBs have done that and get back to me.

  9. Happy for Goff, now this will make things even more interesting in Dallas. The Rams must be driving Jerry Jones nuts. The Gurley deal is forcing them to pay Zeke sooner and more than they would have liked. And now this Jared Goff deal in addition to the Carson Wentz deal is going to force the Cowboys to pay Dak more than 32 mil a year.

  10. Here’s some more data for you Goff haters.

    Threw 300+ yards and completed 70% of his passes in 4 straight games, longest streak in NFL history,

    One of two QBs with 8400 yds, 60 tds, and completion rate of at least 63% over 2017-2018 season.

    One of three QBs two win first 6 games of a season while younger than 25 years old.

    Season Stats at 24 years old
    Brady, 2483 yards, 18 TDs, 12 INTs
    Rogers, 218 yards, 1 TD, 0 INTs
    Brees, 2108 yards, 11 TDs, 15 INTs
    Goff, 4688 yards, 32 TDs, 11 ints

  11. What a difference a coach/season makes. So many people on here were calling him a bust after his rookie year and saying he’d be out of the league once his rookie contract was over.

  12. The NFL salaries (especially at the QB position) are getting out of control in a salary capped league. I am by no means anti player, but I don’t see how any team can build a consistent contender with depth if you’re paying 3 or 4 players almost half of your cap space.

    To make matters worse non-elite QB’s seem to be setting the market rate for QBs. Goff didn’t show me much in a very winnable game vs NE in the Super Bowl. He couldn’t score a touchdown against a NE team that gave up 31 pts in the 2nd half against the Chiefs (a team they beat 54-51 in the regular season) in the AFC title game. Now he’s rewarded with a record contract. I can only imagine what the Chiefs are going to have to pay to extend Mahomes after the 2019 season.

  13. Four years, 134M is insane money! The Rams are handcuffed now.

    I don’t understand this rush to push these positions to top dollar every year. $33.5M per year average is B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

  14. 110 million guaranteed. Where does ‘this money come from. His line, his defense, his receiver, his reserves to cover injured players. This is out of control. No player other than Tom Brady four years ago is worth 1000 million dollars guaranteed. One hit and career is over. Yet cap still exists. Now what???

  15. It’s funny how anyone can say he’s not worth it. The kid is a great locker room guy any not all stuck up like Rodgers. Teammates love him. And he has great numbers the last two years. And is coming off a super bowl appearance. Showing he can get to the big game. Oh and hasn’t missed a start.
    Great pay for great production. That’s business.
    Unless you’re a running back of course

  16. Sure, he may be overpaid here, and I’m not sold that he can perform in the toughest moments, but unlike other young overpaid QBs in recent years, at least he’s remained healthy, and has done his fair share in getting his team to the playoffs/Superbowl.

  17. wttoolman says:
    There should be an asterisk next to that Super Bowl appearance

    No need for that. The 3 points scored do the job just fine, showing us how awful they performed anyways.

  18. if the cowboys get even remotely close to these numbers for dak its all over but the crying….

  19. What are the Rams going to do when the competition committee decides after this year to cut off coach/QB communications when the play clock gets below 15 seconds like they did in the Superbowl, and then McVay can’t tell Goff what to do at the line of scrimmage and he has to figure it out for himself just like in the Superbowl. It all went South when Goff was left on his own to make the right adjustments, and when he was asked to identify and adjust accordingly, but even with all of that evidence somehow the Rams think he’s worth that kind of coin? Please

  20. Goff is good at throwing to open guys, not so good at reading defenses.

    This seems like a lot of money to pay someone like him.
    I think he greatly benefitted from the team around him.
    Without McVay in his headset I don’t think he would be a top 10 QB.
    The Rams will pay him and not have money for others. Their window will close soon.

  21. Did the Rams brass even watch the Super Bowl? He was horrific against a mediocre defense. Even in his good games he’s neither dominant nor a game-changer. You don’t give a mid-tier QB that kind of contract.

  22. The worrisome thing is Matt Patricia showed the league how to defend Goff and the Rams offense . After playing the Lions in week 12 including the playoffs Goff had 3 games with less then 200 yds passing and only 1 game with over 300 yds passing .Goff is a good QB but don’t think he’s proved yet that he deserves to be setting records for getting paid . Have a feeling the Rams are going to be saddled with 2 terrible contracts with Gurley and Goff .

  23. This is what I posted the other day about Goff, and it is still true.

    I laugh every time I read the comments about Goff. He is still so young, and has improved every year. The comments about McVay carrying him is the same crap Tom Brady had surrounding him. Give him a chance. Do I think he is a top 5 QB? Not right now, but he has the potential. Has anyone every considered how complicated McVay’s schemes are? Perhaps a 24 year old QB might take some time to master it. Us Rams fans who actually watch the games are happy with him. Every one expects instant perfection, and that is unreasonable.

  24. Wow. Dude is only 24. If he plays well under this contract, he’s young enough to get another monster one after that. Good for him.

  25. Wow… money of this type with high grantees is going to kill this team in 2020, 2021, 2023 when it is time for new players/ free agents to be added…

    Any true quality depth at key positions just went out the window….. no back up centers, tackles, or defensive linemen will want to sign with them. They will get veteran minimums only…. the quality of the back ups on this team will be sub-standard in comparison to the other top notch teams who spend wisely…aka…Patriots. First string of injury’s to the O-line will have this QB running for his life… this team as a ton of High price talent that is going to come due all at once soon….

  26. I also think he is vastly overpaid but the thing is, what is the team supposed to do? Players like Brady that put winning above being the highest paid player don’t come along very often …

  27. How will Goof even come close to playing well enough to earn that kind of money when he is on his back most of the season with that OL?

  28. These NFL contracts mean absolutely nothing…the only thing that counts is guaranteed money…that’s it

  29. Sorry guys but Dak hasn’t come close to the resume Goff has regardless of what you think of Goff. Goff has had better post season success and numbers are very similar even with Goff not playing much his rookie season. Dak is not a better qb than Goff and therefore shouldn’t be paid the same as a qb that has been to the Super Bowl or been an mvp candidate

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