Son of former owner: Dan Snyder has dragged Washington to “mediocrity”

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John Kent Cooke’s wealthier than he would have been to begin with because of Daniel Snyder.

But the son of the former Washington owner didn’t have many kind words for the man who bought the team from his father Jack Kent Cooke.

Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post took a lengthy look at Snyder’s legacy as he enters his third decade of ownership, and the younger Cooke said he was disappointed to see what the team has become.

“I think that what’s happened over the 20-year period is that he has taken a franchise that has been universally respected in sports, not just the NFL, and proceeded to drag it down to mediocrity,” the 77-year-old Cooke said. “It’s no longer one of the premier sports franchises in the United States.”

He has a numerical argument to back it up, as Washington is 139-180-1 during Snyder’s ownership —which means there’s work to do to reach mediocrity. They have made just five playoff appearances in those 20 years, with just two wins (one of which came in his first year).

A number of unnamed executives around the league also had some pointed comments, but Snyder did not.

His spokesman and an outside PR firm offered the Post the chance to interview Snyder, “but on the condition the interview ran in full, in place of this story.”

The Post declined to be used in that way.

“Unlike Snyder,” Cooke said to Kilgore, likely with great glee, “I return phone calls.”

That leaves the words of others, and the team’s record, to do all the talking.

45 responses to “Son of former owner: Dan Snyder has dragged Washington to “mediocrity”

  1. From where he is, Little Danny and his lap dog Georgie would be thrilled to rise up to the level of mediocrity. But he’s got that other “M” word down – Mendacious.

  2. That’s for sure and if your team name requires a landmark court order protecting racist hate speech, then it is a signal you should change your team’s name.

  3. Redskins fans would love if that team reached mediocrity. They’ve been bad more years than not since Snyder bought the franchise.

  4. Throw in Spanos, another loser owner who has ruined the LA Chargers franchise with a selfish ill-fated “re-location.” Simply stated the LA Chargers have few fans, they rent everything. They’re “homeless” in Americas capitol of homelessness…Los Angeles. Ironic isn’t it.

  5. He isn’t wrong. The Redskins used to be a top tier NFL franchise. They have been subpar under Dan Snyder. Heck they were even subpar in the six years 1993-1998 that John Kent Cooke ran the team before Snyder bought the franchise.

  6. Dan Snyder seemed to recognise that he needed to surround himself with “football people” (Joe Gibbs, George Allen’s son) … however if after 20 years in the business he himself hasn’t become a football guy, he never will.

  7. He speaks the truth. I often wonder if owners like Snyder or Jerry Jones ever take a step back and think, “man, I’ve taken what was a good team and stunk it up for the past 2 decades.” Then again, we’re talking about 2 of the biggest egos in sports.

  8. The record speaks for itself — Snyder is an abject failure as an owner. For good measure Synder also mistreats his employees, sues financially strapped ticket holders, sues local community newspapers over unfavorable coverage and illegally cuts down trees to get a better view of the Potomac River from his mansion. But mostly … he is an abject failure as an owner.

  9. My first reaction to the headline was the Snyder would take that “mediocrity” comment as a compliment. They have a long way to go before they reach mediocrity.

  10. As bad as Snyder is as an owner, Son-of-Al is even worse. And at least Snyder accumulated his wealth in the real world whereas Son-of-Al just won the birth-lottery.

  11. It’s pretty clear he bought Jack Kent Cooke’s brand. How you rate #2 overall in revenue every year and are that substandard all the time means the brand covers for your horrible leadership as an owner.

  12. The only owner that I can think of, who is worse than Dan Snyder, isn’t a football team owner… I’m referring, of course, to the worst owner in ALL of sports… James Dolan.

  13. kurdishpats1 says:
    September 3, 2019 at 11:06 am
    His team is valued at $3B.

    Pretty sure he doesn’t care.

    Oh hey there Dan!

  14. kurdishpats1 says:
    September 3, 2019 at 11:06 am
    His team is valued at $3B.

    Pretty sure he doesn’t care.

    This is a metaphor for the problem with Washington fans. Someone says something negative about your owner and you’re offended and play the “He’s a billionaire!” defense like that’s something the fans or anyone else should care at all about.

    Hail to the Kool-Aid!

  15. Titan says:
    September 3, 2019 at 11:07 am

    That’s for sure and if your team name requires a landmark court order protecting racist hate speech, then it is a signal you should change your team’s name.

    Please stop beating a dead horse , that’s over and done with !

  16. Cheif Half A Man’s team is valued at 3 billion” so how does that help the fans who have been suffering for decades while shorty gets richer and richer.

  17. Try raising kids to be Redskin fans while living in DC. You see more Cowboys, Eagles and Pats jerseys on weekends than Burgundy/Gold. We’ve tried to raise our kids as home team fans. Snyder has made it impossible to grow a fan base.

    It is only deteriorating, literally, week by week during the season, fewer and fewer home team fans show up, with more and more visitor team jerseys in the stadium during “home” games. The schedule says “home” team, but this team plays at least 12 games a year with fewer of their fans in the stadium than the other team.

    RFK used to be an advantage, but also the team WON pretty regularly.

    Many times in recent years, by half time the stadium is half empty (Snyder would say ‘Half Full”).

    Greed has destroyed a proud tradition, while ineptitude has replaced excellence, drive and accomplishment.

    My friends that are locals, have given up completely. Very sad indeed.

  18. And yet still, year after year, their loyal fans continue to trek to the old stadium to continue lining Snyder’s pockets with more bucks. Fans like my wife, still hanging onto the “good old days of Gibbs 1” and their Super Bowl wins continue to support this horrid team of losers. They have a couple great players… Kerrigan, for one… but also continue making dumb trades and draft picks. Why these masochist fans still love their team befuddles me…. Take the $3 billion, Danny boy, and let someone who knows what they’re doing buy the team. The ONLY thing you’re good at is making money….

  19. This story could have been about Jimmy Haslam, until he hired John Dorsey, and things *seem* to be going in the right direction.

    Randy Lerner knew when to get out… he was a nice enough guy; inherited the team from his late father and tried like crazy to get the right football guys in charge, but whatever the opposite of the Midas Touch is… is what Randy had.

    Al Lerner facilitated Art Modell moving to Baltimore, and then was awarded the “new” Browns.

    Don’t tell me about bad owners… the Browns have the market cornered on that.

    With that being said… the Redskins will never win with Snyder at the hem, until he lucks out and gets someone like Dorsey, and backs away from it all.

  20. You failed to mention that Snyder’s 139-180 (0.436) is an IMPROVEMENT from the last six years of Cooke’s record, which was a pathetic 36-59 (0.379) over 1993 to 1998…

  21. I don’t know that I totally agree. I would agree that the results on the field are not anywhere where they should be, however from a value perspective it is a lot higher than the majority of franchises in the country.

    That being stated, it is nice that Jr is talking , I mean his dad obviously thought he would do something similar since he made it all but impossible for him to get the team. Interesting though huh?

  22. And both playoff wins during Snyder’s tenure have come from coaches first hired by the Cookes: Turner, a carry-over, and Gibbs, a re-hire.

    Great job, Danny.

  23. @Titan Actually it’s already over, you’re just trolling. Nobody outside of the media actually thinks it’s racist or offensive. Native Americans don’t consider it racist or offensive, intelligent people don’t consider it racist or offensive, only virtue signaling losers think it’s racist or offensive. Have fun whining about it while it NEVER changes lol.

  24. I think out of the 32 owners in the NFL, about 10-12 owners REALLY care about football. That means putting a great product out on the field , year in year out, for their fans. The rest of the owners own the teams as an investment…..a VERY profitable investment.

  25. This seems to be a hallmark of the new owners. All of them seem to be bad. What was the last really good one to get in? It’s been disaster after disasters from the Rosses and Haslems of the world.

  26. As an Eagles fan, I think Mr. Snyder has done a wonderful job with the Redskins. I hope he continues to own the Redskins for many, many years.

  27. Not that he’s wrong about Snyder (he’s not), but didn’t Cooke Jr. pretty much drive the bus to mediocrity under his tenure, and then Snyder just kept it there?

    People in glass houses….

  28. KARMIC IMPLOSION due to skin color related team name.

    NOT heroic names like Braves… or… Warriors… or… Chiefs…
    … but… a skin color related team name.

    The name might not have started from a bad place…
    … but… it is time.

  29. Snyder is a businessman, not a “football guy”. His team is one of the most valuable sports teams in the world, so he is very successful on that level. I’m not defending the twerp,just clarifying.

  30. And at least Snyder accumulated his wealth in the real world whereas Son-of-Al just won the birth-lottery.


    Won the birth lottery? With Al Davis as a father and looks like that…If that’s winning, I think I’d rather lose.

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