Vikings cut Brett Jones to get Josh Doctson on the roster

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The Vikings made official the signing of receiver Josh Doctson on Tuesday. They needed a roster spot to add him to the 53-player roster, and Minnesota released center Brett Jones in a corresponding move.

The Vikings traded for Jones last August. He re-signed with them in April after Nick Easton left for the Saints in free agency.

Jones started three games for Minnesota last season.

Jones, 28, has played 44 career games with 17 starts, mostly with the Giants. He entered the league as an undrafted free agent in 2015.

His release means guard Pat Elflein will backup Garrett Bradbury at the position.

27 responses to “Vikings cut Brett Jones to get Josh Doctson on the roster

  1. They traded for Jones last year out of desperation because Pat Elflein wasn’t going to be ready for the regular season after offseason surgery. He started the first three games, then after Elflein came back I think Jones got three more snaps the whole rest of the season. I was shocked he made the team this year so I don’t mind seeing him go.

  2. another BRILLIANT decision! Bring in another scrub WR and cut a lineman. not like they have problems on the offensive line.

    Rick and Zim are prepping their resumes as we speak.

  3. I’m lost, why not release the fourth tight end or Abdullah. Bret Jones has been playing well, at least that’s what i had been reading. Who really knows???

  4. Holy crap. When I saw that he was being signed I thought the very obvious choice to cut for a roster spot was that rookie tight end Brandon Dillon. What on Earth is the strategy behind cutting our very valuable insurance policy in the middle of the O line?

  5. From everything I heard Jones was having a good preseason. Oh well.. what do I know. I don’t like the doctson signing. He hasn’t impressed. I’ve seen some Redskins fans who say he doesn’t like contact and doesn’t block worth a darn.

  6. I’m kind of surprised by this move. No doubt, they had to get another WR, and Doctson at least has some upside potential. But I’ve heard many of the Viking beat writers rave about the camp Jones had, and that he could possibly get a shot at a starting guard position. Why not cut one of the undrafted or late round rookies and try to get them through to the practice squad?

  7. First-world Viking fan problems: Complaining about the #3 quarterback and the 53rd player on the roster.

  8. Jones was a pretty good Giant and I was ticked when we let him go to the Vikings. He wont be out of work long.

  9. Jones was the team’s highest graded lineman this preseason. By the end of the month, we’ll be wishing it was Elfein who got released.

  10. Josh was for Cousins. Weapons are great when your stocked on the lines, less great if you’re not.

    Most teams keep bad offensive lineman because they may improve. Odd to cut one who can play a bit.

  11. Really? They’re carrying 5 RBs and 4 TEs and they let the only veteran reserve lineman go? So behind the starters are Rashod Hill, Dakota Dozier, and the two rookies?


  12. ariani1985 says:
    September 3, 2019 at 6:39 pm

    Why can’t my lowly packers have nice things?

    I don’t know, ariana.
    Perhaps a better question would be, how did you forget to sign in under one of your notorious Packer aliases again?

  13. I’ve never seen so much ignorance and anger from fans about 4th string QB’s, Punters, 5th WR’s, and linemen that are 53rd most important on the roster. Plus, none of you know squat just because you watch tv.

  14. Look, backup WR’s, backup RB’s, and backup TE’s can play special teams. Backup OL are not running down the field. And a backup OL from a crappy line last year is not what you think. You guys must just want to whine about something. Oh ya, and by the way, if the guys the Vikings cut get signed by another team, that doesn’t mean we should have kept them.

  15. We complain because we realize that sooner or later a collarbone is broken or some other injury happens because its football & now all of a sudden that 2nd or 3rd string guy is starting or playing a lot & is needed to make plays & not just draw a check. No, we don’t know everything that’s going on but our eyes & brains can make sense of most of what we see. What we know is Sloter was a keeper & Jones was too. Sloter could’ve become worth at least better than another 7th & that offensive line is stil unproven. Go Vikings!

  16. Spielman entered the draft with 6 picks and turned them into 13. 10 of them made the team and the 3 that didn’t are on the practice squad. You could argue the quality of the depth he is adding can’t be that great if 5 of them are 6th and 7th round picks, which he loves to create from basically swapping out 3rd and 4th round picks. Its infuriating on draft night watching him leave talented players on the board only to move down 2 rounds and get 2-3 camp bodies. Of course he has to keep them on the roster so he looks like he knows what he is doing. 2 years ago the Vikings had one of the top talented teams, but he continues to water down the talent level all while veterans get fat contracts and get lazy on the field. 8-8 is all I’m expecting out of this team. Too many questions and Cousins is NOT that answer at QB. I hope I’m wrong.

  17. i read he was the highest rated Olineman in the preseason. I knew there was a problem with this relationship when he sat on the bench last year while the O line struggled so last year.

  18. I’d rather have a reliable backup center/guard then Abdullah or some retread WR with bad ankles.
    I read something somewhere that Wilfs’ patience is wearing thin with Spielman after the 84 million mistake.

  19. Yeah 7 out of every 10 Spielman picks make the team each year and those same players are gone within a year or 2. It’s a pattern. Don’t believe me look it up. Jones is a better blocking center than Elflein who isn’t very good at guard. Bad decision cutting him

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