Bill Belichick: Demaryius Thomas still an unknown quantity for Patriots

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Demaryius Thomas showed flashes of his old form in the Patriots final preseason game against the New York Giants. But as the page turns from the preseason to the regular season, head coach Bill Belichick says the team is still trying to figure out exactly what they have in the veteran receiver.

In an interview on WEEI, Belichick said Thomas is still a rather unknown quantity for the Patriots at this stage.

That’s a tough question because we’re going on limited information,” he said. “We only activated him for practice right at the end of training camp. Of course, he played in the Giants game. We have to go on what we can go on. I’d say the improvement that he’s shown, and the work ethic, and what he’s been able to do has been good. It’s been to the point where we feel like he’ll be able to make a solid contribution for us this year. The question is ‘where will it go?’ I don’t know if any of us have the answer to that. But at least I know that he’ll work hard, he’s tough and he’s a dependable player who will put everything he has into it. So we’ll see what happens.”

Thomas began camp on the physically unable to perform list due to his continued rehab from the Achilles tear he sustained in Houston last season with the Texans. He was only activated on Aug. 20 and had little time to show what he was capable of. Seven catches for 87 yards and two touchdowns against the Giants was a good way to make an impression, however.

After briefly being released and re-signed to the roster through the weekend, Thomas will have more time to get up to speed and show what he can do entering his 10th season in the NFL.

10 responses to “Bill Belichick: Demaryius Thomas still an unknown quantity for Patriots

  1. DT used to be a dominant force. I am really pulling for him to be even a shadow of his former self with the Pats. I pegged him as their WR3 back in November, and I’m not going to change that now. I think he’s going to have a bigger year than most expect.

    45/600/4 line

  2. I don’t expect the Pats passing game to hit the ground running, they are a pretty big work in progress between DT just getting activated, Josh not really having a much of a preseason to get into game condition, Meyers just getting time with the 1st string to build chemistry with Brady as being an UNDRAFTED FA, & no matter who it is at this stage, whomever gets the nod at TE……
    Yes Brady does have a few regulars to lean on but the potential of what this team can become on offense won’t really start to show itself till around weeks 5-7 & as long as guys stay healthy it will be incredible!!!

  3. I think this is a bluff. He could see extended looks in the game on Sunday. He knows the system and verbiage.

    He looked pretty fluid and healthy in live game action to me with Stidham. He can run the routes out of each spot and I’d be surprised if he didn’t have the playbook down with the language exposure he had with McDaniels in 2010.

    Just saying.

    I fully admit I am surprised at how healthy he looked. He’s still kinda soft to me, but maybe he’ll be rejuvenated in NE playing for BB and with Brady.

  4. DT looked super smooth during his week 4 preseason game. I realize that it was a week 4 preseason game. But I couldn’t help but to notice how nonchalant and effortless DT looked.

    Seem like the great ones make it look easy.

  5. Bill…..your The GCOAT without peer.

    ….but please, stop downplaying what will amount to the greatest passing attack in you storied history!


  6. anything can happen in the nfl, it might be a very down year for pats (i.e. No super bowl!) due to injury bug, the breaks, team chemistry, toughest schedule again, whatever. it ends in a hurry and anything can happen in single elimination. but we know this: we have the best coach/gm of all time calling the shots and the best qb of all time executing. what more can you want? – enjoy it while it lasts.

  7. As a Steelers fan, I can tell you not one person I know believes a single word that comes out of Bill B’s mouth. DT’s ready to go. We all know it.

  8. I hope he can stick. It would be amazing if New England could persuade Jordy Nelson to un-retire and trade for Larry Fitzgerald to make this Super Bowl run made of magic. Just sayin’.

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