Brett Favre hopes Matt LaFleur won’t “handcuff [Aaron Rodgers] too much”

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The Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers relationship has come a long, long way.

Long gone are the days of acrimony between the two men. Currently, Favre is supporting his successor in what has become a not-so-subtle power play between Green Bay’s new coach and its 15-year quarterback.

“But I’m very curious to see how [Matt] LaFleur and Aaron get along as the season progresses,” Favre said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I would hope that LaFleur wouldn’t handcuff Aaron too much. I know he said he’s changing the offense but you’ve got to let [Rodgers] play and let him do his thing. And a lot of those things that he does are not in the playbook, and you do not want to take that away from him. So it’ll be interesting, the dynamics there.”

It definitely will be interesting. Especially if Rodgers is willing to continue to talk publicly about things he doesn’t like.

“At this stage of Aaron’s career, and he and I talked about it at length this offseason, he’s at the time right now in his career when I was when he came in,” Favre said. “I was going through a new coaching situation much like he’s going through now. And so there’s this sense of whose team is it? Is it LaFleur’s? Is it Aaron Rodgers’? And that’s not being braggadocious in any way but he set the bar extremely high. I think [Mike] McCarthy did a great deal of helping that. But make no mistake, it is Aaron Rodgers who ultimately made those plays. And so you wonder if that’s gonna change and you’re always kinda looking over your shoulder because you are at that point in your career where things are changing. And change at times is good but in the case that Aaron is in now it makes you wonder what’s to come and how quickly it is to come. So it’s gonna be interesting to see.”

That’s a great observation. While Rodgers adapts to the changes being made in 2019, he’ll be thinking about changes to come in 2020, 2021, etc. Before the Packers inevitably separate from Rodgers (unless he separates from the Packers first), Rodgers will sense it coming.

For now, he’s surely sensing the initial flutters of change that could become something stronger based on what happens this year. And he surely doesn’t like it. Who would? So, yes, it will be interesting to see what happens during what necessarily are the final years of Aaron Rodgers’ career with the Packers.