Dolphins coordinator says Josh Rosen is still learning the offense

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Why is Ryan Fitzpatrick ahead of Josh Rosen on the Dolphins’ quarterback depth chart? In part because Fitzpatrick has a firmer grasp of the offense.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Chad O’Shea said the 22-year-old Rosen still needs time to develop.

“Josh is — as we’ve talked about — he’s still learning the offense,” O’Shea said. “He’s doing a good job on all of the things that aren’t the physical the part of the game he’s improving on, whether it be his awareness on the field, his overall familiarity with the offense, his fundamentals that he needs to work on, just like all the other players need to work on. He’s in the same position a lot of other players are. There are just a few fundamentals we’re really concentrating on with him.”

Fitzpatrick signed with the Dolphins in March and Rosen was traded to the Dolphins in April, so Fitzpatrick really didn’t have a big start on Rosen in learning the offense. But Fitzpatrick has a lot more experience than Rosen does, and O’Shea thinks Fitzpatrick is more prepared to get the ball into the hands of the Dolphins’ receivers.

“I think that one of the things that’s exciting about this offense is that we do have a lot of guys that we want to get the ball to,” O’Shea said. “I don’t know if all offenses can say that — that there’s a list of skill players that we have that we really want to try to get the ball in their hands, so that’s very exciting.”

Not many people are expecting a “very exciting” season in Miami, but the Dolphins are trying to put a positive face on the situation.

19 responses to “Dolphins coordinator says Josh Rosen is still learning the offense

  1. He’s also still learning who’s going to be on his offensive line and lined up at WR, which is generally not such a good thing to be having to do just a few days before the first game.

    They better nail those future draft picks.

  2. His age works for him. He’d still be young for the 2020 draft. He’d be on par age wise for the 2021 draft.

  3. Why is this an issue when we keep hearing how smart he is and how he likes to be challenged?

  4. Can’t wait to see Rosen make all those teams “pay” for passing on him in the draft. Good luck, you’re gonna need it….

  5. The Dolphins are obviously tanking.
    They gave up a 2nd round pick for Rosen so why not start him?
    If he bombs, so what?
    If he does well, you can trade your #1 to a QB needy team for a lot of picks.

    Or is the idea to start with Fitz, then go to Rosen?

  6. I mean, if they think he’s going to be the guy who can finally be the franchise QB they’ve been missing since Marino retired, don’t put him out there if he’s not ready. He might still be learning the offense, but the dude is probably gonna get killed back there this season. At least Fitzpatrick will be able to get rid of the ball quicker (for the time being) and handle the dumpster fire coming his way. If they throw him out there to get beat up he’s just going to fall into the: Osweiler, Cutler, Tannehill, Moore, Henne, Pennington, Green, Culpepper, Harrington, Frerotte….Rosenfels, Feely, Griese, Lucas…etc category. Then they’ll burn another pick on someone and the cycle will repeat.

  7. It would absolutely crush if this dumpster fire gets Tua. It’s bad enough they got Rosen after being on the other league dumpster fire, AZ.

  8. Coaching staff has been educated on how to justify not starting Rosen, I actually believe they have put their foot in their mouth and cant back track so thats why Fitzpatrick is starting – he will get the starts as of week 5 and then we will all see how he performs. There is no question it will be a rough year yet Rosen has the tools and I think he will surprise many and have decent results.

  9. The big question that goes with that O’Shea quote of “I think that one of the things that’s exciting about this offense is that we do have a lot of guys that we want to get the ball to,”
    is can you keep them on the field and healthy?
    Parker has been rather fragile, and the question is also valid with Wilson.
    Drake just had one minor issue, and Williams I’m not familar with his past history, but for your two primary receivers, it’s a valid concern.

  10. I’m not yet a Rosen fan but if he played better than Fitz with less knowledge, shouldn’t that logically indicate he would be the better starter? Fitz did less with more during the preseason. The team just looked better with Rosen in there. Rosen took more risks which leads to more potential INTs but, let’s be real, nobody is thinking Fitz will be INT free.

  11. Fitz is better prepared to make protection calls with a line that has been patched together. I’m assuming that is primary reason for starting the season first on depth chart.

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