Ezekiel Elliott: Important to be highest-paid RB because “I’m the best”


Ezekiel Elliott went to bed in a “bad place” Tuesday night, not knowing whether he would practice Wednesday or not. It took more than one phone call to wake him up at 6:15 a.m. to deliver the good news.

It took a 40-day holdout for Elliott to get the deal he was seeking.

“I think I learned that I am mentally tough,” Elliott said Wednesday after signing his new deal and practicing with his teammates. “It’s definitely one of the hardest things I’ve been through. Just every day not having certainty.”

Elliott now is the league’s highest-paid running back, surpassing Todd Gurley.

“It was [important], because I believe I’m the best,” Elliott said.

Elliott would not say whether he was prepared to miss games. He insists he was taking it “day by day” and hoping for the best.

Now that he’s here, the star running back wants to continue to prove he’s the best. Elliott has led the league in rushing two of his three seasons and still led the league in average yards per game in 2017 when he missed six games for a suspension.

“Just a journey to get there. You know,” Elliott said. “From where I started and finally being here and what I have to do to. . . . I mean, I’ve just got to take it to the next level now.”

76 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott: Important to be highest-paid RB because “I’m the best”

  1. “It’s definitely one of the hardest things I’ve been through. Just every day not having certainty.”

    I mean you still have your two years left on your deal, you had SOME certainty.

  2. You’re the best? You’ve won nothing along with many over paid quarterbacks who haven’t made a playoff appearance!!

  3. “I think I learned that I am mentally tough,

    I think you learned nothing, enjoy the payday.

  4. What a tone-deaf statement. With everything going on in the world today, he has no idea about “bad places” and truly “hard things”. He chose to hold out, and it worked, he got paid, good for him. But to make it sound like he endured some real hardship, please, it’s not only silly, it’s insulting to pretty much everyone.

  5. “because “I’m the best”
    C’mon Zeke, Don’t be so modest. Tell us how you really feel.

  6. He’s good, but the Cowboys will go 15-1 and lose in the first round of the playoffs.

    Try to be a bit less arrogant.

  7. Yup, it’s incredibly tough not knowing whether you’ll wake up an average millionaire or a mega wealthy millionaire…..

  8. Good for you to “get yours”, but that selfish “me first” attitude is exactly why your team will never win a SuperBowl.

  9. To all those complaining, I cant wait until a player does the same thing to the team you root for. I get it, fandom makes you see things differently, but give me a break with the whining and complaining already. That’s a female trait.

  10. I learned that I’m mentally tough. It was so hard waking up everyday, not knowing if my storm-off-in-a-huff millenial tantrum would pay off, or if i would have to go to work and make 13 mil over the next two years for the team that has already paid me 25 mil the last three. I’m a big boy.

  11. He can think it all he wants, but we all know that Saquon Barkley is far and away a better rb. Over 2000 all purpose yards to his 1,900, 5.0 yard per carry vs his 4.7, 15 tds to his 9 tds and he ran behind a horrible O-line.

  12. Well he is. Numbers dont lie. Except for Coop and Dak we have ALL of our young talent from oline to defense signed to long term contracts. We are no where near the cap, and the cap keeps going up. This team is built to win and compete for many years to come. And add in the FACT that they been drafting very well the past 6 years. Get mad all you want rant some bad excuses that are not even true. Shows your scared and whom could blame you?

  13. The O-line doesn’t break tackles for him. The O-line doesn’t put their head down and pick up that extra yard for him. The O-line isn’t taking a helmet to the knees every play.

  14. I bleed Kelly green but this guy scares me and my birds defense every time he touches the pigskin. Whether he is the best I won’t judge that but I do know I was praying my eagles would draft him

  15. how are the cowboys signing all these players?
    do they have a different salary cap.
    nfl needs to get ted wells to look into this

  16. I don’t think we can blame players for maximizing their earnings. The pie is there and it is growing every year. Particularly with legalized gambling coming in. It may seem selfish to fans, but the players happen to be the best in the world at something that pays a lot of money. The difference of a few extra million a year in a contract may not be necessary for them to live a great life, but it can mean they can do more for their family, their kids families, their friends, etc. Of course they should take control of that money if they can.

  17. thefirm2018 says:
    September 4, 2019 at 3:44 pm
    You’re the best? You’ve won nothing along with many over paid quarterbacks who haven’t made a playoff appearance!!
    What in the world does that have to do with being the best running back in the NFL? Seriously some of the things that passed for “logic” here.

  18. Well I hope that contract is front loaded because he might not make it to the end of it. I mean AP signed his big deal with the Vikings and only made it to year 5 of 7, then became a salary cap victim (in addition to off the field stuff and injuries). The cap is going up every year, but there is only so much money to go around.

  19. Guaranteed he puts all the weight he just lost back on. He “got paid” and now he will just coast. He will be broke and out of the league in three years.

  20. Paying ridiculous $ for a readily available commodity, i.e.,running back, is just horrible management. In addition, Ezekiel has repeatedly demonstrated that he is a punk. As long as Jerry is in charge of the Cowboys, they are going nowhere.

  21. Walter Peyton did it for a decade without an offensive line or a decent QB and broke every record in sight! You can debate who’s the best today; but to utter that is shows the continued narcissism and lack of respect that he has for the game and people in general!

    He’s won nothing with the best offensive line in football and one of the best teams around him.

    He’s completely delusional to know who Walter Peyton and the backs in the HOF ahead of him are and utter this complete and utter disrespect!

  22. I root for the players to get as much comp as possible. Most of their careers are short and they are one hit away from veg city. The owners are making millions off them. You are worth what someone else is willing to pay you. Glad to see Zeke curbstomp Jerry on this one and no, I am not a Cowboy fan.

  23. Melvin Gordon is probably thinking he’s next in line but I think he’s miscalculated his bargaining power and who he’s dealing with. I see him lucky if the Chargers even reimburse any lost game checks and fines, let alone giving him a big new contract.

  24. Remember when Murray thought he was the best? Left Dallas for money and was never heard from again!! Dallas has a strong history of knowing how to block. New England knows how to block backs are a dime a dozen for that organization.

  25. Well you only have to put up with him for 8 more years or until Maccafery gets paid more and he holds out again.

  26. Who cares what he says, he is a ‘big head’and obviously thinks he’s the best. Nothing like being modest.
    He’s not the best without his OLine, he needs them badly. Wait for a ‘road block’ along the way, unless his
    Behavior has suddenly improved.

  27. Zeke you are good but not the best. Yes you have the rushing title in 2 out of the 3 years you have been in the league and so did another hall of Famer ” Emmitt Smith “. Emmitt also led the league in touchdowns those years. When zeke learns how to juke and break some ankles and manage to break more open field tackles and score more TDs then you might be the best. Missing 6 games in 2017 and playing all of 2018 and only coming up with 13 rushing TDs that’s far from being the best! The Cowboys paid way to much for this dude!

  28. I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog gone it, people like me….

    Ezekial Smalley

  29. here’s the thing. Peyton Hillis was too. Got a cover. Never should have but while you have been wicked good, stop being a jerk. It is funny how people get up and demand, get, and then suck.

    Looking at you Cousins. SKOL

  30. Meanwhile it is dead quiet in Seattle because Seattle ejected all of their me-first loudmouths. They just signed Russell Wilson to the highest paid QB in the NFL contract and Bobbby Wagner to the highest paid LB in the NFL contract. You would think there would’ve been more drama and noise but it all happened quietly and professionally and people have gotten over the initial reaction and moved on.

    Seattle seems tired of me-first loudmouths like Richard Sherman being the face of the team. As a father of a kid who likes wearing Seahawk jersey’s I’m ok with that.

    Just wait until Dak’s contract hits…or Cooper’s…holy cow. Good luck Dallas!

  31. As a redskins fan and as much as I hate to admit it, Elliott is the best running back in the league.

  32. Whats paying him more gonna do ? He already had the most touches yards and tds last season and the cowboys won nothing in the process!

  33. 4th and 1, season on the line, and Zeke goes the wrong way, right into the only man on the field that could have stopped him. Way to go, Mister “The Best”.

  34. Can’t stand guys like this. It’s all ego and it’s all about them. His comments here are the exact opposite of ‘TEAM’. Makes me root against him.

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