Kenyan Drake expected to get “a lot of touches” this week

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The Dolphins list Kenyan Drake as their starting running back ahead of Kalen Ballage, and Drake did not appear on the team’s injury report Wednesday.

Miami appears ready to lean on Drake, who missed three weeks with a foot injury.

“I think he’s both physically and mentally ready,” Dolphins coach Brian Flores said, via Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post. “This is a guy who has as much talent as we have on our team. He’s fast. He’s physical. He’s explosive. He makes a lot of plays, and we’re looking forward to getting him a lot of touches this week.”

Drake has averaged only 7.9 touches in his career, including a career-high 10.8 per game last season. He has only two career 100-yard rushing games.

His touches and yards should rise this season if he can stay healthy.

“I just go out there and make true to the sentiment,” Drake said of Flores’ faith in him, via Alain Poupart of the team website. “That is all I can do. Take everything a day at a time. Harness my routine, focus on the things I need to do from a daily basis standpoint, step by step and go out there and just handle my business.”

9 responses to “Kenyan Drake expected to get “a lot of touches” this week

  1. Considering how this idiotic management has decimated the offensive line, it’s doubtful that Drake will have a an even mediocre season. Walter Payton, Mercury Morris, inter alia couldn’t have a good season behind this line.

  2. None of us have seen the Oline with the new players recently acquired. We can only assume the Oline will be horrible. I for one will laugh uncontrollably if the Fins have a decent running game, and can keep the QB upright!

  3. Not only did Ross give a guranteed contract to an unqualified coach from their rival but also managed to destroy the Dolphin franchise for seasons after Flores is fired.

  4. chicitybulls says:

    If it doesn’t work out, you can blame Kenny Stills. It’s what you do.
    Getting rid of cancer is always good.

  5. Fins have depth at running back and this being his last year on a rookie contract I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s traded at some point for future draft picks. Don’t see Fins paying him a huge contract next year but don’t see them waiting and letting him walk with no compensation.

  6. 1. Love the moves the Dolphins have made. Got rid of the drama and overpaid contracts.
    2. May not be the O-Line you had hoped for but these guys are in the Pros for a reason. We’ll see what happens.
    3. Drake is a solid back but won’t get a big contract to stay.
    4. Let’s see what the Phins can do. Nobody has them winning anything so all the upsets will be great.
    5. It will be fun to watch the next two years. Lot’s of pics and and cap space. This organization badly needed this to happen.
    6. These athletes are playing for their future, they won’t quit.

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