Quinnen Williams a backup on Jets’ depth chart

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The Jets chose Quinnen Williams with the third overall pick in this year’s draft, but Williams has not yet earned a starting job.

Williams is listed as second string on the Jets’ first depth chart of the season, behind Steve McLendon on the defensive line.

Teams’ publicly released depth charts don’t necessarily show how the team will line up for the first play of the first game, but it’s an indication that Williams will be coming off the bench in Week One.

Also noteworthy on the Jets’ depth chart is that Braxton Berrios, a wide receiver just claimed off waivers from the Patriots, is the starting punt returner.

13 responses to “Quinnen Williams a backup on Jets’ depth chart

  1. lmao

    If Leonard Williams a guy without a new deal as #5 overall and now this guy, pose no threat to offenses, the Jets are in serious trouble on defense.

    Steve McClendon? Isn’t he a journeyman?

  2. Get ready Jet fans, Gase is a genius! He owes his whole career to Peyton Manning going to the line and audibling out of his playcalls.

  3. Does anyone honestly believe that Quinnen Williams will not get the most snaps on that DL? I know I don’t. The young man is going to play, play a lot, and make an impact.

  4. Come on, Anyone that has looked at Greg Williams previous teams knows that the man loves to substitute heavily on the line to different packages. All this means is that in the base package Quinnen would be a backup. That is fine ,the kid is learning and the Jets for better or worse have a lot of DL depth. I would not be surprised to see him rotated throughout the line in different packages.

  5. If Quinnen Williams is just ok but not excellent then blame this on both the former GM (Mike Maccagnan) and the Jets interim owner Chris Johnson (Woody is the real owner but he’s away).

    Maccagnan took over a 4-12 team and went 10-6 (lucky with FitzPatrick), 5-11, 5-11, 4-12

    …back to where he started after 4 years, at 4-12.

    And the fool owner kept him so he could screw up yet another draft.
    This is the guy who drafted Polite in the 3rd round and he was cut already and no team claimed him.

    Who is worse the horrible GM or the owner who keep him on.

    The new GM (Joe Douglas) didn’t get to draft this year, and it’s going to take him at least 2-3 years to mbuild a good team, assuming he drafts well in 2020 – 2022.

  6. He’s a defensive lineman. Depth chart doesn’t really matter at that position. He is listed as a “backup”, but Gregg Williams play a ton of defensive lineman. He will still play a majority of every game, and be “starter” soon enough.

  7. The guy drew like 4 holding penalties in the preseason. He’s going to be a monster. But I do appreciate the snarky comments from people that haven’t watched him play a single snap.

  8. I would suggest that there are multiple reasons as to why Williams isn’t listed as a starter. First, maybe he hasn’t grasped the system 100%, which I doubt. Next can be the coaches are just taking the pressure off him to be a Pro Bowl lineman in the 1st quarter of his first game. There is also the possibility that Greg Williams wants to see what the Bills’ O-line looks like before giving Williams a last bit of coaching to succeed.

    If Quinnen Williams not being listed as a starter is the Jets’ biggest problem, they’ll be playing February 2, 2020 in Miami.

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