Raiders fined Antonio Brown $53,950 for missing two practices

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Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown has his helmet and is set to play on Monday night, but he’s not happy with everything that happened in training camp.

Specifically, Brown posted an Instagram story that showed a letter from Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock, informing him he was fined for missing practice.

“Dear Antonio: As you know, you did not participate in the Raiders’ walk through on August 22,” the letter begins. “Your absence from practice was unexcused. Accordingly, you are hereby fined $13,950 pursuant to Article 42, Section 1(a)(viii) of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Raiders’ Club Discipline Schedule.

“You were previously fined $40,000 for missing Raiders’ preseason training camp on August 18. Please be advised that should you continue to miss mandatory team activities, including practices and games, the Raiders reserve the right to impose additional remedies available under the Club’s Discipline Schedule, the CBA and your NFL Player Contract, including, but not limited to, additional fines and discipline for engaging in Conduct Detrimental to the Club.”

Brown added his own commentary to the image: “When your own team want to hate but there’s no stopping me now devil is a lie. Everyone got to pay this year so we clear.”

The $40,000 fine was assessed on August 18, the day that Mayock angrily told reporters that it was time for Brown to be all in or all out. Brown clearly didn’t get the message, given that he missed another practice four days later. Now the Raiders are crossing their fingers and hoping that when the season starts, things will go smoothly.

118 responses to “Raiders fined Antonio Brown $53,950 for missing two practices

  1. This is going to be comical to watch…. This falls into the “careful what you wish for” category..

  2. Good for the Raiders. He deserved to be fined. The guy is crazy af and will end up being a distraction at different points for different reasons. I bet there is a bit of buyer’s remorse behind the scenes.

  3. tip of the iceberg. wait until they start losing games, he’s not getting the ball, etc. this will get worse.

  4. Hilarious. All I could do was laugh when I saw the headline.

    AB was a cancer in the Raiders locker room the moment he signed the contract.

  5. Dear Antonio,

    Enough of the bs. You are not immune to rules in the workplace. Nobody is hating you. We gave you a bag of money. You willing accepted the money. It’s not unreasonable for us to expect you show up and play. Make the check payable to “Oakland Raiders”.


    Mike & Chuckie

  6. If you don’t do the fine every time, how do you ever do it? Good for the Raiders. I hope he gets released at some point. Coming across as a nut.

  7. welcometothefold95 says:
    September 4, 2019 at 10:49 am
    tip of the iceberg. wait until they start losing games, he’s not getting the ball, etc. this will get worse.

    One can only hope…

  8. What is the fine for being stupid and freezing your feet? I know the fine for wearing a crappy helmet is the same as the value of the players head. 10 cents for AB

  9. When will AB be doing sit-ups in his driveway?
    Raiders are shocked, shocked I tell ya, shocked that AB is exactly the guy everyone knew he was and is continuing to be. Shocked.

  10. I truly do not understand why he just can’t do what’s necessary and stop the extra bull. He wanted out of Pittsburgh and he got it. He could at least do RIGHT by his new team, but that would be too much like right for him. He is the problem everywhere he goes.

  11. I see people are still bringing up Tomlin.
    In case you aren’t aware, Tomlin and the Steelers also fined Brown, many times.
    Good luck Chucky, you traded for this mess knowing full well what he is.

  12. “Coming across as a nut.”

    Coming across???? How about is out of his mind, a small child’s mentality trapped in a man’s body

  13. All this AB talk seems a big deal now but once the season starts hell be picking up yards and TDs like usual. This is only a story because there’s no games on yet.

  14. Whatever. A necessary slap on the wrist that I doubt player, coaches, teammates or management care one bit about. Getting way too much coverage for a miniscule event.

  15. As well he should have been. Just show up and do your job Diva. Funny how Joe doesn’t even get close to any thread about the team he actually roots for, but only gets first in line to bash everything Bills related.

  16. Perfect

    The kid needed a spanking ..who cares he’s a awesome diva WR we gave him 30 mill

    set the rules right away ..TOUCHDOWN RAIDERS=CARR TO BROWN

    There’s your trainwreck LOL LOL


  17. @streetyson says:
    September 4, 2019 at 11:00 am
    Derek Carr’s gonna need a weekly radio show, maybe a daily one.
    Carr will also need a therapist and a bodyguard.

  18. “…devil is a lie. Everyone got to pay this year so we clear.”


    What does that even mean? Is it a threat?

  19. So John Gruden is back, starring in the remake of the Keyshawn Johnson story, with Antonio “Mr. Big Chest”, aka “Frozen Toes” Brown. This time, he takes a disgruntled receiver from a good team only to find out…well, I won’t spoil the ending!

  20. I LOVE THIS..Fine him every penny that you can under the CBA then suspend WITHOUT pay for conduct detrimental to the team, and void his contract. Then MAYBE just maybe he’ll figure it out but I doubt it

  21. he will make ~15M this year, 54k in fines which is less than 1/2 of 1%. For us in the real world that would be a fine of ~500.00 based on 100k annually. So he misses most of camp for less than 1/2 of 1% of his pay. Me thinks he’s not a stupid as most of us think. Although he will prove to be as stupid as he is.

  22. Posting that letter shows how professional and team orientated Mayock is.

    ABs response shows what a dope he is.

    You can’t fix stupid. Only going to get worse IMO.

  23. He’s going to have an absolute meltdown once the Julio Jones deal gets done and they announce the dollars he’s getting.

  24. I seem to remember several Pats commenters who are regulars here blaming it all on Tomlin….??? Where are those geniuses now….

    AB is a nut case off the field and needs some professional help.

  25. I can’t believe Walmart fired me for missing work. I was holding out! Then they had the audacity to withhold my paycheck! What is this world coming to!!!!!??

  26. Mike taking the role of bad cop to Jon’s good cop routine. Had to fine him right off the bat or they’d risk the same crap the Steelers had to deal with. Follow the teams rules or lose money. Could still blow up in their faces because the guy, although extremely talented, is clearly insane.

  27. I hope Mayock and Gruden treat him just like the 53rd guy on the roster from here out and fine him, suspend him, whatever his actions deserve. Enough catering to this fruit cake. It’s a disease, and he’s got it.

  28. What a punk. And the team continues to pay him? I’d cut the paychecks , first…then , fine his sorry butt.
    I do not, for the life of me, figure out why any of you Raider fans spend one dime on that team while Brown is a part of it. You are all so foolish.

  29. leroysbutler says:
    September 4, 2019 at 11:41 am
    AB honestly needs a mental evaluation
    It’s called wide receiver diva-itis.

    3 0 Rate This


    The same therapist that sees people for PDS (Patriots Derangement Syndrome) also is well versed in the Diva-itis area as well.

  30. Kelly’s Chronicles says:
    September 4, 2019 at 10:50 am
    Get your popcorn ready. The meltdown is in full effect.

    Hopefully not. First of this is a negligible amount of money to Browns bigger picture. And really they have to. The message it would send to the rest of the team if they don’t would do more damage than any Brown meltdown could ever cause. (Brown: “Hold my beer”) Hopefully he is mature enough to understand this (ok, lets face it he is not, but maybe his agent can explain it and why its not a battle to have) and just pay the fine and get on with the 2019 football season. His team needs him and if he does not start being there for them then it really doesn’t matter how much of a talent he is.

  31. Bob. Just Bob. says:
    September 4, 2019 at 11:30 am

    “…devil is a lie. Everyone got to pay this year so we clear.”


    What does that even mean? Is it a threat?


    No, not a threat. It’s a Waterboy reference.

    Mama “Foosball is the devil”

    Bobby Boucher “Everything is the devil to you, Mama! Well, I like school, and I like football! And I’m gonna keep doin’ them both because they make me feel good!”

  32. AB Priority List:

    1. Fame
    2. Money
    3. Rec, Yards, TDs
    4. Winning

    This Raiders thing should end well.

    Beaming Steelers fan

  33. AB honestly needs a mental evaluation.
    Lot of truth to this one. Some of those hits he’s taken… Hope he’s okay.

  34. This man child should be shunned from the league. He and his behavioral type really make the NFL look BAD! The average person in the US doesn’t make per year what this guy is being fined. NO BIG DEAL, RIGHT AB! Pocket change!

  35. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    September 4, 2019 at 10:53 am
    Signing AB was like pouring vinger in your Starbucks coffee.


    But it is really good vinegar! ha.

  36. Oakland knew what they were getting in AB so why are they surprised now. Can’t teach and old dog new tricks. Once a clown always a clown. The questions is did Oakland change their team song to the circus is in town.

  37. More headlines than the Browns and Odell this summer…

    Your move, Odell…You can outcrazy Antonio Brown.

  38. What a complete self-centered, egotistical, jerk. He goes out like an idiot and gets his feet freeze-dried so he misses training camp with his new team. Then he makes a huge stink about the new helmets as if he’s so special that he should get an exemption. This guy CREATES problems and then pretends like he’s the victim. Mayock was 100% right to fine the jerk. There is not one single molecule of humility in guy…none. They should have freeze-dried his head instead of his feet.

  39. AB realizes he did not sign with a winner and is going to implode this season. Will be funny to watch

  40. Probably the first time in his life he’s been accountable for anything. As you can tell from his response, he’s confused.

  41. AB has lost his mind. He will be cut by the Raiders (sooner than later), bounce around to another team or two, and then be out of the league. No team will stand for all this nonsense.

  42. Fine him again for showing the fines he incurred to the public.
    Conduct detrimental to the Raiders organization.
    Make it $100,000.00.
    Make sure he understands the more he posts of the organization the higher the fines get.

  43. Knowing that he posted this on social media tells us everything:

    “When your own team want to hate but there’s no stopping me now devil is a lie. Everyone got to pay this year so we clear.”

  44. True, the amount of the fine is pocket change to AB. However, the real problem with him is that he is getting called down. He can’t take ANY criticism. AB got put in his place, and for the Raiders, there will be repercussions. He truly believes he is the be-all and end-all of the TEAM. I get people who didn’t follow him closely while he was with the Steelers thinking that he will be different now, and they are probably right (in a negative way), he will be worse.

  45. Al Davis had a way of dealing with malcontents and they never pulled these stunts when they became a Raider. A few of the veterans on the team would take them out and explain the facts of life. Once a Raider you have protection on and off the field, but you NEVER bite the hand that feeds you cause there is no where else to go. Mark Davis needs to get that mentality back in the Silver and Black or stop signing these kinds of players. Look at John Matuszak or Otis Sistrunk, Ben Davidson, Ted Hendricks and Willie Brown.

  46. Judging by ABs writing ability it appears the padding in his helmet wore out a long time ago.

  47. Wow, brings back memories of T.O. in Philly! Except that T.O. behaved his first year and was beloved as he helped the Eagles to the Super Bowl. Buyer’s remorse didn’t come until his second year. Pretty sure the buyer’s remorse has already started in Oakland.

  48. I’ve studied French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English but oddly enough I have no idea what he said in his tweet.

    Is there a translation available. Anyone?

  49. A match made in heaven. Chuckie and AB will have a long and prosperous marriage…..yeah right!!!

  50. jquaste says:
    September 4, 2019 at 2:36 pm
    Wow, brings back memories of T.O. in Philly! Except that T.O. behaved his first year and was beloved as he helped the Eagles to the Super Bowl. Buyer’s remorse didn’t come until his second year. Pretty sure the buyer’s remorse has already started in Oakland.

    Lets face it, when AB said he was going to surpass TO we did all think he just meant at catching passes.

  51. There’s a reason the Steelers were willing to take a dead money hit of almost 20 million to dump an all pro for mid round picks. Guy is that much of a headache to have around.

  52. I’m gonna die laughing when Carr and AB secretly hate each other after the 2nd game when AB figures out Carr is terrified to throw the long ball.

  53. The Raiders aren’t counting on Antonio Brown. He’s just a luxury. Ben Roethlisberger won his two super bowls before they got Brown. None while he played for them. If Brown decides he isn’t serious about football, the Raiders will be able to void the contract. Brown doesn’t need the money, and the Raiders don’t need the distraction. Gruden won a super bowl without Brown too.

  54. It’s not the amount of the fine that set Brown off, it’s the fact that the Raiders had the audacity to dare take him to task. Brown doesn’t believe that the rules apply to him and he will continue to test the Raiders to see how much he can get away with. If the Raiders hang tough, Brown will cry foul, and start his campaign to get traded from the Raiders.

    He’ll also use this as his excuse if his production goes down.

  55. “…devil is a lie. Everyone got to pay this year so we clear.”


    What does that even mean? Is it a threat?


    I *think* he’s referencing fines by the club. Amy Trask posted that sometimes clubs send a letter but don’t actually collect the fine…it just reserves their right to do so.

    According to PFT, the Raiders did actually collect the fines, so AB is saying ok, better collect on all of them then, not just mine. He’s putting them in a bit of a situation where using fine letters (without fines) as a deterrent might become problematic, because he makes an issue.

    The part about the devil? Beats me. Unless he meant to write liar. Then he could be referencing either of Grudock’s two heads. Chuckle’s tongue has more forks than the Amazon River.

  56. Now, if only Tomlin and the Steelers dealt with this child in this manner, then we likely wouldn’t be reading about his childish behavior now.

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