Sean McVay: Contract demonstrates commitment we’ve made to Jared Goff

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The Rams open the regular season in Carolina on Sunday, but the Panthers weren’t the first topic of conversation for head coach Sean McVay at Wednesday’s press conference.

Quarterback Jared Goff signed a contract extension with the team on Tuesday night that comes with $110 million in guaranteed money. McVay quipped that he was happy that Goff would now be able to buy him dinner while also putting a more serious face on what the deal means.

“I think it’s great for him. It’s something that demonstrates a commitment that we’ve always felt to him,” McVay said.

Some questioned whether Goff was the right quarterback for the Rams for the long term after he played poorly in the the team’s 13-3 loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl, but McVay said he is “very confident” in Jared’s ability to make big-time plays” and that he feels Goff demonstrated that on the way to Atlanta last season.

That explains why the Rams were comfortable making that commitment and it’s part of a trend that’s taken hold since McVay arrived in 2017. McVay, Goff, General Manager Les Snead, running back Todd Gurley, wide receiver Brandin Cooks and defensive tackle Aaron Donald are all signed through the 2023 season, so the band will be together for quite a while if all continues to go well.

19 responses to “Sean McVay: Contract demonstrates commitment we’ve made to Jared Goff

  1. Commitment is in the signing bonus. All the other “guarantees” usually go hard at the beginning of each league year. So that means the only true commitment is the money the team already paid (and is prorated against the salary cap unless cut) which is the signing bonus.

  2. Goff is great when given a lot of time to throw to open receivers.
    Good luck reading defenses and let’s see how the NFL adjusts to him based on what we saw in the Superbowl, when McVays Mike is cut off.

  3. That’s a lot of cash tied to four players. Good luck getting some quality depth behind those guys and spreading it around to others who are going to be wanting to get paid!

  4. Haters, keep hating. You’re a joke. Same people who said he was a bust after 7 games with Jeff Fisher. Two years since = 2 division titles, playoff wins, and a SB appearance. He’s 24 and will be doing this for the next 15 years. Keep moving the goal-post though….

  5. I think of Philip Rivers with no extension. Not even 2 or 3 yrs. Even when Spanos stated he would get one. Spanos is such a bad owner and devious penny pincher. Well, he’s got to be now, as the LA Chargers have few fans, are an NFL after thought franchise and revenues other than the important TV sharing are next to non existent.

  6. Pats exposed Goff badly in SB. He is unable to read a defense and teams will now wait until his headset is shutoff to show what they’re in. Rams didn’t learn their lesson with Gurley’s arthritic knee?

  7. This will be a mistake… The Patriots lade out the blue print on how to beat him in the super bowl. Once everyone else starts using that defense, he will be just another mediocre has been quarterback not worth the money they’re paying him.

  8. It almost seems like he’s saying this to try and instill some more confidence in Goff…as if he doesn’t have it already.

    Doesn’t that seem weird?

    Maybe it has something to do with how badly Goff played at the end when it mattered most. The opposite of “clutch”…crumbling under the pressure.

    I can see why some might think he needs more confidence…but it’s kind of strange to think you can “buy” it.

  9. Jared Goff is not the answer. After the game against the Bears his weaknesses got exposed for everyone to see. It was ridiculous how any throws he missed in Super Bowl 53 including the for sure touchdown to Cooks. Plus, the Bears beat him up even worse in the regular season. He does not do well against physical teams.

  10. On a side note I’ve always thought having a mic to the QBs helmet stupid , wtf ever happens to just playing football .

  11. Rams know this is their window. Pay your core guys, hope for some luck w/ injuries, and compete for Super Bowls the next few years. It’s boom or bust, but I prefer that over a safer approach that leads to sustained just-successful-enough mediocrity. Especially after decades of losing. And enough with the Goff hate. So he had a bad game against the Bears… What elite QB hasn’t put up a stinker? So he had a bad game in the Super Bowl…The kid is 24 playing his 1st Super Bowl against 2 all-timers in Brady and Belichick, and let’s face it, the GOAT QB on the other side didn’t look that great either.

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