Antonio Brown may have a problem under the Personal Conduct Policy

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If NFL Media’s report that Raiders receiver Antonio Brown threatened to punch Raiders G.M. Mike Mayock in the face is accurate, Brown may have a problem separate and apart from his potential team-issued suspension.

Brown could be facing discipline under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

The Personal Conduct Policy expressly prohibits, among other things, “[v]iolent or threatening behavior toward another employee or a third party in any workplace.” Brown’s alleged conduct presumably would fall within the boundaries of that specific portion of the rule.

The broader question becomes whether the precise wording of Brown’s suspension from the team, if he’s suspended at all, covers the threatened punch. If he isn’t suspended for threatening Mayock but for something else — of it the team doesn’t suspend Brown at all — the league still can.

Given that the league is likely still miffed at the turmoil caused by Brown’s multiple helmet grievances, the league possibly won’t be inclined to show him lenience on this one. Regardless of how it plays out, it’s another angle to watch as this latest chapter in As The Antonio Turns unfolds.

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  1. As a Raiders fan all is forgiven AB. Come back to practice. BTW, Vontaze would like to have a word with you in the middle of the field.

  2. Perhaps they can trade him back to Pittsburh before Sunday’s game. Maybe swap 7th round picks and toss in a bag of Ghirardelli Choclate or something. And let him take his helmet with him.

  3. Cut your losses, Raiders. With all the big personalities in that room, if they see you giving an inch they will take a mile.

  4. “The Personal Conduct Policy expressly prohibits, among other things, “[v]iolent or threatening behavior toward another employee or a third party in any workplace.””

    When his agent explains this to Brown his response will no doubt be “since when is saying you’re going to punch someone threatening them?”


  5. What’s the over/under about how much the announcers discuss ” As the Antonio Turns ” Monday night ???

  6. “As the Antonio Turns” might be the worst soap opera name you could have come up with. “These are the Days of Antonio’s Life”, “Antonio’s Life to Live”, “Antonio Brown, 94610”.

    I am enjoying this so much and I am so grateful I am not a Raiders fan.

  7. Hope they cut him and new england picks him up and you know what will happen. He quits being a diva and becomes a team first player and wins a super bowl baby. Thats what happens when they come to new england.

  8. At this point, I would have to believe he has some serious mental issues. He may be elite, but he’s also a headcase one way or another. I would never want to be him…

  9. The league should “Kaepernick” him and end the silliness… This is exactly why AB will never be in the HOF.

  10. Remind me again why Gruden traded for a guy who quit during a playoff run, missed a pivotal game with the the season on the line, and when asked it about it, started calling himself “Mr. Big Chest.”

  11. Went to college with AB…dude has been and always will be an a$$hat. It’s all karma at thi point and I hope he loses out on that $30 million 😀 What clown 😀

  12. Mayocks entire future of being a bonafide GM in this league hinges on how this is handled. If he puts his foot down on a star player(and likely his coach) and suspends him and cuts bait his reputation gets a huge boost and if he doesn’t no one will ever respect him again.

  13. “Antonio Brown may have a problem”

    “A” problem?

    I don’t think I have enough fingers or toes (pun intended) to count all the problems he has.

  14. Cut him. He is obviously one of, if not the most talented wideout in the league, but even this is too far for typical WR Diva Attitude. You have to put your foot down, and I think it’s safe to say that point is now. The Raiders have a choice, do they truly want to rebuild as a respectable franchise and set an example to the rest of the roster, or do they want to let things fly for the sake of winning.

  15. Where are all the “experts” on how the Raiders stole this trade from Pittsburgh. That’s all I heard after the trade was made. Who really got away with the loot. Brown continues to prove he’s been wearing a defective helmet throughout his career….

  16. The league will not step into this mess and suspend Brown. Some other owners are probably enjoying this due to prior Al Davis antipathy.

  17. A.B. must be one troubled dude to act in such an uncontrollable manner. Writing letters and posting tweets voicing his displeasure of being fined by his team are childish acts. Threatening physical violence against against a person is a massive red flag. If Oakland, or the shield decides to discipline Brown for his actions that discipline should include a mandatory psychiatric examination.

  18. Pro Tackle Football people are passionate. 108 rec. 1510 yards 16 TD’s. What problems?

  19. AB is the ONLY person to blame here.
    The Raiders franchise, owner, GM, and HC have NO blame whatsoever in this.
    AB is a pompous and pampered player who craves attention and support from the media and he gets it from them. That only serves to feed his warped ego.
    AB punched Mayock.
    AB should pay the consequences no matter what they are and how severe they are.
    If AB loses $30 million, then the blame is on him (AB) because AB CHOSE to punch Mayock.
    Let AB suffer the consequences, maybe he’ll learn some humility after this.

  20. Ok, if the NFL has to investigate, what’s the over/under for the weeks it will take to resolve?

    At 6 weeks: thumbs down for less/thumbs up for more.

  21. Did this get caught by Hard Knocks ? AB is too much, Pittsburgh probably would’ve given him away for a bag of peanuts. He is trouble. I get the feeling we may be seeing the end of AB. Nobody will remember him except as knucklehead.

  22. I am telling you right now, Goodell will do nothing because the Raiders play in the AFC. If Oakland was on NE’s schedule, I know for a fact Goodell will absolutely do nothing since Brown could help Oakland possibly beat NE, especially if the game was in Oakland.

    Combining his antics with this ex, throwing things out the window and all of that being covered up b the Steelers, etc, we may be looking at something deeper than just a diva. The dude is 100% certifiable at this point and a danger to society.

    It simply cannot be made up.

  23. DAMN….#Steeler Nation looks like geniuses now.
    It’s been all downhill mentally since that Burfict hit for AB!
    Literally throwing away 30mil unless Mayock shows him some mercy.

    And I hope Mayock lays down the sledge. AB has shown no love for the Raiders, so they should show zero tolerance towards him.

    I only wish he’d used whatever remaining brainpower he has/had left to at least give us ALL the treat and punt that football while making those threats at his “fresh fish” GM on Hard Knocks or during a live interview.
    That would have been worth the price of admission and some solace to the poor fans who actually purchased this clown’s jersey with what appears now to be nothing to show for it.

    At his current rate, AB probably won’t play another down in uniform.
    And even if he does, you really have to wonder how much effort he really wants to give.

  24. Wow, maybe this guy should have changed helmets a few years ago. Sounds like too many hits to the head, and now has a few loose screws. We laugh, but it isn’t funny anymore, its really quite sad.

  25. This reminds me of the drama with Britney Spears around the time she shaved her head on camera. It’s just too fascinating to ignore.

  26. So glad the Steelers didnt accept the Eagles offer and took the Raiders instead. Not worth the drama this baby brings. Just retire!!

  27. if Elliott can get suspended for possibly assaulting somebody before he was even in the league, then surely Brown should be suspended for definitely threatening violence against his boss

  28. General Moe says:
    September 5, 2019 at 2:52 pm
    Hope they cut him and new england picks him up and you know what will happen. He quits being a diva and becomes a team first player and wins a super bowl baby. Thats what happens when they come to new england.

    Yep, because that’s what happened with Aaron Hernandez, Patrick Chung and Josh Gordon (yes Josh Gordon…how many games has he played for the Patriots so far?). Yep, they run a tight ship up there in New England, lol.

  29. Cut him and do it now. Chucky’s first season back was a huge dud, the raiders can’t afford to have a repeat season. Take the loss and move on. The guys in the locker room are not going to want to answer for the dumbness he’s about to bring week in and week out.

  30. Maybe his head got too big for the newer helmets. Thinks he’s bigger than the game. Too bad, what a waste of incredible talent. See Jeff George and many others. George had tremendous natural talent but his head got in the way as well…

  31. Couple things. The dude’s got tunnel vision and immediately reacts with no thought of the consequences of his actions. Also I bet Mayock and Gruden would’ve let it go or loved his spirit if he did it in private. But the Twerker forced their hand. 50 shades of stupid.

  32. There was a moment during Hard Knocks where Gruden jabbed at Mayock during the preseason and yelled “Hey Mike, you get us any guys that can catch the ball?” I think there was more to it than the inncocent jab we saw.

    This is gonna come down to Gruden siding with Brown because he wants to win, and Mayock is gonna be out. Mark it down.

  33. Looks like AB’s trying to find a way out of another town… I don’t think for a second he’s that dumb. Somebody’s holding onto a pile of cash somewhere.

  34. As a Bronco fan couldn’t have happened at a better time. And yes I hope not only the Raiders play hardball with his bonus but the league suspends him for say 6 or 8 games. Either way he has made it clear he is set for life & don’t need football & football don’t need him. I am beginning to doubt the HOF will be calling anytime either.

  35. If AB is mad now… just wait until he tries to catch balls from Derek Carr. AB will make Dez Bryant’s sideline rants look like nothing.

  36. The Raiders may be ticked off at AB but they are professionals and would never make a vindictive decision. The fact is AB deserves to be suspended and his contract voided.

  37. I’m worried AB has a serious mental problem. He should be on a suicide watch or at least have an evaluation by a mental health professional. This is going to end really bad I think if the guy doesn’t get help.

  38. Raiders need to suspend AB then cut him, fire Gruden, clean out the front office, tank, then start over with the draft next year. Otherwise this dumpster fire is going to burn for another year or two.

  39. Suspension would mean the only guaranteed money they owe him is the $1MM signing bonus. Id suspend him for the season and cut him. Its not worth the drama with him

  40. hawks1124 says:
    September 5, 2019 at 3:26 pm

    Brown needs to learn the phrase “You need to be terrified of me too” and he’d be untouchable according to the NFL precedents.


    Somebody buy this guy a beer, or six. He just won the internet.

  41. “As the Brown turns” is a totally different kind of show. But somehow, has a similar feel.

    I defended the Antonio circus before this. The helmet and foot issues were just overblown. But this is beyond reproach. You can be pissed you were fined… but address it like a man, not a petulant child. Sit down and talk with Mayock as an employee, not as a bar fight.

  42. If the Raiders do not suspend and cancel this clowns contract they are crazier than Brown who is a walking team cancer. No one needs Browns lunacy!

  43. Even the Washington football team gave this clown a pass. How bad can this guy be that that miserably mismanaged team had a stopped clock moment and the Raiders didn’t.

    I hope the NFL throws the book at this jerk.

  44. Best for Radiers to fire Mayock hire T.O. as GM and get AB on the field. He is by far the best receiver in football and entertaining on and off the field. Gruden is and has always been a little shy of a real head coach. Makes a good funny face though.

  45. I somehow managed to forget this point – AB felt disrespected – and that is reason enough to fire the manager and to give AB a pay raise. Disrespect is today’s racism.

  46. If you don’t suspend him and he is eligible for the $29mm in guaranteed money, it’s not like he is going to behave. All he had to do is not be a jackass and he’d get his money and he couldn’t even make it through training camp. Cut him now, muck your hand, and consider it a good fold.

  47. what a pompous,cancerous please do everyone a favor a hit him with a lifetime ban from playing on any team.he obviously is never going to change.

  48. This guy is officially off the reservation. As a Saints fan I’m glad our 100M dollar WR knows how to keep his mouth shut and simply catch the ball!!!!

  49. Just think, Brown could end up sitting for the year and it’ll still cost the Steeler’s $20 million against their cap. That is hilarious! They’re lucky that Bell is very bad at poker and refused their $70 million, 5 year offer.

  50. Rich man still trying to keep the brothers down! AB is the best in the business! Raiders got nothing without him.

  51. Roger should grow a set, to step in from a league perspective and suspend him for the season; based solely on the threat of physical violence to the GM. Needs to set a Hard Stop !

  52. bobby105 says:
    September 5, 2019 at 3:00 pm
    OBJ will be next to go off the rails.


    He’s already there. He has mental issues too.

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