Drew Rosenhaus: Antonio Brown wants to play, unsure if he will

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Amid talk that Antonio Brown‘s relationship with the Raiders has soured to such an extent that he may never play for them, Brown’s agent says he’s working on a resolution.

Drew Rosenhaus told Mike Florio that he wants to help resolve the issue between Brown and the Raiders, but he doesn’t know if Brown will be on the field when the Raiders’ season starts on Monday night.

“I think there’s been a lot of speculation. The reality is that we’re still talking through many scenarios. There has yet to be a suspension. Nothing is final yet. I’ve been in touch with Coach Gruden, Mike Mayock. We’re doing our best to work this out. Trying to keep this relationship moving in a good direction again,” Rosenhaus said.

Asked if Brown wants to play for the Raiders, Rosenhaus said, “I believe he does. I can’t speak for him, but in my conversations with him, he’s willing to honor his contract and play for the Raiders.”

Rosenhaus said the issues with Brown’s foot injury and helmet that kept him out of practice over the summer were not Brown’s fault and there’s no reason that Brown can’t return to the team. However, Rosenhaus said he just can’t say whether Brown will be in uniform Monday night against the Broncos.

“I’m not optimistic that I can give you an answer to that right now,” Rosenhaus said. “If it were up to me, if it were up to Antonio, he would play. But there’s a lot of people involved who have to make that decision.”

Working everything out won’t be easy. Nothing with Brown and the Raiders has been.

104 responses to “Drew Rosenhaus: Antonio Brown wants to play, unsure if he will

  1. In other words Rosenhaus is desperately scrambling to save his commission.

    The only thing that would make the Raiders a bigger laughingstock than they already are is if they don’t suspend Brown and void his guarantees.

  2. AB has serious mental issues. All NFL owners SHOULD collude and make sure that he never plays in the NFL again. Enough is enough with him, and other guys like him.
    The NFL will do just fine without AB.

  3. I can’t believe Drew can even go on camera anymore about AB. He’s nitroglycerin and each day something new developes. It’s never going to be a stable situation.

  4. I’m glad Mike Mayock stood his ground with Brown and didn’t take his abuse. The Raiders won’t be able to put their best game on the field with this self-absorbed nut on the team. Just cut your losses and move on.

  5. i love the part that AB wants to honor his contract. yeah i bet he does he is just about to shaft himself out of 30mill.

  6. Suspend him and no pay. Enough kid these divas. He has zero interest in playing for the Raiders.
    He made his bed now make him sleep in it.

  7. All that matters for Drew is avoiding suspension for week 1 so that this year’s salary becomes guaranteed. Even if he get’s cut after that he get’s this year’s salary.

    Baby steps.

  8. Work things out ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if someone handed me 30 million ,,,,I gotta tell ya ,,,things are worked out !

  9. Ship him to the Brownies where can can mesh with Beckhead and Maypop….

    Titans 31 Browns 7

  10. Crazy how this guy only pops up whenever a diva WR is doing something dumb. The last time I heard a lot about Rosenhaus was when TO was doing pushups in his driveway.

    Anyway, he is just doing his job here. I am 100% sure that Brown has no desire to play for the Raiders.

  11. Rosenhaus said the issues with Brown’s foot injury and helmet that kept him out of practice over the summer were not Brown’s fault…
    The helmet thing is totally Brown’s fault, and likely getting into a cryo chamber with bare feet is his fault too.

  12. New report just came out, AB has unfollowed Carr and the Raiders on Instagram….this guy is unreal…Give the Steelers credit….they managed to hide this dudes craziness very well

  13. Playing in the NFL is a privilege, you train workout, play, the game, study the playbook, play in front for thousands and looked at on tv by millions. Get paid handsomely that will set you up for life. It’s a privilege to play this game. It’s a honor to play in the NFL. Antonio Brown regardless of talent is a head case. It is hard to climb to the top of the mountain but its easier to fall off it. Should he play in the NFL??? Not with that attitude I would not pay him a dime in Chinese Money! It is a privilege to play in the NFL. Antonio Brown you sir think that it is your right to play in the NFL, you are mistaken my brother. You have lost your way. The Raiders need to cut Him and no team should pick him up. Threatening your boss? If that is true You just might have to find another line of work.

  14. I don’t believe the Raiders are going to cut him. However, they have seen enough already to know they have to protect the money. They pushed his buttons enough to now have a legitimate reason to suspend him, and get the guarantees thrown out. That way, when it goes south for good, and it will go south, they don’t owe him a dime.

  15. Rosenhaus said the issues with Brown’s foot injury and helmet that kept him out of practice over the summer were not Brown’s fault



    Maybe Drew can get AB, Mayock and Gruden on Dr. Phil tomorrow. But instead they’d probably end up on Jerry Springer.

  16. Stay strong AB !!
    The man just tryin to keep you down.
    We support you, AB, we know you the greatest.

    Love you Instagram, brah.

  17. jackedupboonie says:
    September 5, 2019 at 7:53 pm
    I can’t believe Drew can even go on camera anymore about AB. He’s nitroglycerin and each day something new developes. It’s never going to be a stable situation.


    Welcome to the world of agents and lawyers. That’s what they are paid for.

  18. Remember when Rosenhaus got so fed up with Johnny Manziel that he had to drop him as a client. I wonder how close he is to that point with Brown. I’m thinking that if Brown blows that $30 million guaranteed money that’ll do it.

  19. Rosenhaus said the issues with Brown’s foot injury and helmet that kept him out of practice over the summer were not Brown’s fault

    Throwing a temper tantrum and walking out of camp because he’s upset about a helmet? Of course nothing is his fault. Classic narcissist. The Raiders would be smart to suspend this knucklehead. Also void his contract so any more temper tantrums and he’s out on his ear. That makes his contract essentially a week-to-week deal and forces him to either behave or forfeit all that money.

  20. Players that actually want to play don’t threaten their bosses. Nor do they miss meetings, practices, walk throughs…or leave games early. Brown has gone from superstar to superclown.

  21. To Mr. Rosenhaus: “Honoring” AB’s contract also means that AB accepts all liabilities and disciplines in said contract. Your client doesn’t get to pick and choose which stipulations apply to him. Before he even sets foot on a football field again, I hope your client gets a thorough, professional mental evaluation. It’s for his well being, not the Raiders.

  22. So over 1500 other players did not have helmet issues, and none were dumb enough to have cryotherapy while wearing improper footwear, but he did so it’s not his fault? Wow, really what world is he living in?

  23. Owners, Coaches, and such must not tolerate his antics. Fine him as they have done appropriately. And, stand their ground. Otherwise, other DIVA’s will think they can do the same.

  24. I have a feeling that this WR is going to backpedal like an all-pro CB. All I know, is that if I threaten my boss at work (allegedly), it really wouldn’t be up to me either.

  25. Hey Raiders, the Texans will give you their 2040 and 2041 1st round picks for him. Those are the first ones still available as all preceding years’ ones have already been traded away.

  26. Get rid of both of them. Mayock can’t relate to the players but thinks otherwise I’m assuming. AB needs some evaluative cerebral assistance. $30M guaranteed and you do what?

  27. This guy needs to be put on 72 hour hold. He is extremely disturbed. If you are the Raiders, you knew what you were doing and it’s already bit you back. Suspend him, get your money back and learn your lesson.

  28. DO NOT CUT HIM!!!
    If they do he will simply sign a big pay day somewhere else. Keep him on salary, but fine every bit of it away. They already can void all his bonuses, so humble him a bit!

  29. LOL, Drew is good. When asked if he wants to stay with the Raiders he says he ‘wants to honor his contract’ and play for the raiders, he doesn’t say he actually want to play for them…

  30. vottorific says:
    September 5, 2019 at 9:29 pm
    If player does not get paid. Agent does not get paid


    I’m not a CBA expert but, under these circumstances. I believe he might have grossed some money already. Based on the signing bonus. Not 100% sure though. I could be wrong

  31. If Antonio Brown is not considered THE definition of a CANCER IN A ROOM , than I don’t know what is , The Raiders have absolutely NO CHOICE but the walk away now 29 million richer and WISER …

  32. The thing is, this is not anything new. He played for one of the top franchises, ownership on down in NFL, and was rewarded and he turned his back on them because he got his feelings hurt by Ben/Tomlin. Goes to Oak for 3 & 5th, a very nice contract, and he made a mockery of them with frozen feet, helmet hate, and shy-a-way practice. Then, he attempts to go all Tyson mania because he got asked to pony up what would be a 1 night at Vegas. This will not stop and if Chuckie/Mayock give him a pass, expect more once AB knows his money is secure for 2018. Then he can wine or say his leg hurts when they are 3-8. You cannot pay him, just chalk it up to bad deal pick wise, and get out of the contract. Great talent, pea brain.

  33. Brown wants to play under his rules. Nothing more. Nothing less.
    It’d be nice if organizations adhered to the collective bargaining contract instead of bowing down to certain players. Everyone knows the NFLPA makes sure the league/franchises adheres to it.

  34. The Lions will trade a 7th Round pick for Antonio Brown, but only after the Raiders agree to pay 75% of his contract.

  35. Sorry AB, in one year you make what takes we normal people (in any job) decade+ to make. Sometimes ya gotta suck it up and think on what you have…

  36. Lol @ Drew

    “Rosenhaus said the issues with Brown’s foot injury and helmet that kept him out of practice over the summer were not Brown’s fault”

    Umm the helmet thing is kind of his fault…he could have chosen to wear the approved helmet during practice as he looked for a way to wear his old one.

    Antonio’s is one yes man away from doing interviews in his driveway while working out.

  37. I’d cut him now. try to recoup you’re money. I’ve already given him the benefit of the doubt. Several times. He hasn’t even played a down yet, and he can’t control himself. Maybe the only player that make the Steelers look smart.

  38. What Drew meant to say instead of “I want him to play” is “I want him to get paid so I do”.

  39. If the Raiders are smart, they cut him. There’s ZERO negative consequence if they do. They’ll then have a built-in excuse the rest of the season to tank gracefully. Get your QB and some other shiny toys for next year’s Vegas adventure.

    Personally, I have way more respect for Gruden and Mayock than I used to.

    If they don’t cut him, my “said” respect is withdrawn.

  40. “He’s willing to honor his contract” – said as though that is a concession or above and beyond the usual. Well, for DR clients, maybe it is.

    I’d be interested in hearing why threatening to punch the GM was not AB’s fault.

  41. Threatening the GM and actually having to by physically restrained is cause for termination any any similar circumstance in any other working environment. I realize the NFL is not a corporate working environment, and coaches can live with a lot from a talented and difficult player, but not that.

    The way things are going, I suspect that they are going to give Brown another chance.

  42. For those that know how Drew usually operates, he vehemently defends his clients….his lack of enthusiasm defending “Mr. Big Chest” speaks volumes

  43. “Rosenhaus said the issues with Brown’s foot injury and helmet that kept him out of practice over the summer were not Brown’s fault”

    They were both clearly Brown’s fault. This kind of reinforcement is what keeps driving AB’s ridiculous behavior.

  44. Last year it was 3rd for Martavius Bryant, this year a 3rd and a 5th for AB. One could argue, at this point, that MB was a better deal for the Raiders than AB.

    You have to wonder if there’s a 3rd malcontent receiver on the Steelers that Gruden wants to give up a 3rd + for. The Steelers sure don’t mind trading receivers with the Raiders.

  45. Man, imagine being John Gruden. Nice cushy job announcing games, no drama, good pay.

    Then you get sucked into a black hole (pun intended) and you have to deal with this??? Bye Gruden, we all have Romostradamus to listen to now.

  46. Sure – Now he wants to play. Before this situation continues to move forward, it must 1st begin to move forward.

  47. The fact that the Raiders havnt suspended him yet worries me that this another carrot and stick thing. They remind me of those parents you see in the store with the spoiled screaming kid and they keep counting to three….1…2….2.5 but they never get to 3! Put your foot down Mayock, this is the time to show the entire team you are in charge (if he really is)

  48. “I can’t speak for him, but in my conversations with him, he’s willing to honor his contract and play for the Raiders.”

    Isn’t that one of the main things an agent does; speak for the client?

  49. There are two power dynamic relationships in football: Player-owner and player-coach/teammates. The first relationship is business/leverage, so there is nothing wrong with players demanding their worth before leg injuries, etc. take that away. But players like AB who constantly demand prima donna treatment ruin their locker room by destroying the team ethic and undermining the coach’s role as the central strategic leader.

  50. If he wanted to play he’d have thrown on a new helmet and PRACTICED WITH HIS NEW TEAM. Instead, he skipped practices despite the team having nothing to do with his helmet grievance, threatened to punch out his GM, and somehow managed to freeze his feet. This storyline is so absurd it’d be turned down by a sitcom for being too unbelievable.

  51. Problem I have is David Carr has been acting as a spokesperson for his brother for 2 years and now in a situation such as this…he needs to take a back seat. Or his brother needs to stop providing inside information. It’s detrimental to the team. At least Rothlisberger was his own spokesperson. David now gets to hide behind his big brother.

  52. To quote Antonio Clown “Actions speak louder than words.” His actions show that he really doesn’t want to play. He will NEVER get a dime of the 30 mil he was going to make.

    He will be extremely lucky to ever play again for any team.

    He complained that he didn’t want to play for the Steelers until they gave him guaranteed money. SO…the Raiders gave him a guaranteed contract. The part Mr Clown missed is that the contract is only guaranteed if he is on the roster for the first week of the season. When he gets suspended his contract is voided, so no guaranteed money. He just threw away $30mil!!! How stupid can he be?

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