Jon Gruden: We have to adapt to Antonio Brown’s absence

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Raiders coach Jon Gruden says that if wide receiver Antonio Brown isn’t with the team, they’ll manage.

Gruden wouldn’t say much about Brown today but did note that the Raiders’ offense already has plenty of experience working without Brown, who missed much of training camp with frostbitten feet and his helmet fiasco. Today Brown is once again away from the team after an altercation with General Manager Mike Mayock.

“We have been practicing without him and preparing to play. No matter who’s injured, you have to adapt. Unfortunately we had to adapt today, but we’re very excited about our receiving corps,” Gruden said.

Gruden wouldn’t explain precisely what happened with Brown, but hinted that the Raiders will have something to say about it soon.

“I’m not gonna get into any of that stuff right now. We’ll have an official announcement later,” Gruden said. “I’m not going to get into all of it. Obviously he wasn’t here to day. When we have some information for you, we’ll get it to you.”

Gruden appeared to be getting tired of reporters continuing to ask him about Brown.

“He’s not here today. When we have an opportunity to get you some more information we will,” Gruden said.

Gruden also indicated that the Raiders are trying to do everything by the book with Brown, which may suggest that the team is making sure it dots all its i’s and crosses all its t’s in issuing a suspension.

“We’re still getting to the bottom of everything,” Gruden said. “We’ll get you the information on Antonio when we have it official and correct and right. I don’t want to speculate about anything. Can’t do it.”

Gruden doesn’t want to speculate, but everyone else is free to speculate that he may have decided he’s done dealing with Brown.

82 responses to “Jon Gruden: We have to adapt to Antonio Brown’s absence

  1. The Steelers were the laughing stock of the internet with what they received from the Raiders trade. Now, it looks like the Raiders overpaid for Brown and the Steeler fans must be saying “we told you so”!

  2. Gee whiz… Who could have predicted that AB would continue to play a fool in Oakland? I mean, all he did in Pittsburgh was clown his coach in the locker room, pout and throw fits when he didn’t get the ball, care far more about his personal stats than team success, and quit on his team right before their biggest game of the season just because another player was voted team MVP…

  3. They BETTER dot all of their I’s and cross all their T’s because after they rescind his guaranteed money(which they should), you know brown will attempt to sue them for that money.

  4. ” No matter who’s injured, you have to adapt.”

    Hahahaha! What??! C’mon Chucky! Grow a spine. He’s not injured! Unless you’re talking about his fragile ego.

  5. I actually feel bad for Mike Mayock he seems like a well intentioned individual who unfortunately now must play it by the book to save his own job because of this clown Brown !

  6. I don’t see how they could take the path of not suspended Brown, as he is an employee who threatened another employee in the workplace. If that isn’t creating a hostile environment for every other employee who is exposed to Brown, then I don’t know what would. That warrants at the very least a suspension in and of itself. The fact that Brown has continued to be a major DIVA for this entire off season, has had to be fined for missing mandatory time with the team and made this threat apparently in front of other players . . . well if the Raiders don’t take this opportunity to rid themselves of Brown then they are just foolish.

  7. Scientific fact: Unusually talented wide receivers are often strangely susceptible to injuries of the drama muscle, a little known part of the human anatomy anterior to the mouth.

  8. The only thing left is for Chucky to start referring to him as Antonio Clown like the rest of us.

  9. In other words : ” We’re checking to see if we REALLY get to keep his $30 MIL if we suspend him . ” !!

  10. Its a shame if we don’t get to see Antonio Clown play on a baseball diamond for half the year. He will lose his GD mind by the 2nd home game.

  11. C’mon Gruden, show some backbone. Get rid of this cancer and sign Doss from the Jagaurs practice squad.

  12. Sounds like Jon Gruden has Mike Mayock’s back and the Raiders legal department has told both to be careful what they say publicly while they type up an official statement.

  13. Is it to late for him to fail a physical? To many slurpies in 2 sec. Brain froze worse than his feet.

  14. “We’re still getting to the bottom of everything,” Gruden said. “We’ll get you the information on Antonio when we have it official and correct and right. I don’t want to speculate about anything. Can’t do it.”

    This reads one of two ways:

    -we’re planning on doing nothing but trying to save face in the process

    Or more likely

    -the hammer is getting dropped but we need to cover our bases first.

    I think AB has pushed the wrong guy in Mayock one too many times.

  15. A billion dollar organization with the same employee problems as a night manager at a fast food joint dangling minimum wage at teenagers.

  16. It’s pretty obvious that Mayock has to show a firm hand. He cannot let bird chest run the team, and certainly can’t let bird chest threaten him with bodily harm. This is his first year as a GM and he needs to show the league he has guts to deal with troublesome situations, and this is very troubling. bird chest should be gone from the team.

  17. I’VE GOT THE ANSWER!! Send Antonio Brown to the Miami Dolphins, since they’re tanking anyways!! That way, he’ll single handedly destroy any chances of a victory and you don’t have to pretend tanking, Brown will do it for you! You might even recoup a high draft pick of two from the Raiders.

  18. When is the last time a team with a drama star WR won the superbowl? TO? nope, Randy Moss? nope, Chad ocho? nope.

  19. Gruden has been extremely disappointing in how he’s handling the AB situation.
    Reports coming out of Oakland are that Gruden let Keyshawn also get away with murder.
    Usually I agree with all diva WR critique but I don’t think even Meshawn was this bad.
    Destructive locker room cancer like AB cannot be tolerated.
    Even TO wouldn’t miss practices or fight the front office (physically)
    Needless to say, give guaranteed contracts to a headcase like AB is a bad idea.
    I have to believe Pittsburgh is laughing harder than anyone, and they fleeced Oakland.
    Sucks to be Raiderfan. You can’t spin this in any positive way but a monumental disaster.
    AB probably had no intention of ever playing a down this season, with helmet/foot excuses.
    CTE has to also be seriously looked at. We may be looking at early onset brain damage.
    Unless this is a smart ploy by Mayock to suspend and recoup the cap money….?
    Can’t really blame Mayock if he schemed something like that as an exit strategy.
    Keeping someone like AB on an incentive based salary is the only way to protect a team.

    I am so glad the Cowboys have a low key WR1 like Amari Cooper. Also, read the first letter of each sentence above.

  20. H.R. nightmare,something similar to this happened where I worked. Threatening another employee.

  21. If AB can add miss-treatment of women and cheating people out of their money(he’s getting close on this one) to his childishness and self-promotion he can be president when he reaches 35.
    Remember it’s thumbs down if you like miss-treating women.

  22. Mayock must be talking to the league about options, but Brown was gone today from practice either by suspension or on his own. If the later, his career with oakland is over.

  23. The only ones that see through Brown’s continued blame everyone else, disrespected act is all these TV sports talk shows. They now make it out at Oakland GM and coach played good cop bad cop against Brown. Please someone act as if they have some intelligence and tell it as it is , that Brown was in Pittsburgh and now Oakland that he is self absorbed, has no respect for the NFL, NFL players and teams that have given him contracts he wanted. Brown is a problem child and disrupts anything teams are trying to accomplish. For all the experts to now talk where Brown should go is a total disrespect for the caliber players that still play in the NFL

  24. Brown will be a Packer by the end of next week. Multiple Superbowl championships for the Packers are coming. Rodgers will settle Brown down and Brown will be happy again.

  25. Mr. Brown unfortunately is not all here, and does not appear to want to be. Sad someone should have stepped in to get him some help long ago….but coaches and staffs really dont care about you if your talented…and the cycle starts real early in a talented ones life….

  26. TO & Moss I could kind of understand their actions – they wanted something and did what it took to accomplish their intentions. Forced their way out by acting outrageous – like Duane Brown did to get out of Houston.
    Brown has no goal or plan in mind. He’s just nuts. Either needs to be on meds – or taken off whatever he’s now using to self-medicate.

  27. Well Mayock and Gruden were the one’s who OK’d the deal so they have toaccept the fact they made a mistake and have the guts to take action. Test to see if they have what it takes.

  28. Why can’t these athletes just show up, shut their mouths and act like professionals? Then go cash their monster checks. Is that so hard? I’m so tired of these divas acting like the world revolves around them. Cut his butt. He deserves to sit out. He can wear any damn helmet he wants while watching TV from the couch. Bum.

  29. Brown better get some medical attention and put football on hold. Wellness first he’s got big issues that need to be evacuated.

  30. vanmorrissey says:
    September 5, 2019 at 5:42 pm
    Well Mayock and Gruden were the one’s who OK’d the deal so they have toaccept the fact they made a mistake and have the guts to take action. Test to see if they have what it takes.


    Since Gruden has the $100 mill/10 year contract and he hired Mayock, I have to think that Mayock is just Gruden’s gopher. No one else was going to hire him for a GM job so he was ok being a puppet.

    Not that it makes this any better but the Raiders don’t trade for Brown without the blessing of King Jon.

  31. I might develop a modicum of respect for Gruden if he admits that he made a horrible decision in deciding to trade for Brown.

    Of course the chances of THAT happening are the same as Gruden ever admitting to the much worse decision to trade away Khalil Mack who is a future HOFer in his prime .

  32. The raiders should set up shop at Circus Circus upon their move to Vegas, it would be a perfect fit.

  33. For the last two years, I have predicted the NFL is killing off its fan base. The NFL will look dramatically different in 5 years. They have killed the golden goose. Watch.

  34. I hate the Steelers, but kudos to them for being able to keep this kind of drama in house all those years. Although I think they kept it in house by just giving him what he wanted, which has led to the super diva we see now. This is beyond anything TO ever did and he was the biggest diva ever till now.

  35. As a Broncos fan, I love AB and all he does to, Err for the Raiders. Lets see if they have the guts to suspend him for Monday night. Actually I think the league may suspend him for actions detrimental to the league. You cant threaten your boss, coach or GM.

  36. I was actually impressed to see the wording of how his contract protects the team against really bad behavior. Oakland has a choice here. For me, given the trouble he has been, and the 30MM you could spend on other players across 2 years, I would move on.

    I grew up in NE and wasn’t opposed to Moss joining the patriots. He was an amazing player and I somewhat understood where he was coming from. AB? Amazing player, but… no thank you. Too wacky, expensive, and self focused. Sure he could be beneficial in the very short term, but selfishly I just don’t want to be reading about him all the time.

  37. When AB wanted out of Pittsburgh, he said he wanted to play for a winner. May be he really meant it.

  38. He is trying to get cut up to be a free agent. He couldn’t do it with Steelers, had to get best trade for him. He knows the Raiders can cut him and owe no money, so he knows he is far closer to being totally free agent. It is obvious. He should be suspended for 1 year with no pay and then Raiders should have rights first again. Pitiful. Players make do much now that they can quit like Luck or act like a fool like Brown.

  39. Steelers 2
    Raiders 0

    Thanks for Mason Rudolph and Devin Bush!

    You know what makes this even better? Steelers traded that third to Denver to get Bush, so Oakland’s pick went to their rival!

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