Julio Jones doing what he does to ready for season as contract talks continue


It sounds as if the Falcons and Julio Jones are close or “very, very close” as owner Arthur Blank put it earlier this week, but until a deal is signed, it’s not done.

And reports of the team and Jones being close have sounded for more than six weeks without an extension being signed.

The star receiver spoke to the media for about four minutes Thursday, and it was, as Jeff Schultz of TheAthletic.com put it, convoluted.

At first, Jones said, “I don’t know” when asked if he would play Sunday without a new deal. He later clarified, saying he planned on playing.

“Like what I’m trying to do right now is be ready,” Jones told reporters in video posted by the team. “It’s not like if I’m going to play or if I’m not going to play. I’m trying to be out there regardless, coming back from injury, things like that. But the ultimate thing is just being ready when my number is called. Simple.”

Jones sat out the voluntary offseason program, but he showed up for training camp. He did not play in the preseason, but Jones didn’t play in the preseason in 2018 either, and he played only one preseason game in 2017.

He popped up on the practice report Thursday as limited, but the Falcons called it a rest day rather than related to injury.

“So far, so good. Everything’s going great,” Jones said of contract talks. “I’m just doing my end. Just coming out here and working every day. Today, I was a little sore from being inside on the turf and things like that. But as of right now, everything’s good.

“That’s all I can do is be ready when it’s time to go.”

When a deal is reached, Jones is expected to become the highest-paid receiver in the league, surpassing New Orleans’ Michael Thomas.

6 responses to “Julio Jones doing what he does to ready for season as contract talks continue

  1. I think Julio should do what’s best for him, not for the team. AKA, The Aaron Rodgers Way.

  2. Julio wanting a new contract seems to be what Julio does to get ready for the season. I guess everyone has their own routine.

  3. I get the impression with a lot of these guys all they care about is being the highest paid at their position and winning is second nature. I do not blame any one for getting all they can but it will start to back fire on these guys like it already has with Melvin Gordon.

  4. Comparing this holdout/holdup to Rodgers is obsessively off-base. Rodgers, never once, made any comments, much less, demands. Conversely, the Packers made it perfectly clear on more than one occasion they intended and wanted to make Rodgers highly paid. That’s 180 degrees different from Jones, Brown, Bell, Cousins, etc.

  5. Hopkins, OBJ, Michael Thomas, Julio, and Davante Adams should be the top five paid receivers because they’re the top five receivers.

    They play through injuries, they don’t disappear during the second half of the season, they don’t blow up at their QB on the sideline…

  6. The Falcons had all summer to get Julio Jones signed. They signed some of their core players while Julio Jones negotiation were on going. The Brass put out recently that they had reworked Matthews contract and Allen to free up some money for Julio. Now in the eleventh hour this contract isn’t done and Jones might just sit this game out without a new deal. The Falcons Brass need to stop putting information out there eluding to Julio Jones is almost signed. The Falcon fan base doesn’t want to hear how complicated negotiation are, at this point they want to hear Julio Jones is signed period. Stop with the almost situation or we’re close to getting a deal done. MR. Blank want over Dimitroffs head and promise Jones he get his new deal it’s time they make that happen.

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