Laquon Treadwell continues to get workouts

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If the words “former first-rounder” appear in your bio, you’re going to get plenty of chances.

As such, former Vikings first-rounder Laquon Treadwell continues to get workouts.

Via Field Yates of ESPN, Treadwell’s latest workout was with the Lions. He also worked out for the Bills earlier this week. The Lions eventually signed some other guy to their practice squad (wide receiver Marvin Hall).

Drafted 23rd overall in 2016, Treadwell had 56 catches for 517 yards and a touchdown for the Vikings. That’s not a bad season, but those were his combined three-season stats.

It will be interesting to see if anyone takes a chance on him at this point, to try to put him with a coach who will try to coax the potential out of him.

17 responses to “Laquon Treadwell continues to get workouts

  1. We obsess over when a guy was picked in the draft but we forget that all the other WRs tend to have similar or better measurables, while this guy has failed to show any marginal advantage in regards to intangibles. So average speed, below average route running. There are late-rounders that deserve a contract before this guy.

  2. This guy has no shortfalls with physical ability. He’s awesome at everything. His problem, dating back to college, is his refusal to work at his trade. That doesn’t work in the NFL. Can you teach an old dog new tricks? That remains to be seen. With the over-abundance of available WR’s, I don’t know if he’s worth the headache. That’s not my call. There’s usually a coach who had a high grade on a kid coming out of college, who’s willing to see if he can make a difference. Sometimes untimely injuries make you forget the negatives and give a kid another chance. I hate to see wasted ability, and Pete Carroll can’t sign everyone. Can he?

  3. It’s a shame because he was a stud coming out of college. He just needs to find a team that’s willing to use him to his strengths, which sadly seemed to have disappeared. I agree with one of the previous commentors above that he should take a minimum deal to go to the Pat’s and Brady/Belichek will make him look like a superstar.

  4. He’ll be an all pro with the first team that signs him.

    I shouldn’t laugh out loud at my own jokes…..

  5. charliecharger says:
    September 5, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    This guy has no shortfalls with physical ability. He’s awesome at everything. His problem, dating back to college, is his refusal to work at his trade.

    Except it’s exactly the opposite. He’s slow and can’t catch. Those are physical shortfalls. The coaches and media have always said work ethic hasn’t been a problem.

  6. I continue to pile on John DeFilippo, but this just brings up another reason. JD continued to put Treadwell on the field in big situations despite his continuous failures. The quarterback can’t be blamed for throwing to the open man and expecting him to catch it. If he can’t catch it, don’t put him out there. I’m looking forward to having 11 men on offense this year instead of 10.

  7. Remember when he said he wasn’t worried about being cut? I wonder if he’s worrying now that he may never get another chance in the NFL. Maybe if he had put forth some effort he wouldn’t be in that situation. He’ll be broke by next year and wonder where it all went wrong. To figure that out all he has to do is look in the mirror. As Jerry Glanville said, the NFL stands for Not-For-Long when you play like he did.

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